My feelings – part 9

I feel a bit sad. But I feel strong.

How mum is, from being told via her Social Worker and advocate by email and then seeing her for myself recently, I seen what I expected. (More on that in Chit-chat July post, later this month.) But I am shocked by how mum’s mental health has deteriorated.

I am feeling relieved, knowing mum is in a safe place. Mum definitely needs 24 hour care, while she is, as she is.

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9 thoughts on “My feelings – part 9

    1. Yes, it’s hard. It’s been hard some years with regards to mum’s mental health. But now, so different, because it has declined that much, 24 hour care is what is needed now.

  1. It must be very difficult for you to see your mum’s mental health worsening. But it is very good that she is safe and cared for in a good place.

    1. It is. The only comfort I can take she is safe. I would not have been able to relax had she’d been expected to live back at home.

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