The End – When one story ends, another starts.

So as you know, with giving plenty of warning it was happening. This blog has now come to an end.

When one story ends, another starts elsewhere.

My new blog is called Liz’s Onward Journey and can be found at:

My bi-line for my new blog is, “There’s no looking back.” 

To find out more about my new blog, you will need to visit there. This blog I have been writing since August.

My Wellbeing and Learning Journey, will remain visible until one day I may decide to remove it. But I have no plans anytime soon to do this and the more I have thought about this, since I first announced this blog was ending, the more I know I won’t delete this blog. It’s my baby. (So hence I edited this part of the post, to announce I won’t plan on deleting it. 🙂)

I have done lots of letting off steam here, on this one, you and myself, seeing me grow in confidence and finding further strength through blogging, that I did not feel at the time posting some of these posts.

The only time I may come back to this blog, is if I was to announce something that I may decide to do, that I am contemplating on. So if I do, it will be to announce that in a very short post, with the link to my new blog where you can read more on it. But why wait till then? Sign up instead to my new blog, Liz’s Onward Journey and follow by email to get the latest news in your email inbox. Or follow me on Twitter:

And I can also be found at Bloglovin, if following in any of the above ways is not convenient for my new blog. Details can be found over at Liz’s Onward Journey where I created a new page to show ways to follow.

Posts that I write over there:

  • Chit-chat posts – These happen twice a month at the most
  • Mental health topics
  • Books
  • Learning
  • Some deaf awareness has cropped up over there
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • And more

So similar to here, but a little bit more.

Bye from me here and thank you for your comments here. I hope to see you over at my new blog and when I visit yours, when reading blogs back here, on WordPress.

Stay safe and be well. X

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40 thoughts on “The End – When one story ends, another starts.

  1. Wishing you all the very best for a brighter New Year. I’m not sure what’s happening at the care home but I hope like hell they get testing in place so that visits are allowed again. xx

    1. I seen mum twice this month outside in tent. No heating, so cold for both of us. But because of no tests, then no contact.
      Mum wanted that hug on first visit in December.
      Second visit as you know, a couple of days before Christmas, she looked liked she wanted to give up.

      I still no wiser on these tests.

  2. Hi Liz, I’m still having problems leaving Comments on your new blog at times but just wanted to let you know I am reading it and love the honesty of your blog as always. Sorry you are struggling. I wish you a very Healthy New Year, I like you don’t feel that “Happy” is that appropriate in a pandemic Xxx keep going, keep safe, keep blogging and being you!

    1. Hi. Thank you for your message. Sorry to hear you are having problems commenting. Thank you for reading and leaving a message here. For me to not be able to say ‘Happy’ is because of me not really feeling happy myself. I tense and can’t say happy at all. But I am aware of difficulties others are having too, so yes, I feel it is more appropriate.

      I shall keep blogging and keep being me. Thank you. Xx

  3. Best wishes for the New Year for you and your mom. It is not easy what you have to deal with, not a lot of people can understand that. 2020 left a lot of scars that will never completely erase from our lives, lets hope 2021 gives us a break. So many people need that. Stay strong and keep writing where ever you are, just keep writing, it will help heal the injuries not only from the past but in each day that comes. This year of 2021 I need to try and focus on helping my kids get through the stress of this new world we live in, the best I can…sadly this means less time online and more personal time with real world issues in my own life. I will try to keep up with posting something , mostly pre-scheduled posts but I need to focused more on getting mental health back in my family. We have firework bombs that go off at all hours late at night and early in the morning which is causing less sleep and PTSD with my daughter. People drive around doing this so cops can’t find them. I think 500 cops quit in our city I live in and I believe they were the good ones. Anyway, I do hope and pray this year of 2021 gets better for us all, just remember when you are feeling down and frustrated to write it out, even if only in a personal journal, it helps. Stay safe and may only good things always come your way for the new year.

    1. Thank you. Yes, its not easy for either me or my mum as you say, as we both have changes unfortunate changes in our lives. With Covid-19 on top, it doesn’t make it any easier.
      I do hope we all get a break.

      I schedule my posts in advance. I mostly do this. It does help.
      Since I started blogging at Liz’s Onward Journey, my plan is to blog a little less. But whether I do, I don’t know.
      I don’t do Fibbing Friday as often as I once did and I am thinking I may not do it anymore. But shall see. It’s all about reducing it a little.

      I shall keep following and look out for your posts. I have started setting it to receive new posts by email with most blogs I follow now. Just the ones I interact more with, to make sure I don’t miss, as I notice I do with some with the WordPress reader.

      May 2021 be a better year for you and your family. X

  4. Sorry I’ve been off air for a while and missed all this Liz … might I suggest you link your new blog to your profile? I came here from your comment …

    1. I do have my new blog in my profile, as well as this one.
      But to forward it to my new one on Blogger, would I need to remove link to WP one, so it takes you to the Blogger one? This is what I am not sure of and would like to do now, so that when you click on me it takes you to the Blogger one. 🙂

      1. Its certainly what I would like to do now, with that being where I will blog.
        I will go to my profile and, do it now and see what happens.

      2. Ok. Thank you for checking. Looks like you can’t do it then. But I shall ask a blogger I know that can confirm if I can, or not.

      3. Well I went to one place and removed WP blog link. That didn’t work. But then I realised I needed to go to my Gravatar, so added the Blogger one there, then removed the WP one.
        I thought if it works, I would see the change immediately, but I haven’t, unless it takes effect from my next comment, which is the one I am doing now.

      4. nope your gravatar still links to WP … just ensure you have the blogger link on your last few posts so people can find you from there!

      5. The only way I will be able to do that, is type at the end of my comment, when I don’t have a box to type it separately on my comment form. Like I have done below now.
        Disappointed I can’t get it to take to Blogger even though I changed it on my gravatar.

        (My new blog is now at

      6. All sorted now. I mentioned in another comment how I asked Renard. All sorted within the minute of follow his instructions. 🙂

      7. yes, well done, it took me straight there but I could only post a comment thru google. I prefer to post with URL …. I hadn’t thought how difficult masks would be for you! I hope ore will wear those clear visors

        So nice you are settled over there 🙂

      8. Thank you for pointing that out, because I did leave it open for anyone to comment, including anonymous. I went to check out my settings and found they had changed. I hadn’t changed that and can’t imagine me doing that by accident. I have just set it back to anyone, including anonymous. So things should be ok now.

        Yes I am settled over there. Thank you for visiting.

        I shall let my blind blogging friend know now about why she might have had a problem commenting now.

      9. I have just been looking at my blog as an outsider, with me being on laptop just now and I can see that you can choose name/url option from the drop down menu. I thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t spot this and didn’t want to use the anonymous option.

      10. I have a pinned post on my blog that informs readers of my new blog. The last post and some random posts prior I did put in where my new blog would be, which is working, as some have found me that way. Will probably add more later on other posts.

  5. All sorted now. I asked Renard and he pointed me in the right direction. 🙂 I thought I was doing something wrong.

    1. Yes, it certainly is.
      My blogging will continue over at my blog on Blogger. Liz’s Onward Journey.
      My profile will take you to it, as well as link at top of blog. 🙂

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