Update on my cat, Miley.

Since last update, after taking Miley to the vets for her follow-up appointment and discussing with the vet how she has, or not been, it was decided an x-ray was needed. It was my call, as they did not want me to feel pressured. I said I wasn’t and I think it would be best if Miley had them. But depending on x-ray result, I also allowed an ultrasound to be done, if required.

I ended up with bad news, as Miley’s x-ray shown she had many tumours, which a couple of the tumours were big.
One of the largest of the tumours was in the soft tissue near her left front leg, hence she held that leg up at times. The other tumour, once it gets bigger, would affect Miley’s breathing.

After discussing things which then led onto to discussion about euthanasia and my wishes, I brought her home. I have now been spending the last few days with her, although a couple of the days I have gone out as planned to give our home a normal atmosphere.
It’s also a chance to give my mum a chance to say goodbye too and anyone else. I have made arrangements to have her put to sleep at home, on Monday. Me and my mum will be with her, when she is put to sleep.

As you will expect, it will be quiet blogging for a bit. x


Update on my cat, Miley.

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to those who have sent good wishes, the support and for following with interest, when it has come to talking about Miley.

Miley ended up going to the vets a couple of days later, after this post; “Birthday wishes to my cat, Miley.” She had a full check-up and nothing could be found wrong physically. I thought Miley would be dehydrated at the time too, but she wasn’t. Miley had lost some weight though and if I have concerns about this months down the line, then just bring her in so they can monitor her.
Blood was taken to do some tests, which came back all good, so no signs of any kidney/liver disease, no diabetes and her protein levels were normal. So it seems to be stress related.
As it seems stress related and I have the Feliway going, there is nothing else much I can do, but I have gone and bought from iTunes, “Calming Music for Cats Deluxe Edition,” which is created by “Relax My Cat.” I came across this by accident a couple of years, or more ago and I played it online, out of curiosity. I could see Miley was falling asleep with it. It still seems to relax her in some way and so by playing this, I hope it helps her further in some way. I have also bought Andre Rieu – ‘Amore’ album. I hear classical music is calming for cats as well, so relaxing for her as for me.
I have also bought Russell Watson – ‘The Platinum Collection.’ I like hearing Russell Watson as well as Andre Rieu, but buying either of these artists for myself, is a first for me. I have enjoyed listening to something different, in my own home.
Over a week later from her above appointment mentioned, I took her back, as I wondered if she might be in pain with her back legs. But also, since the above mentioned appointment, I noticed Miley was holding her front left leg up slightly, even though she does weight bear on it. After another good examination and getting her to walk across the room, the vet could see a hobble going on, put her posture was better than at home. Vet agreed to try her with some painkiller and to see how she goes the coming week. This  painkiller is in liquid form that she has once a day, at the dosage the vet has told me. If it seems to help, then dosage will be sorted for long-term use, which she will have to go back to the vets every 3 months for regular checks. But if any deterioration happens, then I have to bring her back in sooner for further examination that was mentioned, which at the moment I won’t disclose here, as I have not told my mum everything because she would focus on that and not the present of just getting her comfortable and happy again.

I have cancelled my holiday

I have cancelled my holiday to Torquay I was having originally in August, because of Miley. By cancelling at this point, I just lose my deposit, rather than the whole thing. I need to be available for Miley, so I know she gets her painkiller every day. I made the decision a few days into March, after her last appointment at the vets because of what I have said in this post, but also because of another possibility I have decided not to mention, along with anything else that could crop up.
While Miley is alive, I have no further plans of holidays away, only day trips.

Tomorrow, will be one week from being on her painkiller. I give her painkiller every night at the same time. Giving it her at night makes sure she always gets it at the same time with me being home without fail after work, etc.. so that if she ever deteriorates, I know it is her and not because I was late with her painkiller. I put the liquid painkiller on her favourite treats that I know she will eat without fail and I have found she is very good in taking her medication. Miley just licks off the treat and then continues to lick it directly from the dropper as I continue to squeeze it out.

