Blog post re-share: ‘Hypocrite,’ by Liz’s Onward Journey

A blog post re-share from my new blog. A post I aired today. Post closed to comments here even though I am re-sharing my own blog post from there. Comments open at original post where it came from.

Re-sharing to make my words loud and clear.

I won’t apologise for layout of this post here because I hate block editor and cannot get on with it.

To former readers of my blog, or friends that no longer hang around now, or disappeared in the past year, because they could not cope with my heavy posts the past year, or my very dark times. I get it. I really do. I have had to break away from mum for so many months, to care for my mental health, which I still have to watch and watch how far I get involved to not go back there of last year, where I was suicidal. 

But to those who expected me to still stand by my mum, who mentally I have been affected by in some way since 11 years old because of what I have seen, or heard, (as well as what dad was like) and who has supported my mum from my teens as an unofficial carer, with no help via anyone else until it came to mum’s suicide attempt over a year ago, you are a bloody hypocrite! You couldn’t stand by, or read my blog posts this past year during those times, where you would have seen me find ways to drag myself out of those dark times. To fight each day. But yet you expect me to stand by my mum. (Which I will, regardless how I feel at times.)

But if you couldn’t cope with reading, or listening to me this past year, then how would you have coped from the age of 11 years old to present? I didn’t have a choice. I still feel I don’t and just get on with it.I am still there for mum regardless. But where were you for me?


To those that stayed through the dark and light. Thank you.

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