My blood pressure update

I have been monitoring my blood pressure closely since I had a high reading at the doctors once, followed by concerns by a nurse taking a couple of readings.
It turns out after today, that the concerns given by the nurse were not needed once again. The doctor looked at past readings since seeing him and my daily readings I had taken since the last appointment with the nurse and he is happy. My blood pressure is OK.
Now I knew it would be, given my own readings, but I was not given the impression of this at my last appointment with the nurse, hence taking daily readings since then, which I explained to my doctor today.
My doctor had a rather puzzled expression after I said this and looked back at his notes for the last reading with the nurse and said it was fine that day.
All I am to do, is do my own reading now and again, which if I asked every two weeks ok? He said yes. But I imagine giving his face expression, he will be happy me doing it once a month too, like I used to, till I stopped doing it.
So he is happy and as you know I am happy, because you know how much I did not want to go back on medication.


Blog post re-share: The Perks of Being Alone – a Short Essay about Self-empowerment

A blog post re-share, about those that choose to be alone. The benefits of being alone and how we improve our self-esteem. It’s a personal journey for those that choose to live alone and coming across this post in my reader, because I follow this blog. I found this blog post a great, inspirational read. It is nice to read someone else’s positive perspectives on living alone.

Culture is not one thing. It's Everything.

Hello Everyone and Welcome to JGC Blog.

Today, I want to talk about the positive aspects of being alone and how those aspects can lead to self-empowerment.

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Giveaway Time – One book to give away

Remember when I reviewed this book; “101 Ways To Live Well?”

book cover of 101 Ways to Live Well

Well I am deciding now that it is time to give this book away, as it sits on the bookshelf, unused and not referred to as I once did. Anything I see that does not get used, is clutter to me and I don’t like clutter as you know. So I would like to give this book away to someone who would like it here.

So if you would like this book, then please email me on:
making sure in the subject header of the email you write “101 Ways To Live Well.”
You do not need to give me address at this point. I will ask for your address, should your name be drawn.

I will keep his giveaway open until 6th July 2018, 9am UK time.

Later on that day, when it closes, if quite a few have entered, I will put all names into a bag and draw one name out. (The name will be announced in a new post, when they have informed me where to post their book.)

If no one has entered, this book will just be put in a donation bag I have one side for a charity shop. (I will mention also in a blog post if it turns out this happened.)

  • This giveaway is open to everyone, regardless where you live.
  • The winner will be notified by email and they will have 7 days to reply by, letting me know of their name and full address of where they would like to send me this book. Please make sure you give full address, i.e. USA, Canada etc… so I can address and post the book correctly, should your name be drawn out.
  • Once I have an official winner, I will announce later, in a new blog post their name and blog link, if they have a blog and I will update at the end of this post too.
  • As always, details given are only for the use of this giveaway and not shared to anyone else. Details will not be kept once the giveaway has ended.


Good luck to everyone that takes part.

Post Update: And the winner has been announced here: 

Winner of the Giveaway Time – One book to give away


My blood pressure

Since this post, “I feel I am losing a battle,” I have continued to monitor my blood pressure, as well as another nurse appointment that I had this morning, for them to monitor it.

Some of my blood pressure readings I have noted, which I took with me to the appointment today.

Like before, my reading taken by the nurse, was higher than my own readings. The nurse took a second reading and while one number dropped down, the other number went up, so the nurse thinks that I am having ‘white coat hypertension.’ This is when your blood pressure is consistently 140/90mmHg or above, when taken in a medical setting only.
The nurse was going to book me in for another blood pressure check, but I’d said I would book with the doctor, to see what he thought. (A particular doctor that forwarded me to the nurse.) The nurse recommended I take on my readings too, which I would have done, as I have done this before, as usually he will add them on my notes.

My appointment for my doctor is not till 18th July, so a bit of a weight, but I shall take my blood pressure every 2 days until then.

To read more about ‘White coat hypertension,’ you will find it here, over at Blood Pressure UK.

