This blog is coming to an end

This blog will come to an end, by the end of the year.

I have decided to keep my scheduled posts going as planned here. But after the New Year, I will be at my new blog.

My new blog is called, “Liz’s Onward Journey.”

This can be found at:

It is already visible, so you can find a little more about my blog there.

I have no plans to remove this blog, so it will still be visible for you to read.
I don’t know when I will remove it, but I  hope by the time I make the decision to remove it later down the line, that I can write a post to give you warning. So until then, enjoy. 

I will see you around WordPress, as I will keep it open so I can comment at your blogs that I follow, or visit. So I will see you there and I hope to see you at mine, over at Blogger by next year. I will write odd posts from new blog, from now, which will become more often by the New Year.

In the meantime, I will try and write a post now and then here, until I fully blog at my new blog from the New Year. But if I can’t, or my blogging is rare here then you will know that’s down to the new editor enforced on me.

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33 thoughts on “This blog is coming to an end

  1. Does Blogger offer things you like better than WP? Or, have you too had enough of the WP editor issue? I started blogging long ago on Blogger.

    1. There has been a few issues with WordPress that I have had. But changing their editor to block editor is the last straw with me. I have not been put on it yet. But it’s coming. The new editor is not my way of writing, so I will never be happy with that, even if it was suitable on my phone. Which it isn’t.

      1. So you are another disgruntled WP user! I blasted them yesterday in an online chat. They are chasing people away, such great business decisions. I may have another look at Blogger, it’s been years since I was there. I’m sorry that WP is screwing you over too, Liz.

      2. Yes, I am another disgruntled WP user.
        I did pay a year one time for my blog and I wasn’t happy with what they did just a couple of months in. So I never renewed. Wish I never wasted my money.

      3. Wow. I have a new post going up at 10:15 local with some thoughts on this. At this point, I strongly dislike WP, perhaps this issue will bring on some financial difficulties because of poor decision making in that boardroom…

    1. That’s right, it’s not goodbye just yet, but it will be by the New Year. I want to carry on posting what I was originally posting this year here, then fully be at my new blog writing there by the New Year.
      But I still won’t be completly gone by then, as I will be still coming back commenting at blogs I follow.

      1. I will. I will keep WordPress account open for commenting on WP blogs. Will link my Blogger blog in my my profile and add links to my new blog on comment forms, when I have finished posting on my WP one.

    1. Thank you.

      I have used this template before, but the colour is what I couldn’t do like this before. So very happy I can now, as in text on pale blue background.

    1. Thank you. Odd post will appear on new blog, about once a month at least. But more regular when I end writing posts here.

  2. I am taking a hiatus from WordPress while I decide what to do (e.g., stay and try to master the Block editor, use the Classic editor at wp-admin, go back to Blogger, or find a different platform). I heard rumors that Blogger was okay Ning to make changes to its user interface, too. But anyway, best of luck there. I just looked at your new Blogger post and it looks nice.

    1. Thank you Fandango.
      Yes, this has been a hard decision and one that has been on my mind since last year. So it’s not been a hasty decision.
      I have just been quick to now act on it, after being pushed too far by them, that have made this awful decision about block editor.
      I have a couple of breaks coming up. Ones a short one to be announced next week. Then I am having a month break. My month break, I will be completly away from Word during that one.

    1. Thank you.
      While commenting remains easy, yes, I will keep popping in on blogs I follow, when my writing days here on WordPress end, on this blog.

    1. Thank you. It be lovely to see you there. I will be about as I say commenting on your service and other blogs, but yes by end of this year, my blog will be done and all posts will be over at new one.

      I don’t know what I will do with this blog. No plans than to keep it visible, for the time being. 🙂

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