I like to have quiet, but as you know I have been watching a lot of dvd’s for some time now.
Most times, watching dvd’s has been from afternoon, to quiet late. But because I have been having some quieter evenings; dvd’s not going into the late evening, or not at all, I am noticing how my hamster, Daz, comes out in his surroundings, (his cage,) slightly earlier than he would before. And this I have noticed is because its been quiet. So Daz likes quiet too.

I will leave you with a couple of photos of Daz, that I have shared before.

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20 thoughts on “Quiet

    1. My last cat, Miley liked quiet.
      Daz, my hamster is settled in cage. But he doesn’t like to be touched. Taking food from hand is as far as he goes.

      1. Agreed! A while back, I did some quick searches to see what’s up with singles choosing to live alone.

        I was surprised to find that the number of people directly choosing this lifestyle has increased a lot in the last few years.

        I think it’s a better choice in terms of finances, and having the freedom to do as you please. No attachments, no demands on you.

        Sounds selfish, but for me, after three divorces, I am all done. Been four years, no interest in dating whatsoever! 😂

      2. It is down to past relationships I am done. I don’t want to share my home etc.. Just welcome friends, that’s it.
        I feel I have money to play with as a single, than as a couple.
        Its been longer than 3 years for me since last relationship. But can’t remember how many years exactly. It’s 5 years, or more. I know that.

    1. Been for the day in London one time, but yes, it’s busy. Visiting was an experience, but living, no. I prefer much quieter.
      I live in a town, but not close to town centre.
      Although I am on a busy main road, the property is set back from the road and hidden by some trees, so it’s ok.

  1. I’m more of an introvert that needs her own space & quiet time, so I appreciate the quiet as well. I hope it’s helped you to relax a little and get some much-needed rest and recuperation. What a sweetie Daz is – I love the first photo, it’s like he’s moving his face up to the camera “Meeeee, get my photo, I want to be a star!” 😉 xx

    1. I had just eaten a piece of carrot before this and I was offering him some, soon after.
      I am in annual leave from both jobs now, until back Wednesday. So starting of enjoying more downtime.
      A relaxing majority of it, with a little socialising.

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