It’s the weekend

With being really drained and partially burnt out, I don’t have any particular plans, then to veg out on the sofa.
My entertainment will be dvd’s.

Whether I will have an hour, or two outside over the weekend, I don’t know. I shall see how I feel. So if a particular neighbour, who does it for fun, his sulking technique, because I decide not to be outside chatting, he will have to sulk.
I just want to switch off this weekend and be in my own world.

I hear it’s going to be a heatwave this weekend. It was already feeling like it yesterday. So ice bottle was in use for my hamster, outside his cage.
I will have ice lollies to suck on, at my hearts content today and I won’t be surprised if its ice bottles for him, today and tomorrow.
Maybe ice-cream for me too.

What’s your weekend like?

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8 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. Sounds a good relaxing weekend, and as for sulky friend let him get on with it. Enjoy some freedom and rest you have put a heck of lot of work in this week with one thing and another. Blessing to you

    1. Thank you.

      Just seen one good dvd this morning, Super 8. I was grabbed from the beginning with this film.
      Nice to sit and relax. 😊

      Enjoy your weekend. What you doing? Hope its nice, whatever you choose to do.

  2. I’m rather late on catching up on blogs so I hope you had a restful weekend, sounds like you needed the down time for recuperation. It’s still bizarrely hot today but it looks like there might be sprinklings of thunderstorms throughout the week. Keep a good supply of lollies & ice-cream to hand! I hope you have a good week, Liz, stay cool if you can xx

    1. Hi Caz. The weekend helped and yes, I have lots of ice lollies and a bit of ice-cream to hand. Stocking up on ice-cream later, for later. Xx

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