My feelings – Part 11

As you know, I am trying not to blame myself for not taking some of mum’s important belongings for safe keeping, back in November.

And as you know, I wasn’t comfortable on the idea of not notifying the police, as soon as I became aware of missing items, all because I wanted to give a chance of the nursing home to answer my questions and do their own investigation accordingly. But also, as I got my mum’s Social Worker involved, I wanted to see if she could help and to give her a chance on chasing up. The mental health ward being her next step.

But this morning, using the only email I have for Ashfield area, I have emailed the Neighbourhood Policing Team. Even if they can’t do anything themselves, they be able to direct me in the right direction of an email accordingly, having connections.
Due to it not being monitored 24 hours a day, it can take 14 days for a reply, it said in an automatic email.
I have emailed the Social Worker, to let her know I have done this.

I am tired and fed up. Fed up with evening work, that continues to drain me. Fed up of other happenings at same work place, that I have also complained about. I plan to take a nap this after this post airs.

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24 thoughts on “My feelings – Part 11

  1. I hope that knowing via the social worker that you have done this will give the nursing home some incentive to take the issue more seriously.

    1. The nursing home, since emailing and saying would it help if we photograph the brown bag she came with so I can ID? which I said yes, it would be very helpful, I am still waiting on that and too tired to chase. So they obviously can’t find it.
      They are saying that they also are chasing the mental health ward.

      I may not be bothered chasing this small very worn brown bag. But I’ve not forgotten.
      I have proof of chasing, their lack of, or vague communication, until I complained to the nursing home about the communication issue. I am seeing if they get back to me before chasing Monday and reminding them that I am still waiting for that photo.
      And if I have not heard from the police by that point by then, I will say also to manager at nursing home that I have messaged the Neighbourhood police team about this situation, to advise.

      I have let the Social Worker know this morning also, that I have messaged the police, in hoping that if its not their area, they can forward my email to who can, with not hearing on the phone to do it.

      1. I have been. Had to have a sleep after my morning job this morning. Had just under a couple of hours sleep.
        I felt as though I have been dragging myself.
        The evening job is what is taxing me more. I can’t wait for my annual leave near end of August, just for a break. (Although my plan is to paint my last room in the flat. My bedroom.) It feels a long way off.

  2. Well done Liz. Okay, it might take them a while to respond but now you can tell the mental health unit, the ward, and social worker that you have involved the police. It might make them get a move on and give you an appropriate response and it will certainly make sure they take more care in the future. They know they can’t mess with you! Go Liz!

    1. Thanks. Police got back to me today. They wanted me to phone, or use online form
      Tried online form and after spending 10 to 15 mins with that, I wasn’t able to go any further, as whatever button I should be seeing e.g. submit or proceed, wasn’t there.
      So I have now emailed back explaining the issue and hoping that someone will forward my email to relevant department/person.

      1. Gee whizz! why is everything so damn difficult these days? I’ve been trying to contact next and Hermes for much of today and it’s really winding me up !

      2. Hopefully they will on next email response.

        Oh my Hermes. I have noth8ng positive to say about them.

      3. Heard further and they can’t do anything at this stage as items appear lost.
        Until I hear back from mental health ward and unit and exhausted all options, then I can contact them… . Wait for it, call them. 😒

    1. I am, although could have dozed further.

      I am upset as I walk to work. I seen two funeral cars go by together. Not witnessed that since losing my cousin and her husband together that time, that I blogged about.

  3. What an ordeal, why people cannot just do their job properly and honestly is beyond me. Exhausted you will be. Pleased you have got in touch with the police it should make those in the care facilities move and also your social worker. Sending you healing to help you sleep and relax. IT Systems are so dysfunctional at the time when you really need them. Try to get some rest and sleep. This is important for you to be able to function. Take care and blessings.

  4. Try to rest Liz and hopefully you get to the bottom of what had happened. I think you’ve done what you could so far. To notify police was a right thing to do. Read your previous posts and it sounds dodgy to me. Your reactions are right! Take care and try to relax. 🙂

    1. Thank you. After how quickly stressed and starting to burn out feeling, it was certainly a reminder I need to watch myself and make sure I have my breaks and me time. Especially with how drained and stressed I feel with my evening job.

      I feel a weight is off my shoulders contacting police, even though they can’t do anything at this stage.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Nothing new to report since this post and my updates in comments of this post. I can’t do anything more. I can only focus on Court of Protection and wait on Social Worker chasing up at mental health ward. Police are not getting involved at this point.

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