Another D.I.Y. retreat. (With sadness.)

I had another D.I.Y. retreat, last Saturday to Sunday, to give myself some self-care and timeout after issues at work, the PIP assessment that I worked myself up over prior and in preparation for when I had my extraction on my tooth. I allowed myself access to technology this time, but it was limited and my mobile phone remained on, in case of emergencies.

My menu was how I originally planned it, before I knew I was going to do one and although I had a schedule for the two days, I did not plan it out into too much details as in regards to the time for everything.

Saturday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am
  • Read a book for an hour or so. (10 mins on internet)
  • “Dance That Walk Cardio Party” DVD – 10.30am (an hour)
  • Lunch – 12.30
  • DVD: “Don’t be afraid of the dark,” followed by reflect and then relax with a book till dinner.
  • Dinner – 6.30pm
  • Relax in bath before bed, at 9pm. (I also used one of my face masks at this point, while in bath.)

Saturday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Lunchtime: Quorn balls with tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and mixed veg. (Serve what I need and separate the rest into portions to freeze later when cool.)
  • Sardine sandwich at dinner


Sunday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am (I stayed in bed till 9.30am, so breakfast was about 10am.)
  • Free time in, or out.
  • Lunch 12.30
  • DVD: “Exit Wounds.”

My Sunday schedule then stopped, because I was heartbroken. I seen on my timeline about a couple that died in Meden Vale, but names had not been announced. After looking online at my local paper, the names were announced; Sandra and Michael Dangerfield. They were apparently died at the scene, after a collision with a car. I am devastated. A good friend of mine took me to where flowers had already been laid, as in the news link above. I had to see for myself. There was a photo of them both with someone else. This confirmed for me they had both gone. They were taken too soon and I hope the investigation going on uncovers what happened there.

When I arrived home, I just spent a bit of time on Facebook, while having a scented candle lit and mugs of tea.

Sunday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Jacket potato with parsnip and veg, for lunch.
  • Just a scone I could stomach and a few mugs of tea, due to above mentioned.




A bit of Vitamin D continued

I decided after the previous post; ‘A bit of Vitamin D’, to take supplements. This was after from further reading on other websites after the one I shared at the end of that post.
It influenced me because of knowing how it is getting at that time of the year when we won’t be seeing much sun and for me to have had it already, I thought I would take the recommended dose of 10 micrograms. Although I eat food that contains it, I’m not getting enough obviously and at times I have slacked in this area with some of the foods it recommends for vitamin D, so this is why I changed my mind. But I am only taking it from now till end of winter, as by when the weather comes round nice again, hopefully I will get it from the sun and with the food as well hopefully stay at a good level. But I may have to bear in mind I may be one of those that has to take it in autumn and winter again.
I went to Holland and Barrett and bought the appropriate dosage. They only cost £3.59 for 100 tablets, so I don’t think that is a bad price.

Further reading :

Guidelines on vitamin D, will take you NHS Choices website

Holland and Barrett Vitamin D3 Tablets 10ug

A bit of Vitamin D

As I mentioned in Chit-chat – October, I had nothing to report about my hand, as I was having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment. But this morning, when trying again online, I seen an appointment going in the afternoon. It wasn’t with the doctor I first seen about my hand, but I have seen this doctor before in the past on another matter and I hoped by booking, he could help. I also had something else I needed to attend to, a prescription was required and I could not request it online to say I had a review prior with a nurse to get it again. So I got that prescription and my antidepressants and he was able to see about my hand, thankfully.
When it came to asking about my results of blood test and x-ray that I had just over 4 weeks ago, the doctor had my blood results, but not my x-ray.
My bloods have shown I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, but it does show I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I am in the middle range of being low and normal, which was how it was explained to me so I could understand. This can be sorted through diet alone and if I wanted, I could get some vitamins with Vitamin D in it. I will try the diet first.
As for my x-ray, I need to allow a couple of weeks more, then he advised to query first to see if my x-ray is back before making the appointment, so I don’t waste my time and yes, I could see him again if I wanted about it.

Lets hope I will hear by then.

If you would like to know more about Vitamin D, then you will find it here at NHS Choices.

My D.I.Y. Retreat Reflection Post

Since I have written this post, ready for schedule, some things have now changed after recent events. Please read till the end of the post and the writing in blue is my update. 

So these are my reflections I had during and after my D.I.Y. Retreat.

