It’s finally happened …

Today, is a joyous day. It doesn’t mean recently things have been very terrible, or unexpectedly sad, or depressed. But it’s a special day today.

So what is it you are now wondering?

It’s took 19 years to get to this place. ( I thought it was 20 originally.)

For 19 years, I have been chasing for those extra permanent working hours, to achieve a minimum of 30 hours per week.
This morning, I had a job interview for a morning cleaning vacancy and I got the job.
I don’t think I would have got this job, had I not emailed the day before to see what was happening, after I sent my CV via email 5 days prior. That email was a begging email for this job, on top of reminding them of my interest and that I had retail experience, if it was retail I would be in. I also mentioned to them of my other experiences I had.

I arrived half an hour early before my time and the person who interviewed me felt very comfortable to be with.
The company I will be working for seem to be a disability friendly employer. The person who interviewed me is happy for me to email, or text him. To text him anytime to query anything, or any issues I may have.

The staff of the place I will be cleaning for were also very pleasant and I felt relaxed being there. It felt just as relaxed as my current employer.

I was very surprised how my job interview went from I would know in a couple of days of the outcome, to I had got the job.
He rang his boss, which turned out to be the one who emailed me the night before with interview details and talked to her about me, how he was going to take me on, because I arrived half an hour early, very skilled and asking lots of questions about the job.

All being well, I will start next week. This depends on paperwork being sorted and getting me on the payroll. Wednesday’s will be my day off each week and he will sort out how these odd few minutes will be worked out over my 6 working days, to make my 14 hours per week with them.
I could have worked the full 7 days if I wanted and worked 16 per week, but preferably he would like me to have a day off, for that break. I agreed, that as tempting as it was, I would have my Wednesday’s off, as so I don’t risk burnout. I was allowed to choose which day in the week, as my day off.
My day off I require in June, because I have my paid for trip to Oxford, has been honoured too, as he said they have to.

As this post airs, once I have finished my mug of tea off, I will get myself registered online with the company I am working for, providing the details they require, to get the ball rolling for next week.

Now that I have this job and if it’s next week I am starting as he hopes, means that I will now be leaving my volunteering place. The volunteering place knew one day this would come. I shall be calling in tomorrow, to give them the sad news and as one is on annual leave all this week, I plan to call in the following Wednesday, so I can see her and say goodbye, as well as thanks.

This has been one good storage box

This storage box I have had since my teens and it is still perfect, since the day I owned it. (I am 43 now.)
My mum bought me this, so I could store my art materials; pencils, felt pens and paints and whatever else then, I can’t remember.

Later, for a few years, all my nail varnishes, dotting tools, nail stickers etc… were in here, to make it easier to take to class when I did a nail art course.

Now, as in photos above, I have changed it back to my art box. I have my watercolour paints, acrylic paints, jars, paint brushes, mixing tray and dotting tools in this box.
I moved my nail varnish stuff into a clear box.

Do you have something, that you have owned for a very long time?

I wouldn’t recommend an Huawei mobile phone as it stands at the moment.

I have just discovered there are issues between Google and Huawei. I found via another blogger’s post and researched further on the topic before posting here.

As you know, I own an Huawei mobile phone. I have had this since last August and I have been fairly happy with it.
My only issue that I once shared here was not accessing WiFi spots I used to access before with my previous phone. I have to say Huawei did some update and it seemed to work a few times, then same issues again. I just gave up, like Huawei did after that, as they never got back to me further on it when I let them know again.

Now going back to what I found out today, which I leave you two links to read yourself over it. Google has banned Huawei. The two posts will explain below why. I suggest you read the first link first, as the second link is Huawei’s response, although it goes into the other news about this.
The issue between these two companies means that updating our phones if you have this make of phone, we not be able to update everything. So there is a question of how will I phone be affected?
To me, from what I gather from reading it’s the apps that may not update. I don’t do apps, as I do everything via my browser, so not affected there. But it’s the question of the bigger updates. Google says they would allow current phones to update any security updates. But from reading, it still doesn’t sound convincing. So if I was you, avoid this make of phone.

My previous hamster

I have talked about in post, The talk of fur babies of the possibility we may have a hamster, as well as possibly guinea pigs if the room that I would like to give them. But a hamster may be more likely on the cards. Especially with the enthusiasm my mum shown, when she asked me would I have one again.

I thought I would share with you photos I have of my previous Syrian hamster, who I named Bubbles. These are only the photos I have of her, that are in my scrapbook album, which I have taken a photo of, to show. Apologies for grainy photos, but that was down to what ever camera I was using at the time.

My hamster who I named Bubbles. Her coat was white and golden brown, with slight darker brown colours.

Hamsters may only have a short life span compared to other pets, but the joy and love I had for this little thing was just the same as I have had for my other pets. If I was to be a hamster owner again, I would have another Syrian hamster.

