Fibbing Friday -24th July

It’s Fibbing Friday and my post comes with a warning ⚠️ of rudeness. ☺️ Oh dear.
I took just a second looking at these words and my brain was being very rude with some of them. Which surprised me, with what is going on on for me at the moment.
I will try and keep it clean the best I can, (written as clean as I can, but not exactly original that my brain was thinking.) You have been warned. ⚠️

Fibbing Friday as you should know now, has been kept going by Di, at Pensivity101 and Frank, at Thoughts and Theories.

The idea is to fib a little, or a lot and Frank has come up with some unique words that need definitions for. The words are real words, Frank says. So when I have fibbed, I will look up these words after, to see what they actually mean. Going to learn something today.

To see how to play and if you are joining in, linking back to Frank’s post here, for today’s Fibbing Friday.

  1. Aglet – An old chicklet.
  2. Befuzzle – The mood someone is in, prior to being muzzled.
  3. Crapulence – Verbal diarrhoea.
  4. Deluge – Junk mail.
  5. Erstwhile – Its short code, meaning keep Ernest waiting a while.
  6. Flatulence – Flat wind.
  7. Gabardine – Gabby gabby.
  8. Heliostat – Helicopter feeling very hot.
  9. Ignominy – An igloo cheating behind an igloo’s back.
  10. Joculator – A new form of foreplay, with a jockey.

13 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday -24th July

  1. An old chicklet 😂 I love it!
    Crapulence is what many people lately are suffering with the pandemic. Fortunately there’s been less Deluge during the lockdown, so that’s been good! I imagine there’s been less Ignominy if the igloos are practising social distancing too, and certainly no Jaculating with members of other households 😉

    Thanks for the giggles, Liz! xx

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