My feelings – Part 10

I have received an email from Social Worker after visiting nursing home, seeing inventory and speaking to mum. I will put that in a separate post later, after further update, as investigation ongoing. Social Worker will next persue mental health ward next, so although I said I would contact police right now by today, to tomorrow afternoon, I am going to leave it with Social Worker to chase and see what happens after she has seen their inventory. In meantime, nursing home contacted the mental health ward over missing items and that ward will look for her missing items. But how well will the mental health ward look?

My feelings right now is I have been in tears. I feel a little low, after beating myself up wishing I took those items mum wanted me to take home to look after. But also, I would have took more than what mum wanted me to take. None of these items would have been missing. But it’s now late on that to beat myself up, I tell myself.
Plus I didn’t have the energy for me, let alone anyone else to challenge why certain items were in her bag and, not in a safe and why she was allowed to carry a photo frame with glass in, when I thought they would have either removed the glass, or just keep this picture frame that contained her certificate safely locked up. And I had my own mental issues too, being in a place I thought I would never be.

There were certain things I wanted to challenge that mental health ward, or do. But I didn’t and now I am trying not to beat myself up.

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10 thoughts on “My feelings – Part 10

  1. Sometimes life is overwhelming and we cannot seem to see the wood for the trees. You have done extremely well. The care places should have strict procedures in place with regards to a patient’s valuable personal items. They should be documented and stored in a safe until someone a family member is capable of dealing with it. Bless you. It will all go well.

    1. Yes, there should be strict things in place for valuables. The mental health ward certainly failed in that.

  2. Even if you were to assume that no one involved in your mom’s care was competent, there would be no way to predict how, when, and where that incompetence would strike, which would mean you’d have to do everyone’s job all of the time to make sure things got done right. And of course that’s completely impossible.

    1. The mental health ward certainly didn’t have all her valuables. I wonder if they ever checked her bag, with seeing she had her ISA books on her, purse and house keys back in November.
      Now whether she would have refused tjem access, I don’t know. But being a mental health ward and what my friend experienced totally elsewhere when she was sectioned, they did not remove these valuables and more off mum, like my friend experienced. My friends ward was stricter.
      At the nursing home, she came with a brown bag. Now I seen a black one back in November. But regardless the colour of bag, there was no handbag at all in mum’s room.
      Mum apparently wouldn’t let the nursing home staff look in her bag when she came. Now that would be true knowing my mum and this is why I don’t get how some things have gone missing now and although deputy manager has not done any favours with me by her lack of communication with me, which made it look bad for her, it is as I guessed, looking like the mental health ward.
      I have said in an email when enquiring with Social Worker what day she is persuing the mental health ward, that to make sure they know I am prepared to see what police think about missing items.

      Yes, its certainly impossible, to do everything.

  3. Take a break from it all either for the day or night, rest and then deal with it again Liz. Don’t be beating yourself up cos it’s not going to help you feel better. Big hugs my lovely x

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