I feel I am losing a battle

The past month, I feel I am losing a battle. My blood pressure has been in the pre-high blood pressure stage and I am being monitored since finding this out, via a routine check up at my doctors last month. After the first check up with he nurse today, since that appointment I am finding it is still at that stage, although it shows when I am being checked, that it does come down slowly. The nurse asked if I knew what the doctor wanted me to do after todays appointment with her and I said I don’t know. But I did reveal how I don’t want to go back on blood pressure tablets and that I had come off them originally by changing my diet. So another appointment has been made in a fortnight with her, for another blood pressure check.
I am upset and I feel I am losing a battle. I know it is just tablets, but I would feel like I am going backwards, if I had to go back on them this point and I don’t want to go on them. I can’t accept this, should this be mentioned.

For further understanding on blood pressure, this website is a good source, which the following link will take you to the blood pressure chart that medical professionals use.

Here are a couple of my past related posts on this subject:

From Grouchy to Happy in Just Half a Day

As you know from my post, “Learning to like honey” I have not been well. I ended up going back to the doctors about the annoying cough and the pain it has caused me all down my left side. I was checked well and it was agreed that antibiotics and steroids were needed. By 3 days in, I was having what I considered to be a good day. I was feeling back to my happy chappy self and then before the night was over, while at a store to pick up a few light items, the pain shot in my side out of no where. I only had 1 item at this point and I was taking my time just walking slowly and enjoying just browsing until it happened. I was so glad to get home as I felt sick from it. I was at crying point, but I actually could not cry. Walking was very, very slow, after this pain that came on.
Back home, I had a hot bath. No help. 😦
I applied a pain-killing gel. No help. 😦


After only 4 hours sleep and still in agony yesterday morning, I tried my Spiky Ball. No help. In fact it made it worse.
I was desperate, still at crying point but I could not cry. I decided then to try some very gentle Pilates stretches. It helped, but only for 5 minutes. I decided not to take paracetamol that morning and wait till I got something a little stronger. So I set off earlier than planned to the next town to sort myself out before meeting up with my mum. I bought Paracetamol Extra and a wheat bag for heating up the microwave later on when back home. But as I was out for most of the day, I needed something sooner to warm my side up and so I queried about those stick on heat pads, to see if I would be ok using one with applying pain-killing gel last night and yesterday morning and also because of me being on steroids that I have never had before and antibiotics I informed them of and why taking them. It turned out I was ok to use them thankfully. Slowly, I made my way back in the shopping centre and to the public toilets to apply the patch on my top, on the worst affected part.
As soon as you open one, the heat starts to slowly activate and it gets warmer until it is at its warmest by half an hour. After an hour wearing it on my top, (you don’t apply these directly to your skin,) I could feel it was helping. It was a godsend. 🙂

Grouchy to Happy

By the afternoon, I had gone from grouchy to happy. Yes, I was still in pain, but this patch was bloody lovely and really helped to ease it. I was so relieved and I totally recommend them. 😀
My patch wasn’t a branded name, but it was just as good as a branded one that a relative once used and could not stop talking about. I remember all those years ago wondering what the big fuss was over a small patch, but now I understand, because I am raving about this too. 🙂
I could only wear the patch for a max of 12 hours. If you need to, then take it off earlier. I was intending to wear this to the max, but I had to take it off an hour before. It carries on being warm for the next hours on the site where you had it for the next 12 hours it says on the box, giving you a total of 24 hours relief. As I write this post, I have surprisingly only had 3 hours sleep and my side is still feeling lovely and warm. I felt I had more sleep than that. I hope to get a bit more sleep, after I air this post. Steroids can keep you awake, I have read, which also explains another sleepless night when it was a good one of no coughing. :/

This morning

I was awake early hours of this morning because I felt nauseous and I suspected it was wind doing this. I walked around a bit and made myself a camomile drink before deciding to sit up and get my laptop out to write this post. (It turned out it was the wind, as I suspected.)
Prior to this, I was reading other people’s blogs and chatting there, as well as chatting to a new follower of my blog, which I have now followed hers and been chatting there. The morning has passed by pretty quickly. 🙂 But I shall try and get another couple of hours kip, after I have finished my drink, before finally getting up.
It will be last of my steroids later this morning and I have a few days left of the antibiotics.

Goodnight, or morning as in my case, but night, night as I go back to bed soon. 🙂