E-readers or books?

Last time I had this conversation was years ago when I used to write my deaf blog. Then, I loved to hold books (and still do) even though I owned a  Kindle. When I owned a Kindle, it was when they started to get smaller and before the paper white version came out. I had my Kindle for some years until I sold it, being faithful to paper books instead. But also paper books were  out-waying the Kindle and I wasn’t using the Kindle much, as well as not wanting to be committed to Amazon. (Although the last part, I may have understood wrong about that years ago, or things have changed since. So you may be able to help me with that question. Keep reading.) So with the Kindle being pushed to one side, I decided it was time to sell.

Fast forward to present. As I say, I still prefer paper books, but I either buy mostly second-hand, or use the library. The last book I bought new, was “The Highly Sensitive Person,” by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D, then before that, “Lagom.”

Being in a smaller place, means I have no intention of buying a new book I intend to keep, unless another book is removed to put in its place. But with the books I am currently happy with, means I have no need to buy.
I will still buy second-hand now and again, but this is because once I have read it, it will be put back into a bag for charity.
I also have the library where I can read a book from too.

I have been thinking whether it’s worth me buying an e-reader again. But do I buy a Kindle that I have experienced before, but a newer model? If so, does buying a Kindle mean I have to commit myself to Amazon, or can I get a book for it from anywhere? as I don’t want to join Amazon.

If I don’t buy a Kindle, what other e-reader is good?

I have thought about e-readers again, because I know you can get free books too for them, as I used to mostly read free books before, when I had the Kindle. But whether in the end I will buy one, I don’t know. I want to make sure it would be something I’d carry on using and not put away again after so many years.

Can you help/advise?

Maybe my readers read from e-readers. What e-reader do you use? Maybe you can also answer my above question regarding the Kindle?

Maybe you are just a paper book fan and avoid. Maybe you like both.

Do share your thoughts and I hope you are able to advise too.

Thank you in advance.

Book review: “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens.

Cover of book Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens

I pre-ordered this book some months ago and I have been looking forward to reading this, after having a taste of it, in a magazine.
This book; “Forest Therapy,” by Sarah Ivens, gives you ideas to get back into nature, to help us feel calmer, happier and more energised.
As the author mentions in her introduction of this book, many of the ideas are common sense. We just need to be reminded.
The twelve chapters in this book are to encourage us and our loved ones, to get outdoors and reconnect with nature in a healing way.

Contents of book:
1 – Sold on Science and Statistics
2 – A Walk on the Woods
3 – Spring Cleaning
4 – Summer Lovin’
5 – Fall in Love
6 – Winter Wonderland
7 – Parenting in Plein Air
8 – Being at One with Nature
9 – Couples’ Countryside Cure
10 – Natural Beauty
11 – Food Glorious Food
12 – The Call of the Wild
Further reading
About the author

The book encourages you to use your senses, as you take a walk.
There are also other suggestions that would compliment, while you are out in nature. The choice is what you want to do.
No matter what the weather, just get out in nature and dress accordingly to the weather.
A walk in nature costs nothing, as this book says and something I have said myself in a blog post, or two.

You do not need to be fit, to use examples in this book. The book is to encourage you to get out, take it slow and for what you use out of this book, use it, to get out.
I like how there are even ‘mindful minutes’ in this book, where something is suggested and you do what is suggested for just a minute, like for example, choose a morning, or an evening that suits you best and appreciate the beginning, or ending of a day just for 60 seconds by looking at the sky. While doing this, make a note in your journal of how the sky looked and how you felt. Acknowledge those feelings and reflections, as it helps to gain power over them, linking them to something powerful as the sun and cycle of the day. It acts as a reminder to us that we all have a fresh start every 24 hours and that the world is bigger than us.

There is no excuse for any of us to not do something, that this book suggests. We all know nature does us good, when we walk in it, experiencing how we feel good afterwards and how relaxed we are.
It doesn’t have to be a daily thing. Once a month is better, than nothing. Have at least 10 minutes of silence in nature walking, with some sitting. But if you can do longer, you will feel even more benefits.
Stress will unwind from you and you will feel relaxed and energised.

Go on, take a walk today, whether a street lined with trees, the nearest park, or a walk in the woods. Even your own back garden is a start.
Observe, take it in using your senses and breathe deep.

I totally recommend this book. It’s a book you can refer back to, time and time again.

Women’s Car DIY book Giveaway – Now Closed

I have decided today, that the latest giveaway: Book giveaway: Women’s Car DIY  is now closed.

I have taken this decision to close slightly earlier than planned, with me taking donations to Cats Protection today.

No one entered this book giveaway and it’s had plenty of time aired on my blog, which was first come first serve basis, for this giveaway. This book will be taken with the rest of my donations for Cats Protection.

Book giveaway: Women’s Car DIY

Car manual for women

So it’s time for this book giveaway, as promised. This will be my last book giveaway, of this year. The giveaway is open to all.

This giveaway is first come, first serve, so please observe how to enter, so you don’t miss out. But just in case no one is interested, I will still put a deadline on this giveaway. If it happens and no one enters, I will give this book to charity.

If you would like this book, then please email me on:

liz.myjourney@gmail.com making sure in the subject header of the email you write is, “Women’s Car DIY.”
Please leave your full name and address at this point, because the first email I receive, wins this book!

The deadline for this giveaway is, 15th September 2018, 9am, UK time. Unless first person claimed, before this date, which this post will be marked closed.


Post update on 9th September 2018

This giveaway has been closed early, which reasons why, are the in this post: Women’s Car DIY book Giveaway – Now Closed

Book giveaway to come

I’m hoping winner of previous book giveaway announced yesterday, claims their book, as I would love to post their prize. The winner has 7 days from yesterday’s​ date and email sent to winner announcing it, to claim their prize and letting me know where they would like it posting. 🙂

Book giveaway​to come, is this book as photographed.


It’s the, “Women’s Car DIY – The Multi-Tasker’s Manual,” by Caroline Lake.

This book is brand new and something I bought for me, when I was all for having my own car. As I do not plan to do this now, I thought I will do a giveaway on here soon for anyone here who might like it.

When I post this giveaway later, as this post is just a preview of book giveaway to come, you will need to be quick, as I will do this giveaway first come, first serve type giveaway. But just in case this book giveaway does not interest anyone, I will also put a deadline on the post being up and visible.

As I say, this post is just to announce the book giveaway coming soon, so you know of a book giveaway coming. So if it is a book you would like, or know someone who does, then keep your eyes peeled for the post. It will be my last book giveaway too. (Of this year.) This book giveaway will be announced some time in September. 🙂