I feel like I am on Facebook – what’s all this ‘like’ about when it comes to text messages?

I don’t do Facebook. I would never go back to Facebook.

But who the fuck came up with the idea to ‘like’ text messages now?

From googling, it seems to be iPhone users that can do this. I have a few friends with iPhones and two have started doing it.
One, a neighbour just tried it, wondering what it’s all about. He hasn’t done it since and if he does, I shall have to politely ask him to stop, because he doesn’t see my blog.

To give an example:

I send to a friend the following text:

I am fine, thank you. 

Friend replies in whatever way they are doing and text received back, looks like this:

Liked ‘I am fine, thank you.’ 

For my other iPhone friend users, I am asking politely, please do not ‘like’ my texts. I dislike it. It makes me feel like I am on Facebook.
Just use a smiley, or a thumbs up, or a simple ok.

Thank you. X

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13 thoughts on “I feel like I am on Facebook – what’s all this ‘like’ about when it comes to text messages?

  1. Do you mean hearting a text message? That has been around for a very long time.

    If you mean liking as in a thumbs up, I have yet to see that. I don’t use FB either and am in no hurry to return to that platform.

    1. I don’t know how the iphone user sees it, when doing this, but I see my whole text message I sent with the word ‘liked’ at the beginning that I did not add. Its annoying.
      Why don’t the person just use the emoji and send a smiley instead. Not ‘like’. It’s only been happening very recently.

      1. I’m not seeing the editing version but I kinda get what you’re saying. That’s really weird how they can like messages. Hearting messages I understand, but liking them? I have an iPhone but I’m so out of the loop when it comes to FB. They seem to constantly be updating it.

      2. I’m not on Facebook. This is liking a text message. (sms) Just to make sure there is no confusion the way the conversation going. 🙂
        But whatever this it is, that iPhone users can do when responding to text messages, its making it feel like I am on Facebook.
        As for Facebook, not been on it for years and I bet lots and lots of changes have happened there.

        Just refresh this post and you will see it where I have added.
        Where you will see bold writing in my post, is where I have added a bit more to this to explain.

    1. Not been aware of this until love was mentioned here.
      But like, I do not like, it’s so Facebook and I don’t want to see a message sent, come back with liked at the front of it.
      A smiley, or thumbs up is just enough, when words are not needed.

  2. I agree with you about Facebook, but not about “Like” because I follow 50 or more blogs (many of which post one or more times daily), and I simply don’t have time to comment on that many posts. Therefore I have to be selective, and comment on those posts which particularly resonate with me. Posts which I like, but to which I don’t feel I have anything to add, I click “Like” to let the blogger know I liked it.

    I’m not arguing that you (or anyone else) should agree with me — I’m simply saying not one size fits all.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but as this post is about, it’s about texting. Not about Facebook, as I don’t do Facebook. Hence sms, I don’t want someone just liking a text.

  3. Just for the record, I don’t do Facebook either. My wife does, but just to stay in touch with (mostly out-of-town) friends and relatives. I’m only on WordPress (not familiar with SMS). As for your blog (and this post in particular), I assume from your “Likes” to comments that you don’t object to them here, so I’m clicking “Like” whether you like it or not! (Excuse my attempt at humor — no offense intended.)

    1. Yes, I don’t mind here on my blog, if people like to do that. 🙂 I know its convenient. But I have thought about removing it one time for another issue I am having, that one person is spoiling. But I won’t, because many faithful readers use this, including the blind.
      But texting via a mobile phone (sms is abbreviations of short messaging service) , I don’t like my messages being liked there, as by doing that, all my text message comes back on my phone that I sent, with liked added at the front, by the sender. A smiley is just as effective. Or words ok. Or just radio silence when words are not needed. I gave a short example of a message in my post but text messages I have sent have been longer than that.
      It was rather confusing seeing my own message sent back, with liked added by sender, when it’s never happened before and with how my brain is, it didn’t help with confusion when I am thinking what the heck is going on.
      Next, someone will probably send someones mail back and add liked at the front of their letter. Or does this already happen? Its time to keep things simple. Not something I can cope with.

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