It’s the weekend

I plan to do some Tai Chi this weekend. I have failed to have some routine with this and have not done any since I last mentioned I done some.

I plan to also watch some dvd’s and get familiar with my Dremel mult-tool kit, I purchased earlier in the week.

I may bake, if my mood takes me. I would like to do two varieties of shortbread at least. Original and the other being mixed spices. If I choose to make a third variety, then it will be be chocolate. But it will depend on if its a cool day. I don’t want to be baking too long, if it’s hot and sticky.

And if it’s not hot and sticky, then 2 hours at the most outside, probably chatting with the neighbours.

So a bit of a varied weekend, at a gentle pace.

What’s your weekend plans?

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12 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

    1. They have definitely passed the test with me on yumminess.
      I am currently doing the cinnamon batch now. In the oven. 😋 I have done cinnamon before, so I know I won’t be disappointed.
      Chocolate batch, I will do another time, as I ended up doing two batches of cinnamon, due to an error I did with my sugar. So with realising after it was added, meant I added the extra flour and butter (diary-free) accordingly to make the extra batch in same bowl.
      The chocolate batch I will more likely do next weekend now.

  1. Sounds like a good weekend, Liz. Have fun with the tool kit & hope you can get a bit of baking done comfortably – it certainly seems to have cooled off in my corner of the UK, it’s just be a very grey & rainy day here. Enjoy the DVDs, I’ve been so stuck on rather lame TV series that I’ve not watched a good film in a long time. Can’t seem to get the concentration to enjoy one but maybe soon. xx

    1. Thanks Caz.
      I have had a bit of a practice with my Dremel tool, engraving. I will share that in Chit-chat August post which will air 1st September, due to a short blogging break coming up near the end of the month.

      May you get into a film one day soon. I shall soon be putting on a dvd, ir two. First one Bon Jovi Greatest Hits.

      It’s cool and grey here too, so made it pleasant to bake.

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