Will I stay, or will I go? (Blogging)

Firstly, I will start saying, that I am not seeking an answer from anyone here regarding, the will I stay, or will I go? question. Only I can make this decision and a decision I can make for myself, thank you.

As you know, I have not been happy for some time with WordPress. The biggest upset that I have not felt any differently about since, was when they introduced their new editor for writing posts on our dashboard.
I am still using the one they plan to scrap, so I have not had to go back to the one they say they will keep going, when my current one is gone. Which by the way they haven’t said forever. There still is the question after the deadline, whether they will keep that one, or not. So there is still that question whether I would end up leaving anyway.

So, with that and the other stuff that WordPress will not do to make life easier for a blogger, which doesn’t matter if you pay for your blog, or not, it would still affect me, I am planning on sitting back and observing. Especially with some go slow times I have been having here I have noticed, which at first I blamed my internet for. But I don’t think it was always my internet, because if I went away and visited somewhere else, it was fine. But when I came back to WordPress, it wasn’t. So are they restricting things when it comes to the bloggers using a free blog? You will never know with WordPress. But WordPress are playing with things that as you say, ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’

Now although I will be sitting back and observing, I will still be posting as planned. So not completely sitting back. But I will be observing my blog.

Between now and end of this year, posts will go ahead as planned, with exception when I have some blogging break time. But by next year, I will have made the decision whether I continue writing here, or writing elsewhere.

I plan to go back to Blogger and play about there soon. This time, setting up a new blog (and title), just in case I do.
I asked a couple of long standing readers and friends a while ago, their view of title I had chosen, should I write a new blog elsewhere. Now these two long standing readers and friends go way back, to my first ever blog I written. So thank you, Sarah and Ruth for your opinions.

Between now and end of the year, I won’t be saying anything more about this. It will be in the New Year, before I next do.

And should I go, then before I do, I would of course post one, or two more posts, before the blog ends. One being the announcement of new blog. If this does happen.

If nothing happens. Either way, I will update accordingly in the New Year.

Thank you for following and thank you for reading. Until next post.

POST UPDATE! on 19th August 2020

I more likely will be going since creating this post yesterday.

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30 thoughts on “Will I stay, or will I go? (Blogging)

  1. I understand Liz. Apart from other things, I have finally been forced to use the Block Editor, which I dreaded happening. However, I am going with it for now, as I seem to have mastered posting with it, though it can be very confusing for a blind person who is still struggling to do things as a blind person. I don’t know anything about Blogger but would like to know. I have no planss to leave WP right now, but who knows what might happen in thebfuture. Whatever you decide Liz, I will still read you. I don’t always comment because it is really hard for me, and jyst to “like”. Feels wrong. But I am reading you.

    1. I know you will be reading me Lorraine. 🙂
      Bloggers layout for writing is the same as the classic editor on WordPress. But you mastered the new editor, so things will hopefully go ok for you. 🙂
      If I happen to blog at Blogger, I would still use my WordPress to comment and read blogs here as I do, as well as join in with the community posts as I do, like Fibbing Friday for example.
      The community is lovely here and that I would miss, as well as reading the blogs here. It just remains whether I will stick with blogging here until I have to use clasdic editor and then them closing that, that I have to go. Or go before.
      Blogger has a community, but it’s hard to find, compared to here, as you have to do a Google search then save the link in your reader, compared to here, where you can type in something in via the reader and see what crops up. The community has a strong sense here, as well as easier to find. So I won’t completely disappear. But it’s where I choose to write.

      1. I have a Simple Site blog too. I only get about 40 to 50 views a week, and nobody ever comments on anything, though there is the facility for them to do so. I like the site there that I made up. But just not much traffic, and certainly no community whatsoever. WP does have its difficulties though

      2. The positives here are certainly the community. That beats hands down to blogger comminity, because it is so easy to find. But I am not happy how Word have changed too many times the dashboard where we write. The past changes they made seem pointless after having a drastic overall with the new editor.

      1. Thank you.
        It’s not my kind of layout to work from when writing and it’s not convenient. Also, cannot use it via my mobile phone. Its not suitable for me that way, with this new editor.
        I hate it.

    1. Thank you. If it does turn out I blog elsewhere, I would still be visiting the blogs I follow, so you would still see me around. So my WP account would stay open for commenting.
      Time will tell by next year. X

      1. Thank you. I would appreciate keeping in touch via both our blogs, if it came to this sooner, (as in next year,) or later, if WordPress were to get rid of the classic editor in years to come.
        Blogger is the only place I have in mind to go back to. I have not come across anywhere else.

  2. I’ll go where you go Liz! I love your blog despite being behind on posts! I’ll catch up though soon! Do what is right for you but you’d be missed if you went elsewhere!

  3. Personally, and this is totally for selfish reasons, I wouldn’t want you to go. The blogging world wouldn’t be the same without you. While I’m not a fan of blogger since using WP, I do feel your frustrations with their blocks format. I got to grips with it after a little while and thought it was actually easier than before after I got over my reluctance, but then they decided to do another update a few days ago…. ARGHHHH!! Now I really don’t bloody like it. I think your plan for the rest of the year is a solid one, Liz. You have to do what you’re happy and comfortable with. I’m just glad that you’re sticking around for the mean time! xx

    1. I could be going sooner than next year, with coming across post regarding my favourite editor somwhere I read since last post. But whenever I do stop posting here, I will still visit and comment on blogs, so I hope you would come and read mine over at Blogger, like I have found some to have a change of heart and do.

      My new blog isn’t visible yet. But it’s set. I shall be looking with fresh eyes on Saturday, then air it some point not long after.

      My concern would be of further changes to new editor, not allowing for transition. Although transition won’t work for me.

      Blogger hasn’t changed. So it’s been easy to get back into it. But it is more mobile friendly the dashboard when writing, to before when I was there. Xx

      1. Of course I’d still go across to keep up with you on blogger! Do what’s right for you, Liz. I wish WP would stop making changes and updates that aren’t user-friendly because it’s starting to pee a lot of people off. I wish they’d stop making changes to Hotmail too because I find the same thing; you get used to the way something is and they make updates, which is fine, but they hinder rather than help and you don’t have the option of sticking the way is way before. xx

      2. Yes, a lot of people are expressing they are not happy with new editor. But WP say people are.
        I am seeing more unhappy, now its coming in full force.
        I hear they have made further changes. Could they not leave alone for a few months, to give those a chance willing to give it a go? Further reasons why I just won’t blog here.

        I haven’t used Hotmail for years. I can’t even remember why I left. It was that long ago. I used them as my first email, before moving to Yahoo, then Gmail.

  4. ha posted the day before they took classic editor off us!

    I pay WP $90/year to take the ads off … we don’t see them in the reader but I accessed my blog at a friends place and the sheer number of blinking flashing bright ads was totally over the top! That payment is due again at the end of Sept so if I decide to change it would be then 🙂

    1. There’s a lot not happy with new layout and a lot saying they will leave.
      I set up my new blog yesterday. I like my colour and layout chosen. Just need to look with fresh eyes this weekend and decide on when I will reveal.

      1. I am dreading the new set up.
        As a person who multi-tasks and alas needs to source her spectacles constantly , change is not good!
        I too, will see how it goes.
        I send warm regards from Sunshiny SA

      2. Thank you for your wishes.

        This is too much of a drastic change for me and not something I can do. It’s not my set up when I write.

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