Fibbing Friday – 7th August

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Frank’s turn. See this post on how to play and to link from that post, if joining in.

Frank is doing some more words for us to define.

  1. kinetoscope – give the telescope a shake, before looking through it to see the stars, because you have to do this to get it to work. I doubt it will take off.
  2. lugubrious – lubricating something silly
  3. maudlin – cousin to violin
  4. numismatics – exercising the brain with numbers
  5. opulence – cousin to flatulence
  6. prepubescence – pre-pub drink with a view.
  7. quixotic – a quick exotic drink
  8. recumbent – a posh word for bent cucumber
  9. stereoscope – telescope now in stereo, after kinetoscope failed to sell
  10. turgid – a posh word for turd

Thank you Frank for this fun game.

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