Book review: “I could pee on this,” by Francesco Marciuliano.

This book is written by the same author, as the book I shared yesterday. This book made me laugh just like the other one did and again, this book would suit cat lovers. I received this book with the one I shared in yesterday’s post, for Christmas.

This book is poems by cats. 🙂 😉

Contents of this book:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Family
  • Chapter 2: Work
  • Chapter 3: Play
  • Chapter 4: Existence
  • Acknowledgements

Through this book, it will reveal every cats desires, conflict and their epiphany. Also why cats do the things they do.


Book review: “You need more sleep – Advice from cats,” by Francesco Marciuliano.

A compact book that I received as a gift at Christmas, along with another book of the same author, which I will be blogged soon.

This book offers feline advice to us humans, their life-improving tips such as:

  • Always stay at least 30 feet from a loved one
  • Enter a room like you own it and everyone inside it
  • Never doubt yourself until it’s too late
  • Don’t be nice to unpleasant people
  • Indecisions shows that you’re thinking!

These and other invaluable skills will have you living the cat life in no time!


  • Introduction: listen to the cats
  • Chapter 1: personal relationships
  • Chapter 2: Social interaction
  • Chapter 3: Career advancement
  • Chapter 4: You, you, you!
  • Acknowledgments

The book is purrfect, (sorry perfect) sized book for your handbag to take on your travels. A book that cat lovers will enjoy. Small, easy-to-digest tips, with gorgeous photos of cats throughout. Although, if you were to follow some of the cats tips, then you could get into trouble for some of them. (From a human perspective and not if a cat had done it.) Like  for example, turn up to work naked. 😉

This book was a chuckle to read all throughout and I have another book written by the same author called, “If I could pee on this – and other poems by cats.” I will share that book review tomorrow.

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Book review: “Untangled: A story of resilience, courage and triumph,” by Alexis Rose.

“Untangled: …” by Alexis Rose is her own true life story, recalling her life of unimaginable abuse and explicit threats. Alexis Rose repressed these memories of her past, until a family tragedy forced her to face what her life had been.

This book gives a note to the readers before the story starts, to warn how it could be triggering because of descriptions of sexual and physical abuse.

A history of abuse, torture and threats to maintain her silence or be killed, could no longer be denied.
This book is her story of facing the truth and risking the consequences of breaking the silence, to start a healing journey and to learn to live her life. Alexis Rose had to also learn to accept the effects of the trauma that echo through her daily life as PTSD.

Through reading this book, it shows just how our mind dissociates while being abused.
Dissociation is something I have experienced as you know from my blog posts. But to experience what Alexis Rose had all through her life, I could not imagine. This book certainly lives up to the title of resilience and it gives hope to other victims who have suffered trauma and abuse, that you can get through it too. This book helped me to understand more about PTSD and the way my own PTSD had effected me, when I was struggling with mine at the beginning of my counselling sessions, when it was raw to start off with and during, that I revealed to my counsellor.

When I got to page 204, I shed tears of relief as Alexis Rose found the missing link with her counsellor.

I have been following Alexis Rose’s blog, ‘Untangled’ for some time now, which you can find here at:

Alexis also did an interview you may like to read at, Vilina Christoph.

Book review: ‘Deliciously Ella Every Day,’ by Ella Woodward.


‘Deliciously Ella Every Day,’ by Ella Woodward is her second book. The book focus on eating well as easy as possible, focusing on easy accessible ingredients. It covers breakfast, healthy eating on-the-go, salads, easy weekday dinners, big batch cooking simple sweets. There are over 100 recipes in this book.

It was from this book that I tried a quinoa and ginger porridge one time, for my breakfast. Not something I would have thought of having and so it made a change for me.

Although I have not delved in this book much, it is still a book that remains on my bookshelf for alternative ideas and new inspirations.

Book review: 101 ways To Live Well

“101 Ways To Live Well,” by Lonely Planet, is an easy to read book that you can read right from the beginning, or dip in and out of where it interests you. (
This book helps you to discover secret wellness hacks that you can incorporate into your regular routine. It can be just 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, to help you feel calmer, more productive, healthier and without sacrificing your hours. These tips for your body and for your mind, can help at home, work, play, relationships and travel.
Some tips are familiar to me, but there are lots of new ones too. A nice handbag size book to read on the go.

I already started reading this book before I went on my recent holiday and I was reading it in the hotel, or on the coach at times. A nice book that will stay on my bookshelf for future use.

Book review: ‘Heart Thoughts,’ by Louise L. Hay


‘Heart Thoughts,’ by Louise L. Hay, I have owned a while now. It was a birthday or Christmas gift from a friend. Although I have read this book some time ago, it is still a book you can go back to and dip your head back into it. This book has been used a couple of times as conversation between my friend to me, so I can look up the page she talked about in her email, to read a quote that seamt right for me, at that period of time in my life. So this book I treasure.

This book is a collection of meditations, spiritual treatments and excerpts from Louise L. Hay lectures. They focus on aspects of our day-to-day experiences and are meant to guide and assist us in particular areas we may be having particular difficulties.

This book can be read through thoroughly, which I suggest you do first, as well as dip in and out of where you need to read.