If you are going to ask someone how they are…

If you are going to ask someone how they are, or in my case, I was asked how my mum was, then do make sure you stay and listen to their answer.

I mentioned this on another blog about where I was asked recently by one particular person at work, how my mum was. But when I started to say, I was left talking to myself. I may as well have just faced the wall and had a chat with that!

It’s not the first time this same person has done this, along with another noticable trait she likes to do.

Well no more. My walls are up with this person.

So if you ever in a situation you know someone is in difficulty and you just happen to ask how they are, or how a family member is, please, stay and listen to them. What’s the point asking, if you are just not going to listen and talk to the next person that comes in the room.

The person you leave and did not finish the conversation with, could be really struggling. Or by not listening and walking away, makes you look uncaring as well as bloody rude.

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12 thoughts on “If you are going to ask someone how they are…

    1. Yes. And this person who is doing this, is much older than me. If it had been other way round, I am sure I would have had it in the neck.

      1. I have complained on a different matter before, when she has taken her mood out on me on odd times. But for ignoring, I can’t complain about that. But yes, I can disassociate from that one and only speak when work related. But anything else, I won’t.
        And as when we are altogether before we start, I am now in my own bubble, after a different incident also this week, by that same person. That was my final straw. I don’t need it. I can easily be in my own bubble when need be.

        I just speak to others on passing, which is short because we all have our own areas to cover, when cleaning. No time to chat. But far as I am concerned, I there to work. My social is outside of it.

  1. You are right, what is the point of asking if you are not interested. It is very hurtful to be left standing there answering question when they just walk off to talk to someone else. So rude.

    1. If I had that in my 20’s, I would have already bitten her head off. But now, from observations I have noticed with this one, going back to if you can remember when the atmosphere at work you could cut a knife thtough it because of someone else causing that atmosphere. Well I got snapped at on more than one ocassion because she just couldn’t ignore that person and so made it intolerable for me, that in the end I snapped at her. She didn’t like it. But different when she’s giving it me.
      So after this week where she did it again in addition to this beforehand, yes, I am done. I will only talk about work when we need to, like who’s covering what when someone is off. But not doing the chit-chat. Not going to be the easy target anymore.

      1. I am a totally different person these last few years to my 20’s. It would have took a second, without hesitation to snap, where as now, just cos I can be quiet, doesn’t mean I am not happy. I am quiety noting in my head.
        It’s took me longer to reach my limit, than I expected this time.

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