From Grouchy to Happy in Just Half a Day

As you know from my post, “Learning to like honey” I have not been well. I ended up going back to the doctors about the annoying cough and the pain it has caused me all down my left side. I was checked well and it was agreed that antibiotics and steroids were needed. By 3 days in, I was having what I considered to be a good day. I was feeling back to my happy chappy self and then before the night was over, while at a store to pick up a few light items, the pain shot in my side out of no where. I only had 1 item at this point and I was taking my time just walking slowly and enjoying just browsing until it happened. I was so glad to get home as I felt sick from it. I was at crying point, but I actually could not cry. Walking was very, very slow, after this pain that came on.
Back home, I had a hot bath. No help. 😦
I applied a pain-killing gel. No help. 😦


After only 4 hours sleep and still in agony yesterday morning, I tried my Spiky Ball. No help. In fact it made it worse.
I was desperate, still at crying point but I could not cry. I decided then to try some very gentle Pilates stretches. It helped, but only for 5 minutes. I decided not to take paracetamol that morning and wait till I got something a little stronger. So I set off earlier than planned to the next town to sort myself out before meeting up with my mum. I bought Paracetamol Extra and a wheat bag for heating up the microwave later on when back home. But as I was out for most of the day, I needed something sooner to warm my side up and so I queried about those stick on heat pads, to see if I would be ok using one with applying pain-killing gel last night and yesterday morning and also because of me being on steroids that I have never had before and antibiotics I informed them of and why taking them. It turned out I was ok to use them thankfully. Slowly, I made my way back in the shopping centre and to the public toilets to apply the patch on my top, on the worst affected part.
As soon as you open one, the heat starts to slowly activate and it gets warmer until it is at its warmest by half an hour. After an hour wearing it on my top, (you don’t apply these directly to your skin,) I could feel it was helping. It was a godsend. 🙂

Grouchy to Happy

By the afternoon, I had gone from grouchy to happy. Yes, I was still in pain, but this patch was bloody lovely and really helped to ease it. I was so relieved and I totally recommend them. 😀
My patch wasn’t a branded name, but it was just as good as a branded one that a relative once used and could not stop talking about. I remember all those years ago wondering what the big fuss was over a small patch, but now I understand, because I am raving about this too. 🙂
I could only wear the patch for a max of 12 hours. If you need to, then take it off earlier. I was intending to wear this to the max, but I had to take it off an hour before. It carries on being warm for the next hours on the site where you had it for the next 12 hours it says on the box, giving you a total of 24 hours relief. As I write this post, I have surprisingly only had 3 hours sleep and my side is still feeling lovely and warm. I felt I had more sleep than that. I hope to get a bit more sleep, after I air this post. Steroids can keep you awake, I have read, which also explains another sleepless night when it was a good one of no coughing. :/

This morning

I was awake early hours of this morning because I felt nauseous and I suspected it was wind doing this. I walked around a bit and made myself a camomile drink before deciding to sit up and get my laptop out to write this post. (It turned out it was the wind, as I suspected.)
Prior to this, I was reading other people’s blogs and chatting there, as well as chatting to a new follower of my blog, which I have now followed hers and been chatting there. The morning has passed by pretty quickly. 🙂 But I shall try and get another couple of hours kip, after I have finished my drink, before finally getting up.
It will be last of my steroids later this morning and I have a few days left of the antibiotics.

Goodnight, or morning as in my case, but night, night as I go back to bed soon. 🙂


Self-care day

One Sunday last month, I had a day just for myself. (Me time.) Although I do not have this box I created, which I talked about last August, in a Chit-Chat post, I still do have ‘me time.’ This can still be over a weekend, or as last month, just for the day. The things that were in my box originally, I still have some of those things and they are still used for whenever I want to feel like I am having a little pamper, or for relaxation. I have just put them when with my other toiletries, to save space.
When I had my self-care day, I stayed indoors with it cold outside. (I felt lazy to go out.) Although I wasn’t tech free, it was limited. I only used the internet that morning to send a couple of messages after I had my breakfast. I did not plan a schedule as in times for my day, as I just went with the flow, but I had in mind what I wanted to do. This was what I had planned:

  • Tai-Chi for about an hour.
  • Clean bathroom. (Yes, I did say that. I used mindfulness as I did this.)
  • Watch two films on DVD; “All Of My Heart” and “City of Angels.”
  • Cuddle from Miley, my cat.
  • 9.30pm to 10pm, go to bed.

Tai chi-Chi I did in the morning following mindfully cleaning the bathroom. I then did my lunch.

