Wood carving

Now I may have asthma as an adult, but I do like the idea of one day wood carving.
I have always had an interest from a very young age (from late infant, or early junior school age) of wood carving. I put that down to always seeing my Uncle Joe at work in his shed, carving away.
I would have liked to have watched him longer than I did as a kid, just at the entrance of the shed door, while he was carving inside and asking questions about it. But I did not want to interupt him at his work, or feel I was getting in the way. Especially, because of dangerous machinery and sharp tools. It’s strange, but from a young age, I was very aware that they were dangerous to use, if not used right.

My uncle made beautiful carvings on tables and chairs he made, of mid tone, to dark shades of wood. He was always in there, when me and mum visited them both. (Family on mum’s side.)

My first taster of handling wood was first, or second year in comprehensive school. I remember I made just a simple plain wooden box. But couldn’t take it home. That was the only time I made something from wood and wood work was only for a very short time. (One school term.) A taster. No woodwork class was taught in any other year.

My idea of wood carving is doing it the traditional way of using hand tools. Just like my uncle Joe.

And just like this person, who made this lovely wooden carving:


As I mentioned in a couple of posts, I bought a Dremel multi-tool, for engraving some of mum’s belongings. But I know this could be used for crafting too. But I am not likely to go that route for this tool, as my heart and love is for using hand tools, for wood carving.

Are you a wood carver, or make things out of wood?

Now whether you as a wood crafter and use a traditional hand tool, or a multi-tool, like a Dremel, when it comes to making things out of wood, I would love to hear from you.
Please share what you have made in this post, in the comments below.
Maybe you share your woodwork on your blog? If you do, then please talk about what you have made and share a blog post, to one of your makings.

Anything to do with making something from wood, I would love to hear.

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      1. Nice. 🙂
        I was so fascinated watching my uncle Joe. I wouldn’t have got bored watching, but I was scared to hang around, as I didn’t want to be in the way and disturb him. He was always in there.

  1. The only woodwork I’ve ever done was in grade 8, and the class assignment was to make a little octagon-shaped plant stand.

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