  • To not be hasty in choices where I live, no matter how desperate I may feel at times. I have always said downstairs flat, so I must not choose a studio flat, just because it was the only option going in a preferred area to live.
  • I may have to learn I won’t get the area I want to live in and so I may need to decide on another area not as far away, which has plenty of choices. But will it be ok and far enough away for me, from where I currently live? (Carry on reading this post, for my answer to this question.)
    Also deciding on this area may be better job wise, if I was to get a job in this area.
  • I need to try to stick it out where I live, while I have Miley and not move unless I really have to. I don’t want to stress her out. (It took her a month to like and settle in where I currently live.)

So what can I do to try to make it bearable, where I live?

  • Maybe start travelling to the next town that has more choices to live. I know the area to a certain extent, but I’m just not a regular there, so I need to start going that way for things I need. I can then hopefully see whether I could imagine myself living in that area, or not.
    When I pop out for lunch, rather than doing it in my area, go that way instead.
  • Although I hope to not be moving yet, I shall window shop places available and go that way to look from the outside, to just to walk round that area. By doing this, I can imagine if I could live there and imagine what it would be like when walking home there, in the dark. When the time comes to choosing and looking for real, I will know what I like and what I don’t.
  • When I feel really overwhelmed, as I did recently before my retreat, I need to make sure I take time out to pamper me. If I can’t do it over a weekend like I did this time, then at least a day. I know this is easier said then done though, after that trigger. But hopefully I can do it and be aware.

I still want to leave the area for the same reasons of living somewhere new, but the added pressure that was getting to me was knowing my rent was going up, on top of going through PIP, with DLA stopping and going to PIP and so money worries, until I am sorted job wise of some kind.
Now although my rent is going up and so there is a little added pressure still there because of the PIP worries, there is also a little pressure and concern taken off. After I seen the person who manages the properties on behalf of landlords, I did mention to him that I would have to start looking sooner than I like, if I find my rent goes up again next year. The bloke was great with me and said that if the landlord next year wanted to put the rent up again, he will warn the landlord that I will leave. He promised me it would not go up again after this time and he would not want to see me homeless. So I felt relaxed and reassured by this.
Ever since I have been in this current property, I have been really happy with who I rent with and he is happy with me. He knows I look after the property well and that I am a good tenant, so he is happy with that.

I also know when it comes to downsizing later, when Miley is no longer with me and a place where I can park a car, when the time comes, I know I can stay with this company and choose one of their available properties.

My D.I.Y. Retreat: 3 of 3

Last post of my D.I.Y. Retreat, but do catch my reflection post some time later.


Toast with butter and jam
Tea or coffee

(Mixed nuts available to snack on, if required.)

Chicken, veg, yorkshire pudding and mash, with gravy.

Selection of crackers and assorted cheeses, with baby tomatoes.
Greek yogurt with fruit


8am – 9am Breakfast
9am – 10am Free time
10am – 11am Zumba, then free time till lunch.
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
1.30pm to 4pm approx, watch DVD, “Logan,” followed by free time.
4pm till dinner Reflections in journal and free time
6pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm – 9pm Listen to music
9pm or 10pm Bed

Luckily it was free time for an hour after breakfast, as I chose to lie in for an hour.
After breakfast, I played “Dance, Dance, Dance,” on my Zumba DVD and could see my co-ordination was getting better than the first time I played it. I felt good afterwards.
It was free time before lunch, which gave me time in the kitchen to prepare what I needed.

After lunch, it was DVD time. Today I was watching, “Logan.” I have been looking forward to this since I bought it some weeks ago, ready for when I chose to have my retreat time. While watching it, I ate some strawberries.

I took a soak and washed my hair before dinner. I enjoyed my selection of crackers and cheeses, with mugs of tea to wash it down. I then listened to music, till bed, which I had an early night to prepare for the day tomorrow.

Here are some of my photos, from my own retreat.

Finding inspiration

I hope you enjoyed reading my three posts on what I did on my own D.I.Y. retreat and that it has gave you some inspiration. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I learnt that it is personal to you and there is no right or wrong way about it.

It was also interesting Googling around on different types of home retreats, after deciding that was where mine would be and I found this useful PDF guide called 7 Steps to Create a Mini-Retreat at Home, giving me further ideas to creating my own retreat at home.
Coming across this guide, I learnt who was behind this and I went to visit their website, “Raw Horizons.” My coaching session is only part I have not shared, as this is personal to me and it would make it an extremely long post.

