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My last blog post re-share I plan to do here on this blog, from my new one, Liz’s Onward Journey. (Because even copying and pasting, I still hate this block editor and, find it a nightmare to use and it’s why I won’t blog here again and only from now on just comment on blogs I follow here.) This post is a follow on from previous blog share.

I have supported some bloggers in the past, on this topic. Some more than one ocassion,  reminding them in the comments section of their own blog posts, to post what you feel like writing. Also, to not apologise for what you have written. At the end of the day, bloggers shouldn’t have to worry about posting those difficult and hard life moments, no matter how long they last, if posting it helps them. 

Bloggers shouldn’t be in fear of the unsupportive, or abusive comments back either. Yes, I did say abusive, unfortunately. Yes, some bloggers receive this either directly on their blog, or behind the scenes. It’s not nice and doesn’t help that person who is having a really difficult time. Don’t kick a person down, who is already down. Goodness, how I have experienced that on two ocassions. 

I have held back at times with blogging. But mostly it was because I struggled to find the words. The only time I held back talking about something, through how others may react, was when I experienced being suicidal last year. My fear though wasn’t for the negative, but for the fear of upsetting my close friends, because of talking about it, sharing how I was. I have talked heavy at times. But never as heavy as when leading up to that moment. 

As I mentioned in a recent post, ‘Hypocrite,’ when it came to some heavy talk on my old blog, because unbeknown to you the reader, (although there may have been a few readers/frends picking up something was wrong there, at that time,) behind the scenes, I was starting to feel suicidal, before revealing it later on my blog I was. During these dark times leading up and after announcing, I was aware of a few that stayed away for a time and some who  continued to stay away, never returning. So they have not seen how I battled through, to the other side.

Now as I stated in ‘Hypocrite,’ I totally get why they had to go away for a break. Those that just had a break, while being supportive prior, I have no problems with. The ones I had a problem with were the readers and friends close by, or other people close by that don’t read my blog, that were giving me the pep talk on how I shouldn’t give up on mum, yet they couldn’t put up with me for that very dark period in my life and still struggling moments now, (but not suicidal). So effectively, what they preached, they couldn’t do themselves. So if they couldn’t just support me these past few months, to a year of my worst, then just how would they have coped if they were in my shoes instead and lived my life and still live it now, as I do a new role to come in my life, while supporting my mum? 

The post, ‘Hypocrite,’ I wanted to write sooner on my other blog, (this WordPress blog) but was torn away by issues regarding mum and other things that were burning my energy. 

The post, ‘Hypocript,’ is a post to be read word by word, not skimmed, to get that post. 

If the post, ‘Hypocript,’ came across strong, it was meant to. After all, I am speaking strongly about it now. I may have been quite before and not been able to write sooner as I would like on this, but my energy had to be used wisely. 

Just like a different scenario away from my blog at my evening job, because I had enough of a situation for so long, as I once blogged, it came to the crunch, now hold on I have had enough of this. That person would have been shocked at my response, but I don’t care, I wasn’t allowing that person to have the opportunity no more, after observations the past year of realising what was happening now and again, so it was  clear words that I wasn’t going to chat on a personal level. Only work related conversation was going to happen from now on, when required. I wasn’t going to give that person an open door to choose how to treat me. I wasn’t going to have a person that thinks it’s ok to give it, but doesn’t like it when they receive the equivalent back. 

My blog, like many other mental health blogs are our safe place to air and let out our feelings. For some, blogging is their only place to air and let those feelings out.It’s theraputic. 

But also my blog, like others, becomes helpful to the next person who is going through those difficult moments, or similar. They then realise they are not alone and that they will get through the other side eventually, or learn to handle things better. It may also start to give them a voice, after finding my blog, or blogs similar to what they are going through. 

So all the difficulties in life that I share, or other bloggers share on their blogs, ends up being positive, because of helping others, while we try and help ourselves. 

So it’s not all bad now is it, in the long run? 

Life cannot be sugar coated. We all have been there, or still are. The question is how we get through each day. 

Those that know me very well because they have followed me a long time, will know a point where I reached a more positive and confident person. But even then, there are going to be bad times. (Mental health affects anyone.) But the question is how we get up?

You are not going to see that daily battle up front, or when I am writing, just how I am in that post that day, or that month, if you choose to disappear at my worst, to know how I climbed up to my best, if you are not in all the way and following. But then, it’s no loss to me, because I have to choose where I spend my energy, because it can be in short supply and, so I value my energy and also my time.

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As mentioned before, in earlier posts, this blog is coming to an end at end of December. I currently have no plans to delete this blog, but in 2 years time after it ends, I will review as to whether I keep it up still, or not.

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