Blog post re-share: 5 EZ Steps : Google Images “Labeled for Reuse” — Branching Out

Another blog post re-share for this morning.
This blog post re-share is from Ren, at Branching Out. This was something I did not know that you could do when it came to searching this way for images on Google. A very useful post and something new I had learnt.

When using Google images in posts, I want to be sure I am not stepping on any toes or infringing on Copywrites of others. I mean, I would not want others doing that to me. So what do I do? I use the following simple technique:

via 5 EZ Steps : Google Images “Labeled for Reuse” — Branching Out

Blog post re-share: “43 Self-Care Practices for the Highly Sensitive Person,” Renee Shuman

A blog post I came across today and thought I would share: “43 self-care practices for the highly sensitive person,” you will find over at “Will Folic For Food.” Click on link below, to take you to the post. It’s a couple of years old this post, but I still feel it’s useful.

What I use to help me as a deaf person

6th to the 12th May 2019 is Deaf Awareness Week.

Today’s post is about the equipment I use to help me as a deaf person:

My Phonak SP hearing aids

Hearing aids will never give back my normal hearing, but they do assist. I would be worser off without my hearing aids, than hearing with them.
I still rely on lipreading, even though I am wearing them. So I do need to see your face clearly. No covering of your mouth as you talk, otherwise I will have to politely request you to move your hand away and for you to repeat what you just said. I shared a link here, about Communication Tips.

Flashing doorbell

My flashing doorbell is loud, but I have it set so it flashes too. (Pictured above.) It is portable, so when I used to live in a house, I would take it to every room in the house. Including my bedroom.
Now I live in a flat, it stays in one room, which is the living room mainly. But if I was in the kitchen for a while and the washer is on, then I would take it with me, to be sure I won’t miss anyone at the door. But I don’t take it to the bedroom now, as so my sleep is not disturbed.

Vibrating clock

My bedside clock (as pictured above) can be set with a loud ring, vibration, or a combination of the two. I just set mine on vibrating as so I don’t disturb neighbours with the decibels of this clock.
The vibrating bad goes under my pillow and you definitely won’t sleep in with this one. The vibrating clock I have is a Sonic Bomb, by Sonic Alert alarm clock.

If it’s not changed in my area, you could get a bedside vibrating clock from Social Services. But I am happy to continue buying my own clock.

Fire alert (pictured above)

I have to admit that since moving in my flat, I do not have this set up and I don’t plan to now, until in my new flat. I know this puts me at a huge risk, because I do not hear fire alarms, with, or without hearing aids. This is a risk I am taking, I know.
My fire alert is a Silent Alert SignWave Portable Receiver, which came with my smoke alarms. It’s a wireless signal and in the day my alerter is easily portable.
Should there ever be a fire in the day it would make a noise, as well as flash and the fire icon would flash to show it is a fire for the reason it is going off.
At night, it goes on a charger and I have a vibrating pad connected to this which would go under my mattress.
If it was to go off at night, it would flash and ring out as in the day, but also the pad would vibrate too. The vibrating pad is strong. Even under the mattress.

This same alerter can be connected to other things, but being an old unit, you can’t seem to get other things available widely.
One time, years ago when I had a landline phone, I had an attachment that was connected to my phone line and if the phone rang, my unit would alert me, by flashing and making a noise. Before even looking at the unit to see the phone display flashing, you would know, because the alert would be a different tone, of an old fashioned phone ringing.
I had this unit arranged by the Social Services, who contacted the department in the fire services to provide fire alarms and alerter. Social Services provided the device for my phone line and one time a door push, so it was a doorbell too. But the doorpush wasn’t great and so this is why I have my own set up.

Vibrating travel clock

When on holiday, I take my Sonic Alert vibrating travel clock with me, as pictured above. It can be set to alert, or vibrate, or combination of both. I don’t hear the ring, so I only use the vibrating option. The display folds down flat and it goes inside my pillowcase.
This is a very good vibrating clock, so there is no lying in with this one.
There is a light on this clock, if you require to see the time in the dark, but I always have my mobile phone near for that part.

As well as these, I use email like anyone else, the difference for me is, that this is my preferred communication over a phone, as I cannot understand well over the phone for a conversation. Not even my mum.

I also like to text and is equally my preferred communication, as email is.

When text, or email is not available to me, then face-to-face is another way to communicate with me. With the hearing I have left and the hearing aids I wear, I also lipread and I do use fingerspelling letters of the alphabet.
I did a post on Communication Tips earlier this week, that gives tips to help people like me, hear you. These tips work very well with me, so do refer back to that, so you can help keep someone like me involved in conversations.

That’s my last post as part of Deaf Awareness Week and this year. As it is the first time I have gave you more insight into my life and as part of Deaf Awareness Week, I hope you have learnt more about me and the topics in general, that I shared this week.