Left my feedback regarding the mental health ward, with CQC. (Care Quality Commission.)
Gave praise for care first, before revealing the missing items and observations and, what I felt about that.

From Social Worker chasing this up at mental health ward, she found there was no inventory on discharge (but I wasn’t expecting that they would have one) and the staff say that my mum has been putting her stuff in the bins and so trying to stop her with that and apparently going in other people’s belongings. Now I know my mum’s mental health is at the worst than I have ever seen in my life, but on the basis of November, my mum was still protective of her few belongings in her handbag, hence she wanted me to look after a few of her things. But I wouldn’t, because of the situation and how I was with my own mental health.

The handbag mum came with when she first arrived at care home, has been found and so a photograph was taken and attached to email. (Only because yet again I chased up about this, saying I need to know by tomorrow, has it been found? Or are you still looking? Or are you going to confirm it’s lost? So we can call it case closed.)
I have never seen this handbag before and wasn’t the one mum had on her in November.

I am hoping the communication improves at care home, to never have to put in a formal complaint.

I am now asking questions about how mum has been at the care home, due to mental health ward claims, as well as another query. They have not had mum go in other rooms and take stuff, so they have no concerns there. Mum has only taken things that belong to the care home itself, that were in the communal areas.
I plan to ask further questions about the care home itself, to know them better. So I hope by doing this, it gives a better rapport; working with them. Not against them.

Remaining furniture will be removed from mum’s place before end of month is out.
I have the two items I wanted, brought back to my flat today. The other few left, charity will collect.

I had to have an hours sleep this afternoon, because of exhaustion. If I could choose not to go to work this evening, I would and instead would prefer being in my joggers and sleeping more. The dvd I tried watching prior, I will have to watch again, because of not having any concentration for it, or nodding off.

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    1. Well the handbag falls with mental health ward now. Along with other things. But there be no chance getting them back, hence my CQC feedback.

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