3 years today…

Today, I seen on my Facebook timeline a post I had written here that I thought I would re-share. It is 3 years today, when I decided I wasn’t drinking any more alcohol. Yes, I have felt at times I have fancied a drink, (for the wrong reasons,) but I have not touched. The urges are not strong as they were and I still feel this was the best decision for me to not drink again.
For those that are new to my blog and may not have seen my post that explained why I chose to stop, then this post you will find here.

The effects from my last manual driving lesson

As you know from this post; I am having no more manual driving lessons, that I am having no more manual driving lessons. As you know, the last lesson I felt I had made two steps back, I had anxiety at a level that was not good and not helped by instructor in what he did on one occasion towards the end, that he did once before in another lesson; pulling me over when I did not hear him say pull over and instead thinking he wanted me to do  left turn.
But there was another effect I had from the lesson, that I did not mention in that post, until now.
I am still struggling with keeping my voice. I am assumed this was through anxiety, but I wasn’t sure. But after seeing how I was over the next few days and then looking it up, I see it is. I felt embarrassed by this, but I see from reading it up that I don’t need to be embarrassed. This is a new thing for me where stress has affected my voice and I am still struggling with it as this post goes to air.

I still feel a little down and I have a little anxiety still, especially as I know I will be having my first automatic driving lesson sooner than expected. But I am still determined to drive and if that means driving in an automatic, then so be it. I don’t care. I can see me getting on with it well, when anxiety settles, because of no clutch and gears to worry about. They were a distraction. I have tried my best with a manual, but it is not for me, so bring on automatic.

Thank you for your lovely support, when I announced I was quitting manual for automatic driving lessons and how it affected me, while trying to learn in a manual car. It is very much appreciated.

Blog share: “My Go-To Mindfulness.”

“My go-to mindfulness” recently came to visit my blog, leaving a comment and I thought I’d check out this bog and I am glad I did. I would like to share this blog with you as I think you will find it interesting too. I have talked about mindfulness a fair bit on my blog as I practise and so this blog will give me more inspiration and ideas I have not thought of. Visit this first post on this blog to find why mindfulness is a good practise for you and why you are there, take a look at all the other posts, as you will find inspiration.

My go-to mindfulness.

D.I.Y. Retreat at Home

After sharing blog; “Going outwards and inwards,” in yesterday’s post, I have not stopped wondering about creating a D.I.Y. Retreat at Home for myself. But I wondered, could it be possible? After Googling the possibility, I realised it is possible and as well as suggestions at doing this at home, there were also suggestions of booking a hotel room and having your retreat there, taking what you need for your proposed retreat in your hotel room etc…
There are lots of help and advice out there to create your own retreat at home, whether it be a day, a weekend, or a week. Obviously, if you can manage to go on a retreat, just for a one-off experience, then there is nothing wrong in that and it would be a great experience, but it can be very expensive. But if you do it in the way the blogger did, that I shared in yesterday’s post, then having a lovely setting like she had and creating your own retreat of what you plan to do while there, certainly works out cheaper.

Has any readers done their own D.I.Y. retreat at home?


Blog share: “Going outwards and inwards.”

I would like to do a blog share and the blog I am sharing is, “Going outwards and inwards.” I have not long been following this blog, which is written by Nicole Dunn. You will find more about her, here on her “about” page.

What I wanted to particularly share on my blog, was these three posts of hers:

I found these posts, which she shared her solo retreat over three posts that she created for herself very interesting and inspiring. A solo retreat is something I have always wanted to do, whether planed by an organiser, or this case, created by oneself an appealing idea, as it would be an experience on something I have never done before.

Have you ever been on a solo retreat? Did you go on one already organised, or like this lady, did you create you own? Please share you experiences.

How to Embrace Self-Care

Talking about self-care in my previous post today, as a reminder for myself and to let you know what I was doing since my disappointing blow, I thought I’d look at other blog posts on self-care for further inspiration and I found this one. 🙂

self-care, yoga, meditation, health, nature,Trust me when I say, I know self-care can feel like another thing to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. When you’re already busy with just getting through the day-to-day stuff, self-care feels like a chore, an extra effort you just don’t have the energy, time or inclination for.

But trust me also when I say, self-care is worth the effort and will actually renew and boost your energy, creativity, and service to the world, whether that world is your family and loved ones, your community and society, or the planet at large.

Self-care is a sacred act if it’s done mindfully and with intention. When you take the time and treat yourself with love and worthiness, your cup truly will overflow and affect everyone around you.

If you start your self-care rituals slowly, with even minimal commitment I have faith that you’ll feel the benefits. Magically you may…

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Shaping General Practice (GP) Services for the next 5 years

In yesterdays Chit chat post, I mentioned about attending a meeting not far from me, (as the title says.) The meeting was for 2 hours, starting with welcome and introductions and then an overview presentation from a Director of Primary Care.
Afterwards, it was workshops, based on the following:

  • Access to GP services
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Mental wellbeing
  • New roles in General Practice

In our groups on the table we spent so long on each of the above topics, coming up with our views in ways to improve things in those areas. There were lots of suggestions from everyone that attended this meeting, from all backgrounds.

I went to this meeting so I could put in a suggestion regarding a certain access as a deaf person that I would find helpful and what is already in place, so there is nothing new to add other than use it. But although I went primarily for that reason, I felt I could contribute to the other above topics hugely and I found the whole meeting very interesting.

For those that attended the meeting and also if you could not get and are in Notts, then there is a survey link where you can share your views with NHS Mansfield and Ashfield Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group, here. I don’t know how long this survey is running for, but I do know it will be running all this week and possibly next week.