It’s the weekend (A late post)

Since post, Happy to sad and back again, it’s been confirmed by those assessing her, that the only safest option for my mum, is a nursing home.
Mum will stay at nursing home where she currently is. It was explained that in the future, another assessment would be made to see if there were any changes, so I would be informed of that.

I have an appointment set for seeing the solicitor later, who will help me with the Court of Protection.

So onto this, ‘It’s a weekend’ post. 

This ‘It’s the weekend’ post is a late one, given the circumstances of the post.

Yesterday, I went back to my mum’s bungalow. I set out very early in a morning from my flat and walked it there. 3.8 miles googling it, for those that are interested in my walking. A long walk yes, but not as long as the one I mentioned I did last year. That was 4.5 miles, if you remember.
While sorting what I was bringing back to bring back, I ran the water taps and shower, with it being some months not being used.

Mum has quite a few things packed, so not much packing to do, than final items she’d been using until finally packing one day.

A friend was coming to pick me up, so I could put them in his car, to take them back to mine. We did two trips, which were mainly a few boxes and bags, plus small dining table and two chairs.

I still have a bit more to bring, but thats after giving it a quick clean. So I left items to do that. I just need to arrange a removal for a few items I plan to bring to mine, fridge freezer and ottoman. Then hopefully, I can get a charity to collect other furniture.

Also, as you know, my mum hasn’t been at her bungalow for months. Someone had the cheek to use her bins. But they used a couple of bins inappropriately and mum received a letter saying this was second complaint in 6 months it happened with recyle bin. As you can imagine, I was pissed off. I immediately emailed regarding it, but since that email I sent on 3rd July, I decided to do my own investigating. I sorted the recyle bin and put what shouldn’t be in there in general waste bin. Then I checked the garden waste bin. It was full with everything but garden waste. Mum doesn’t use this bin. So I looked through it. I didn’t need to go far to find proof of old mail in there. Addressed to next door! I brought that bin inside the bungalow and I sent an email to mum’s Social Worker, asking if by chance she was able to contact a particular chap directly I emailed, to get things moving, with not hearing. I explained the problem to her and that if she could get him directly, to tell him since last email I sent, I have sorted bin concerned, but garden waste bin has been filled, not related to the garden and that there is evidence in there who done it and so I have brought the bin inside mum’s bungalow. Explaining how mum’s other neighbour came round to tell me about that and what happened and that apparently he died and so someone else clearing up property, was enquiring about my mum’s bins. I expect him to take a look at the evidence himself and I hope he is going to to take action. Because after all, the letter explained you could be fined, if it continues. So he better do them, that came onto my mum’s property, to use her bins! So Social Worker will come across this email when she is back on Tuesday.

In the afternoon I watched a dvd, after getting changed in fresh clothes.

I then had an early night. But to say I was very tired, after two hours being in bed, but not falling asleep, I got up for a bit. Had a bowl of cornflakes and watched Daz. (Hamster.)

Today, I got up, when I woke up. After a shower and breakfast, I plan to bake something sweet. These are what I plan to bake:

For the rest of my day, it won’t be much than do the washing (mine and mum’s) and sew a button on my work trousers, to make sure it’s secure. I am feeling slightly tired today.

What have you been up to? 

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19 thoughts on “It’s the weekend (A late post)

  1. The bins being used inappropriately is annoying. Before I moved into my last property it had been empty a week and the neighbours had already started parking on the drive.

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    1. That’s not good blocking drive.

      I won’t be letting the bin issue go because if this had been a continuing thing, they would have fined. There is no way that’s going to happen.


      1. I know my mum’s neighbour was fuming too, when she defended my mum regarding the bin, when bin men came enquiring at her door regarding mum’s bins, saying she wasn’t well and learnt from me in a letter she was in a nursing and how I have a lot on my plate.


    1. I won’t let it drop. I am hoping my Social Worker can contact him directly as mentioned in post, just to rush it.
      Neighbour who has been defending my mum and me when bin men came to her door to query is going to take the bins out, so I don’t need to to bring it to edge of entrancevof mum’s yard.
      She’s not seen me for months, so she has noticed my weight loss.

      Only thing I don’t get the minute, is why nursing home isn’t replying to emails as before. Been over 9 days now,even though she was in because she responded to my Social Worker immediately when I asked her about which doctor my mum is now under for solicitor.
      I am hoping to drop off some of mum’s belongings with her being short and her money she has from last Christmas and birthday.


      1. Hopefully the nursing home will get back to you shortly. Perhaps everything has to go through your social worker? Sadly I had no dealings with my Mum as my sister handled everything and we were never consulted about anything.

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      2. The manager of nursing home has been making chat with me on matters since beginning. So I can’t fathom it.
        Hopefully there will be some sort of communication before Wednesday, so I know what day to go to the nursing home and their protocols.

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      3. I heard from the nursing home today. I found out what I needed to know and my plan is now to see my mum Wednesday afternoon. (Last time was November you will probably remember when I could only manage 5 minutes.)
        I will be able to speak to manager too that afternoon.


  2. You had a very busy weekend and just as well you moved the bins people are so inconsiderate these days. If they had just been using them properly whilst you Mum is away it keeps others away from the property but not to cause annoyance like that and possible fine. I hope your communications improve with the care home for your Mum. Take care.

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    1. Well due to situation with next door that did it which other neighbour said they wouldn’t be nothing further due to them clearing property, it’s nice to know I did not have to bring all bins in and just now keep the garden waste one in that has only general waste that should not be in there, just for evidence so that chap from environmental can sort. I really hope SW can contact him directly, as he can take a look at that evidence and do them that did it.
      If my mum had passed away I would no way have a nerve to go on an empty looking property to dump rubbish in bins without no care. So I don’t expect them to be treated differently for doing this and I hope he proceeds further with appropriate people.
      Due to mum now staying in a nursing home permanently means I am clearing bungalow out. Bin full when left. I still have general waste to fill another.
      Now if they used at least my mum’s bins for purpose they were meant for, no one would have been any wiser because they would have been emptied.

      I really hope the manager of care home, gets back to me before Wednesday.

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      1. Yes, it was selfish and they came on mum’s property to do it. So trespassed.
        Garden waste bin my mum does not use out if bins she has, so should have nothing in it.

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