Chit-chat August

With me having a break near end of August, (although I did pop in a little,) meant this post was being aired later than planned. But here it is.

July feels it’s gone in a blink of an eye, for me.

So what’s for August, for me to talk about?
Do share yours, in the comments, below.

I watched the following dvd’s :

  • Queen- Live At Wembley
  • Re-watched Some mothers do ‘ave’ em
  • Re-watched Peter Rabbit
  • Moonlight and Valentino
  • Miss You Already
  • Super 8
  • Pay It Forward
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Terminator Genisys
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  • 21 and Over
  • Hunter Killer
  • No Looking Back
  • Bon Jovi Greatest Hits The Ultimate Collection
  • Take That The Circus Live

Painted my bedroom as planned for this year. Just the walls and ceiling in white, like the rest of my flat. It feels rather bright in there and cheered me up its done.

Read the following books;

  • “Mysterious Britain,” by Homer Sykes
  • “The Peak District,” by Rob Talbot and Robin Whiteman.
  • “Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in & Around Mansfield,” by Geoffrey Sadler

First two books lent to me by one neighbour and the last book lent by another neighbour.

I bought a Dremel multi-tool kit, as mentioned in one of my, ‘It’s a weekend’ posts, to engrave mum’s name on certain items. It does more than just engrave, but this was main reason I bought one and getting a particular one, that was cordless. It’s the Dremel 8220, for anyone thats interested.

Having a practice on one side of my wooden chopping board  I use for hot pans only. I practised engraving my name, Elizabeth Fisher.

Engraving my name on a wooden ch

The top line, I written my name with pencil as a guide before engraving, holding the Dremel like a pen as advised in the instruction manual. After doing just that, one of my fingers was aching.
I then tried the detailers grip attachment and found using this was better than I thought, as I thought I wouldn’t get on with this attachment. I had no ache after engraving my name for a second time either. (See the second line.) I engraved my name freely this time, without using pencil as a guide and all in capital letters. There is definitely improvement on the second one. I shall stick with capital letters, when engraving my mum’s name on any of her belongings.

Realised I hadn’t answered number 6 of Fibbing Friday, the day after I posted, so put my answer in for that one.

I seen my mum a couple of times in August. As usual, it’s obvious mum is happy to see me and knows me, as well as names of some other people I mentioned in conversation. But I see the difference each visit for the worse. It’s early days and time will tell in the months ahead, of what my mum’s mental health will be like.

I rebelled when it came to budgeting groceries this month. I did this because of the month I had and the future I’m aiming for, just slipping away further, regarding buying a house.
I was going to have ice lollies and dairy-free ice-cream as much as I wanted and whatever else tickled my tastebuds.

I finally got to see another work colleague in my morning job, who I communicate regular with, since being in this job. So that was nice and to put a name, to a face.

And in my evening job, after what came out in the team meeting, means when I thought my year couldn’t get any worse it could do. I am not waiting to see if it happens, for me to be out work, so I will be looking for another job. Its nothing related to what I talked about before. Its something completely different and it could affect us all and if it did, then that means no for me, as I am not giving up my morning job for them. But as it was said in meeting, its just talk, but knowing who and what this is about and what has happened so far, they will possibly get what they want, leaving my boss taking possibly crap and picking up the pieces. So unless my boss can actually say I am not expected to clean in a morning for them, I will carry on looking for an alternative job.

So with knowing this, my budget will have to be my usual strict way of doing until I am in either a new job first, or if still there, where I work, did stop these others from getting what they want.

I have seen nothing more of the grasshopper, since this post, An interesting morning.

I have removed the like button off this blog. I did this over two weeks ago. A decision not made lightly as this decision, has been going on my mind  since last year for that. I have no intention of putting it back. You can thank ‘stalker’ for that. Or the repetitive liker of the same post person, whichever you like to use descriptive for this person.
I thank ‘stalker’ for helping me with this decision, because I don’t need the like button on my blog. I find chatting with my valued readers here, is far better. Better quality. (For anyone who doesn’t know what I am on about when it comes to ‘stalker,’ ‘repetitive liker of same post,’ then you haven’t been reading past posts. So answers there and not to be discussed in this post, thank you.)

The only place you will be able to see and click the like button, is if you are reading via the reader. So if you do click the like via this way, I won’t be alerted by it and I won’t be observing who is clicking the like, via this way. Just so you know.

I also announced that this blog would be coming to an end. So if you missed that, then details can be found in this post, This blog is coming to an end

I have a new badge for work, to make more clearer that I need to lipread. This badge is larger and so more clearer.
The previous badge I not long ago shared here of a different design, I should have got that in the larger size, than I had bought. But I came across this badge below, so I thought I would buy that instead. I shall buy one, or two more of these later from the Etsy seller, now I know its easier seen by other people, without them squinting, or feeling the need to come up close to read.

Badge says I need to lipread with a face mask in the middle. Background is bright yellow and writing in

End of August, which was Bank Holiday Monday for us in the UK, meant I was off work still in both jobs. I went a walk out with my neighbour, which some of the route I had not walked before. So seen more of my local area. Weather was dry and when in the woods, I felt inspired to take a couple of photos. I have shared these on my new blog, so you will need to take a look there, to view them.

Please note:

As announced here, This blog is coming to an end Details of new blog can be found there.

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  1. I hope you’re able to find a suitable job quickly to get away from the uncertainty of the evening job.

    That’s a great button! The message is very clear.

    1. Me too. I emailed my boss my feelings still, since our team meeting and nothing else can be added to make me feel reassured in the matter.
      A lot of us will be affected. Not just me.

      Yes, I love this button, such a clearer message. A lot of people have liked this one for the same reason.

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