My D.I.Y. Retreat: 2 of 3

I hope you enjoyed my first post yesterday. Here is my second post of three.


Weetabix and banana
Tea or coffee

Cheese and onion quiche with mixed salad, tomatoes, cucumber, coleslaw and Mediterranean Style Couscous
Mixed nuts to snack on later and a strawberry and banana milkshake

Egg sandwich and a blueberry muffin


8am – 9am Breakfast
9am – 10am Pilates. Read a book while a scented candle was lit.
10am till lunch Relaxation with candle and write in my journal if required.
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
1.30pm till approx 4pm Watch DVD; “We need to talk about Kevin,” followed by “Mrs Doubtfire.”
4pm till dinner Free time. Have a bubble bath soak
6pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm – 9pm Free time and reflection
9pm or 10pm Bed

No headache on getting up today, but the feeling of tiredness is still there. (The tiredness eased off and wasn’t as bad by lunch time.) After breakfast I made myself another mug of tea, relaxed with my feet up while reading my book. Miley joined me on my lap. I had my fragrance oil burning, but I had to stop using it as it was aggravating my asthma. It was a shame, as it was a lovely relaxing smell. It was a free gift from when I enrolled on the two courses, now completed as you know. So no money wasted.

After lunch, I watched my DVD’s while having a strawberry and banana smoothie and munching on some pine nuts and cashew nuts. It was then free time and reflection before dinner. Part of my free time I spent soaking in my bath using Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Burst Body Wash. (I poured this under running water.) I followed this up with Spa Sanctuary Cooling Body Sorbet moisturiser.
I could feel I was starting to wind down and so when I had dinner, I just had Camomile tea, or water till bed. Until bed, I just carried on reading my book, which I finished and I had an early night of 9pm.

See My D.I.Y. Retreat: 3 of 3 tomorrow.

My D.I.Y. Retreat: 1 of 3

So here is first post of three about my D.I.Y. Retreat in general and then there will be a fourth post some time later, which will be my reflection post.

This post, like the next two to follow, I will share my menu and schedule and then talk about some of my activities.


Toast with butter
Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
Tea or coffee

Salmon with mixed veg and potatoes

Cheese and beetroot sandwich
Jelly with greek yogurt


8am – 9am Breakfast
9am – 10am read a book
10am – 11am Free time (Answer coaching session questions.)
12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
1.30pm – 3pm Walk out in local park, then return home.
4pm – 5.30pm Paint my nails and relax (Finish off coaching session questions.) 6pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm – 9pm Free time and reflection
9pm or 10pm Bed

I was tired on getting up, so I had to really push myself out of bed. After breakfast, it was nice to give myself time to read a book I have been meaning to finish off reading; “A Cat is Watching,” by Roger A. Caras.

When it came to Zumba, I decided to play lesson not tried so far since owning this DVD. This one was the hardest of them all and I felt I had no co-ordination at all. But I did continue with it and tried the best I could to copy what they were doing. I kept this up for the first half hour, then I just watched with odd booging. I enjoyed it regardless and my mood felt better than it did first thing this morning, although I still felt the same tiredness.

I was thankful it was a lovely day today, with walking out in my local park planned, for a couple of hours. Walking in my local park is something I don’t very often do, to say it is not far away. Before heading home from my walk, I called into The Rumbles cafe for a latte.
Walking, or just sitting in the park, watching the world go by was relaxing.

When I was back home, I made myself a drink of Green Tea, painted my nails, (which I have not done for a while) and then I put my feet up, to read my next chosen book; “Molly and the Cat Cafe,” by Melissa Daley. Miley joined me, by sleeping on my lap.

After dinner, it was free time and reflection, which after doing my reflection in my journal, I did end up breaking the no technology rule at this point. This was to satisfy a curiosity that had been at the back of my mind for the last few hours. Once I did that, I was able to ease some anxiety. But before turning computer off, I did a job search and I applied for a job. This same job and company will be the second time I have applied. (The last time being I think a year ago.) I am hoping it will be second time lucky, as the difference between now and then, is that I now have my COSHH certificate. Something which was desirable and another person had. I am hoping from feedback the last time I applied, that I also take lessons on board to sell myself better and that I am appealing to them work-wise. Once I had done this, the computer was definitely off! and I was in bed half an hour after.

See My D.I.Y. Retreat: 2 of 3 tomorrow.