Weird… Strange…

I have been classed weird, or strange over the years. These times are rare when they happen and when they do, it’s usually by people who don’t know me at all.

Regardless that this can still hurt when I hear this. I don’t care what they think, when they don’t know me.

I don’t automatically let anyone in. I have to know you first, then slowly the walls will go down. Depending on how much I trust you, or how much you are involved in my life will depend on whether I partly let you in, or fully let you in.

But if you do something that knocks that trust away, then the walls quickly go up and are not likely to come down for you.

When you see someone who you think is weird, or strange, rather than think that say hello and see what happens. Chances are you will get an hello back, with a smile. You don’t know their background that makes them like that. For me, I had fear of dad growing up. I was bullied at school from late junior school age and all through comprehensive. So I don’t give trust easily. I stand back and observe you, seeing what you are like. You are either going to be a person who I think may be ok. Or you may be some I don’t want to know, or don’t feel comfortable around, because how you come across. I am more cautious of men, then women, because I have been in an abusive relationship and then another relationship who years later after splitting up with him, found out what a person he was like that he was hiding and so I will never go out with a man. But if I have a man just as a friend, then it means I have trusted you as a friend. But regardless of trust, I would still never go out with a man. Being single is the way I will go. I would never be intimate again. The idea makes me sick. I have done more as a single person, than in a relationship.

So next time you are thinking someone is strange, or weird. Rather than call them up front, or behind their backs, ask yourself why that might be? Say hello because you want to be a friend, otherwise walk away and leave that person alone. They have enough to possibly contend with.

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25 thoughts on “Weird… Strange…

  1. I’ve been called weird too Liz. Again, it is because of my background. One person once said to me that I always looked like a startled rabbit. I was upset because I felt I didn’t look like that. It eroded my confidence and Imjust wanted to crawl into a hole. I don’t think I seem weird these days but I might. I have trust issues too. Serious ones, but on the other hand I am outgoing and friendly. Iwas abused too and my now husband used to abuse me but doesn’t so much now. But the memories are still there.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experences Lorraine. Yes, it’s so true, if you hear someone saying strange, it can erode your confidence.
      I have been labelled strange at school for just bring quiet and not mucking about in class. Strange for not having a boyfriend at school.
      Strange as an adult I don’t know why. But as mentioned in post, fir anyone that says that, they just don’t know me at all. But if they are nice with nice people and say hello, then they would see a completely different side. A side like you that can be outgoing and have a laugh.
      Like you, I certainly can’t forget. But I learn to just try and get on. But with new folk, there is always going to be anxiety, until I am comfortable with someone. That will never go. But it will ease with the people I trust.

      1. I understand completely Liz. Thankyou for sharing your experience too. I remember when I was at school, my father went to a Parents Evening. My mother did not go. But my father said that the Headmaster had said to him, “She’s like a light bulb. Touch her and she goes out.” I never realised I was like that but I can see it now. And I think I am still like it to a certain extent. It’s not easy to live with is it Liz. Xx

  2. I have been looked upon by my family as weird and yet I would harm none, I found the family to be strange as they would harm anyone. I was bullied at college until one teacher witnessed it and pulled the bullies up for doing so. Always girls or women. Been bullied at work by women and found men would use my work as their own, in fact I got up in a meeting and left as I could not sit next to my manager who was taking credit for my work, I had traveled to London for the meeting and I went back home.

    Trusting people is not easy. Relationships are difficult encountered the wrong types so take care even with friendships.

    I do not care anymore what people think I do what is right for me and I harm none.

    Bless you

    1. Yes. Always those that harm no one and mind there business, yet called strange, or something horrid.
      Friendships, I am careful. I only have a few. It is under 5.

  3. if everyone fell into the narrow confines of what’s considered socially “normal,” the world would be a very dull place indeed. Individuality makes people special, not strange.

  4. Agreed, as I said on my blog the other day, “normal” is overrated. Liz you are not weird but you are extraordinary I am sure 😊 carry on being your amazing extraordinary self x

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I seen your post some after I had aired mine. Yes, ‘normal’ is overated and nothing wrong with uniqueness. 🙂

  5. I’m sorry you’re leaving WP, I can’t follow your new blog because it’s on Google which I absolutely detest. Take care, be well.

    1. Oh well. Nevermind. Thank you for saying. I shall still be around via yours when popping on over. Block editor is a big no for me. There are posts coming here in December that were already scheduled. So not quite the end, until last day of the year.

  6. your blogger looks like a real blog, I posted one blog but couldn’t work it out from there! was super easy to set up and transfer all my WP posts but … again I could find community and people’s comments came to me in email form so they couldn’t read each others comments …

    guessing I am just not tech savvy … retirement is looming 🙂

    1. Thank you. I was originally on Blogger years ago before WordPress so nothing changed much than more mobile friendly.
      Only one thing I find I can’t do on my mobile phone that I have to use the computer for and that’s when I want to add a blog to my reading list on Blogger, it just won’t add to the list. I have to use computer for that. So that’s got to be a Blogger thing. But it’s not an issue.

      1. On your blogger dashboard where you see options on menu for stats, posts, comments, settings etc. you will find reading list near the bottom of that list. Click on that to take you to it.
        Unless you have added any blogs to follow on your reading list, the only one you will see is Bloggers own blog there. But when you do add blogs to follow, that’s where they will be.

        To add a blog to the list, if I remember right, as on phone while typing this, when viewing from your computer, it’s in the top right from your reading list.

      2. ok found that, but sorry this is a super busy day and time of day for me … I really have no time to do this now!
        That’s why I need emails so that I can follow things up at my own pace at a convenient time, sorry 🙂

      3. Yes. As I mentioned on another comment, when you emailed me before, I did email back on that. So check your spam box.
        I have your other email sent and I will reply back later today on that.

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