I watched the film, “All of my heart” in the late afternoon, which I bought from Amazon after a friend chatted to me about it. She told me of a particular line in the film and thought of me after reading this post; “You don’t always know,” where I talked about never being intimate with a man again. The line that a character said in the film, which I liked was,”…I’ll make my own happily ever after.” I loved this line and the film. (I have watched it again since.)
After this DVD, I watched “City of angels,” which I never get bored with of. Miley joined me at this point.
While watching the films, I had a scented candle going.

Although I still make sure I have a self-care for either a weekend, or a day as in this case, each month, my self-care is improving this year. I am aware if I need to spray a certain perfume that relaxes me. I also do tai-chi every day for half an hour to an hour, (mostly an hour now,) using one of my DVD’s, from my growing collection. I have mostly done this every day without fail, but on the odd days I did not do it, as I shared before in a past post, I have missed it, so I seemed to have found the right exercise for me.
Although I don’t do Pilates regular now, I still do the important stretches that will help prevent injuries I’ve known to have had in the past, hence why I started Pilates in the first place. I will know about if I don’t do them. The only other I need to get back into, is the exercises that will help with strengthening of my knee and ankle that I had to do when I had physio one time. I know tai-chi will also help with this, but those exercises are important too.

Learning to like honey

Four weeks today, I have been suffering with a cold/viral. I have managed to keep going at work during this time, as the last thing I wanted was to be off sick when I have not long started at my new workplace. I have lost my voice just over a week ago, due to a very annoying cough that developed in the last two weeks. If I had a choice which to change first, it would be to get rid of the cough, just so I don’t have these bad coughing bouts that take my breath away and have a good nights sleep.

I have had to cut out milk for the time being, as I realised that my coughs were a little less persistent by doing so. Milk was making my phlegm feel stuck and irritating in my throat.
Due to me being a cereal person when it comes to breakfast mainly, it means I have to look at alternatives to breakfast. (I am missing my cereals.)
I have also learnt to love tea without milk. I suppose having herbal teas over the years has helped with this transition.

Even though I cut out the milk, I still have these annoying coughing bouts that were hurting my throat and taking my breath away. These coughing bouts were so bad, that I was heaving. I read somewhere to put two teaspoons of honey into tea, like a herbal tea for example. Now I am not a honey fan, but feeling desperate to get rid of this annoying cough, or at least ease it, I have given this a go yesterday. I got three mugs of tea in before going to work and already, I could feel some comfort slightly in my throat by the second mug. I got another two in after work, when back at home before bed.
When I had that first mug of tea with honey in, I was getting ready to go yuck on the first sip. (Childhood memory of a cough sweet.) But I stopped myself. I realised it was sweet, but the taste I was expecting from childhood days, that did not happen. It was a little acquired taste with it being sweet, but by the time I had my third swallow, it wasn’t too bad.
Last night, although still a disturbed sleep, it was better than all the other previous nights for just cutting out milk for the time being. I’m hoping tonight, will be even a better sleep.

Looking at low-impact exercises

With the possibility of one day hopefully living in a one bedroom flat, I have been looking at low-impact exercises I can do. I did not want to being doing Zumba or any other kind of exercise similar and find the neighbour below were being disturbed by thumping noises of me dancing to it. This has happened in the past, except he wasn’t annoyed, he was smiling as he talked about it and wondered what was going on, when I was moving out. I had a Wii fit at the time then and I never thought about the disturbances I may cause, while dancing away. Also, I am heavy footed when walking about, which tends to be my right leg that does this. (The slightly weaker side.) So there will no energetic type of exercises when I’m one day living in a flat.

I already do Pilates and I realised why not get back into Tai Chi. Last year, I did look at some Tai Chi DVD’s and I remember there was one that caught my eye, so in January, I decided to treat myself. Here they are. I also have another one of his DVD’s called “Tai Chi Fit To Go,” that I am yet to try out as this post goes to air.

Tai Chi Fit - 'Strength' and 'Flow' DVD's.

It was years ago when I last did Tai Chi. (My late teens.) I came across some Chinese guy on TV in the late hours and wondered what the hell he was doing. This was my first seeing of Tai Chi and once I realised and watched for a while, I had a go and I discovered it was harder than it looked. Soon, I was waiting for him to come on every week to follow along to it and I enjoyed it. One day, he did not appear on TV and I never seen him again.

