Book review: “Wonder,” by R. J. Palacio.

“Wonder,” by R. J. Palacio, is a well written and engaging book that I planned on reading, before watching the film of the same name. August is the main character of this book, who has a facial abnormality. He has been home-schooled most of his life, but is going to go to school for the first time and he is dreading it. In the book, you follow his journey. All he wants is to be like other kids and be accepted for who he is and not what he looks like.
I won’t go into too much detail of the book, as I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not read it yet.

Does he get accepted? You will have to read the book, to find out.

I like how the book is written from August’s perspective. The other characters in the book, you get to read from their perspective too.

It is written in short chapters, so you can easily put it down and come back to it later. But if you are like me, you will find it hard to put down. I read this book within the week!

The book is a powerful read and emotional. (It made me tearful, towards the end.) I recommend you read this book whether you have seen the film, or not.

It is also a book that I think everyone should read.


Book review: “Molly and the Cat Cafe,” by Melissa Daley.

“Molly and the Cat Cafe,” is written by Melissa Daley.

Molly and the cat cafe
It is a fictional story about one homeless cat, who embarks on a journey to find a new home. Molly ends up at Stourton-on-the-Hill and is welcomed by a caring cafe owner, Debbie.
Debbie, like Molly is an outsider and is struggling with her cafe and a local is on the warpath to keep her out newcomers.
Debbie also has a daughter, so she is desperate to turn the struggling cafe around.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which I read in two days. I just could not put this down.
I also liked how it was written from the cat; Molly’s perspective.

A beautiful story, of Molly’s journey.

Giveaway Time – Two Mindfulness books up for grabs!

I have two books up for grabs, which I am going to run as two separate giveaway type competitions.

Book 1 giveaway: is this magazine, (bookazine,) for one reader. This giveaway is running due to me not realising I had already bought it earlier on, so I would like to give this one away to one lucky reader.


This magazine, (bookazine) is called “The Mindfulness Book” and is certainly something to keep on your bookshelf and refer back to later.

Book giveaway 2: is “The Little Book of Mindfulness,” by Dr Patrizia Collard, which you will remember I did a book review about this here.


Do you fancy entering? If so, please see how to enter below.

How to enter:

  1. This giveaway is open to anyone, regardless of where you live.
  2. Email me, to, leaving just your first and last name at this point and stating in the email you are entering for the Mindfulness books giveaway, so I know.
  3. This giveaway I will keep open until 28th August 2017, at 9am UK time. I will then put all names into a bag and draw out two people, if they are sufficient entries. (So do come back to this post, which I will pin to the top of my blog page and I will keep you updated there, at the end of this post.)
  4. When the names have been drawn sometime that day, (if there are sufficient entries,) I will then contact the winners, which then at that point I will need to know where you would like me to post your giveaway. You will have 2 days to respond back, otherwise I will draw out another name.
  5. Once there are official winners, this will be announced in this original post and kept to the top of the blog for following two weeks.
  6. Details given are only for the use of this giveaway and not shared to anyone else. Details will not be kept once the giveaway has ended.

Good luck to those who take part.

Giveaway Update!

Winner of Book giveaway 1 is: Christy B.

Winner of Book giveaway 2 is: Caz

Congratulations to you both and I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. 🙂


Book review: “Anxiety: A self-help guide to feeling better,” by Wendy Green.

Anxiety is something I still suffer with, that can still creep up on me at times. Like my depression, I accept that anxiety will always be part of me and its taking each day as it comes.
I have managed my anxiety and depression, (including flashbacks) using techniques learnt in my counselling sessions as well as my own I have found that can help. Blogging helps too, along with sharpie and doodle drawings, to get things out of my system, that I might otherwise pent-up. But I thought I would read this book and see what else I may learn new.

This 172 page book that I bought from Amazon is easy to follow and it explains how psychological, genetic and dietary factors can contribute to anxiety. It offers practical advice and holistic approach to help you deal with the symptoms, like simple dietary and lifestyle changes, to DIY complementary therapies. It’s a book you can dip in and out of and read either all of it, or just what interests you. But I do suggest you at least read all of it the first time round.
I know personally myself, but also through my mental health course on reducing alcohol intake, which this book also suggests.
Also, caffeine is something I have cut down on a long time a go too. If I do drink a caffeinated drink, I do it more out than in, watching I don’t exceed a certain limit I set myself. This book suggests cutting this down too.
There are plenty of other suggestions in Chapter 2 of this book, in regards to healthy eating, which for me is what I mostly know, but it serves as a reminder to me.

It mentions about getting active, giving suggestions what we can try, and it discusses stress management and adopting an anti-anxiety attitude, which one of the things it suggests is CBT, that I have had in the past and found rather helpful.

At the back of the book there is a directory of contacts that offers information, support and products for sufferers of anxiety disorders. Some of these I have not heard of before and so I will be checking them out.

There is plenty of other information in this book, but if I go into it further, it would make this post very long to read. It’s a book staying on my bookshelf for future use.

Book review: “How to make your cat an internet celebrity,” by Patricia Carlin

This book, “How to make your cat an internet celebrity,” is written by Patricia Carlin, with photography by Dustin Fenstermacher is a book I have read more than once because of the humourous content. A gift I received some time back from a friend one Christmas, or birthday.

Cats can become superstars on the internet and this book can unlock secrets to growing your cat for stardom.


  • Introduction – Embracing your destiny
  • Chapter 1 – Growing your star
  • Chapter 2: Lights, kitty, action!
  • Chapter 3: Clawing your way to the top
  • Chapter 4: The world is your litter box
  • Acknowledgement

As you can see from some of the titles of the content, it’s enough to make you smile. The book has photographs of cats throughout the book, to make you smile, or laugh while reading the content.

Book review: “The Little Book of Mindfulness,” by Dr Patrizia Collard.

“The Little Book of Mindfulness,” by Dr Patrizia Collard is a “little” book, measuring only 15cm by 11cm. It has 96 pages of what hopes to be inspiration for the reader, of simple 5 to 10 minute practices of mindfulness.
I have read all the book for inspiration and although I have not practised any yet, there are many I am familiar with and if you have, or do Yoga, or Pilates yourself, then you will be familiar with some of the suggestions in this book too. But it is still perfect reminder.
What about the ones that I have given me new inspiration?
One example was ‘mindful eating,’ examining the food you are about to eat, looking at it like you have never seen it before, like a raisin for example. Holding it in the palm of your hand and noticing the difference in size, colour, form, weight and shape. Observing the ridges and the texture of the surface, so your vision can really have a feast on this. There are other suggestions while holding this fruit, before it leads onto smelling it, then tasting it and observing at that point as you chew the flavours, the change of consistency of the raisin and what you may notice completely new to you.

The contents of this book:

  • Introduction
  • Being in the now
  • Accept and respond
  • Making your mind up
  • Simply be
  • Mindful eating
  • Gratitude and compassion
  • Everyday mindfulness
  • Acknowledgments


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