A quick thank you

A quick thank you to those already following my new blog, Liz’s Onward Journey at https://lizsonwardjourney.blogspot.com/

I really appreciate you following me at my new blog. So thank you. Also thank you for commenting there too.

The latest posts that are there, are chit-chat posts and the weekend posts I write, along with others I feel compelled to write at the time. So if you like to keep up to date with me and my life, then that’s where I will be.

Here, there are no posts until 30th September where I will just be announcing of a blogging break and other details regarding posts to come. The posts to come here, after my blogging break, are posts already scheduled in December. Then thats it. The end here.

For further information what I plan to do with this blog and regarding the new one, you will find details in the sticky post. This sticky post always stays at the top, regardless of new posts.