Back to present, I have these Tai Chit Fit DVD’s; ‘Strength’ and ‘Flow.’ (And also ‘To Go.’) I looked this guy up on You Tube after coming across him on Amazon first, just to see if I would get an idea of being able to follow him and whether I would enjoy it. It seemed to me I would. After trying them, I find that these were the right DVD’s for me and really enjoyable. It is like having your own instructor in your living room and since I have started doing Tai Chi with these DVD’s, there has only been a couple of days where I have not done any, but I missed it.

Another D.I.Y. retreat. (With sadness.)

I had another D.I.Y. retreat, last Saturday to Sunday, to give myself some self-care and timeout after issues at work, the PIP assessment that I worked myself up over prior and in preparation for when I had my extraction on my tooth. I allowed myself access to technology this time, but it was limited and my mobile phone remained on, in case of emergencies.

My menu was how I originally planned it, before I knew I was going to do one and although I had a schedule for the two days, I did not plan it out into too much details as in regards to the time for everything.

Saturday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am
  • Read a book for an hour or so. (10 mins on internet)
  • “Dance That Walk Cardio Party” DVD – 10.30am (an hour)
  • Lunch – 12.30
  • DVD: “Don’t be afraid of the dark,” followed by reflect and then relax with a book till dinner.
  • Dinner – 6.30pm
  • Relax in bath before bed, at 9pm. (I also used one of my face masks at this point, while in bath.)

Saturday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Lunchtime: Quorn balls with tinned tomatoes, tinned chickpeas and mixed veg. (Serve what I need and separate the rest into portions to freeze later when cool.)
  • Sardine sandwich at dinner


Sunday schedule

  • Breakfast – 8.30am (I stayed in bed till 9.30am, so breakfast was about 10am.)
  • Free time in, or out.
  • Lunch 12.30
  • DVD: “Exit Wounds.”

My Sunday schedule then stopped, because I was heartbroken. I seen on my timeline about a couple that died in Meden Vale, but names had not been announced. After looking online at my local paper, the names were announced; Sandra and Michael Dangerfield. They were apparently died at the scene, after a collision with a car. I am devastated. A good friend of mine took me to where flowers had already been laid, as in the news link above. I had to see for myself. There was a photo of them both with someone else. This confirmed for me they had both gone. They were taken too soon and I hope the investigation going on uncovers what happened there.

When I arrived home, I just spent a bit of time on Facebook, while having a scented candle lit and mugs of tea.

Sunday menu

  • Cereals at breakfast
  • Jacket potato with parsnip and veg, for lunch.
  • Just a scone I could stomach and a few mugs of tea, due to above mentioned.



A bit of Vitamin D continued

I decided after the previous post; ‘A bit of Vitamin D’, to take supplements. This was after from further reading on other websites after the one I shared at the end of that post.
It influenced me because of knowing how it is getting at that time of the year when we won’t be seeing much sun and for me to have had it already, I thought I would take the recommended dose of 10 micrograms. Although I eat food that contains it, I’m not getting enough obviously and at times I have slacked in this area with some of the foods it recommends for vitamin D, so this is why I changed my mind. But I am only taking it from now till end of winter, as by when the weather comes round nice again, hopefully I will get it from the sun and with the food as well hopefully stay at a good level. But I may have to bear in mind I may be one of those that has to take it in autumn and winter again.
I went to Holland and Barrett and bought the appropriate dosage. They only cost £3.59 for 100 tablets, so I don’t think that is a bad price.

Further reading :

Guidelines on vitamin D, will take you NHS Choices website

Holland and Barrett Vitamin D3 Tablets 10ug

A bit of Vitamin D

As I mentioned in Chit-chat – October, I had nothing to report about my hand, as I was having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment. But this morning, when trying again online, I seen an appointment going in the afternoon. It wasn’t with the doctor I first seen about my hand, but I have seen this doctor before in the past on another matter and I hoped by booking, he could help. I also had something else I needed to attend to, a prescription was required and I could not request it online to say I had a review prior with a nurse to get it again. So I got that prescription and my antidepressants and he was able to see about my hand, thankfully.
When it came to asking about my results of blood test and x-ray that I had just over 4 weeks ago, the doctor had my blood results, but not my x-ray.
My bloods have shown I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, but it does show I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I am in the middle range of being low and normal, which was how it was explained to me so I could understand. This can be sorted through diet alone and if I wanted, I could get some vitamins with Vitamin D in it. I will try the diet first.
As for my x-ray, I need to allow a couple of weeks more, then he advised to query first to see if my x-ray is back before making the appointment, so I don’t waste my time and yes, I could see him again if I wanted about it.

Lets hope I will hear by then.

If you would like to know more about Vitamin D, then you will find it here at NHS Choices.