Since Miley has been on her painkiller the past week coming tomorrow, I have noticed the positive difference. Miley is bright-eyed, she is comfortable and not vocalising like she was. Although Miley still has a limp, her walking looks more better and her posture too. Eating-wise, I have had a few good days where Miley has eaten much better than she did before having her painkiller. It will never be 100% I don’t think to before, but she is eating better than she did before, although last night, eating was very poor again, but Miley is still bright-eyed and all of the above. Time will tell what the future holds with Miley. I take each day as it comes and cherish every moment I have with her. My aim is to see her comfortable and, happy and not to worry about the uncertainty of what else was mentioned at the vets, as nothing is officially confirmed, unless we have to go down that route. But if Miley eats less as to what she has done yesterday, I won’t help but worry on that part, because it will mean she continues to lose weight. When I stroke her, I feel her bones down her back-end, which I found shocking at first. I am still worried, but I focus by looking at Miley’s eyes to see she is happy and her posture to see she is comfortable to remind myself she is ok as she can be.

Tomorrow, Miley goes to the vets where I fill her in on how she has been and for the vet to examine her. We then go from there.

I will keep you updated.

My other two colouring books

So here are my other two colouring books I said I would mention, since this post, “Adult colouring books.”

“Enchanted Forest” and “Secret Garden,” are both by Johanna Basford.


The pages are so detailed inside and these two are going to last me for some time. They are worth the money. As well as colouring, there are things to find, or do. I’m doing the colouring first and will go back to the puzzles after, except for the pages that involve adding more detail them, which those I will do as I go along.

This photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Enchanted Forest” colouring book.


The photo below, is a couple of pages out of the “Secret Garden” colouring book.


I have mostly used felt tips when colouring these pages, but at times I have used pencil crayons. Although the paper is good quality, I would not recommend Sharpies felt tips, as these will bleed through to next page. Felt tips I have been using that are really good and do not bleed through are Staedtler and Stabilo.


How to trim your own long hair at home

Due to a bad personal experience of someone cutting my own hair, while I was wearing a hairband, I am in fear of cutting hair while wearing one. But I am so long overdue for a trim, I took a look on how I could trim my own hair at the back, because I just wanted to take some ends off.
I cancelled my hair trim at the hairdressers last year, with everything that went off and with not being well since second week of January, I did not book the hairdressers, because of my non-stop coughing.
I now have got rid of the cough, thankfully, but my muscles in left hand-side have not quite settled down yet. I do feel fit to go to the hairdressers, but with my cat having one trip at the vets already and another one due, money-wise, having my hair cut, is the last thing on my mind. So after finding this video of a lady showing how to cut your own hair at home, I took a deep breath and gave it a go. (The hairband positions used in the video are in a different place, to when I had my bad hair experience.)

Although this lady uses the word ‘hair cut,’ you are affectively having a trim and after I tried it, I have to say it went very well for me. So a positive experience.
I don’t know what my hair would be like if I had the straightening irons in it, but that is something I have hardly ever do at home and I only had done every time I was at the hairdressers. But I would imagine the ends would be trimmed, like you would expect your own hairdresser to do, to finish off.

After I did this, I thought it was time to cut my fringe again, as it has been making my eyes tired and achy the last few days. I am used to trimming my own fringe.

So this is what I look like today, after tidying up, although I am not able to show you my hair fully with it being tied partly up today. I have tied partly up, as my hair has been looking fine this past week, from wearing my winter hat.


I shall definitely do this again and so I will invest in some proper hair scissors, to do the job.

New craft ideas

I like crafts, but for sometime I have not done any. When I am not working, or studying, or what ever else in between, I am relaxing with my cat, Miley, who likes to take my time.  I sometimes cannot even read a book, because she likes to get my full attention when on my lap. 😀
When I have free-time at some point, I would like to get back into my new hobby, crocheting, which has stopped since I shared this post; “Crochet.” I would like to also do some small cross stitching pieces one day, as well as doing some things with pom poms I make like owls for example.

I have also come across a Facebook group called, “Up-Cycled Collective” and I am following the regional group of this, “Friends of the Up-Cycled Collective UK & Ireland.” It’s a mixture of things on both these groups that involve creations from fabric. The idea is to reuse fabric that would otherwise go on a landfill and there are some inspiring creations there. I am interested in one day having a go at braid rugs, or making something from handmade scrap fabric twine, like coasters, or table mats.
Both these groups are closed groups, so you would have to request to join, if it’s a group for you. They are both very welcoming groups.

Small living ideas

Although I want to downsize and live in a new area, when I find the right property, the idea of downsizing I am finding a little daunting at times. This is because of seeing properties smaller than they looked on photos and I plan to hopefully see another one soon, which again, from photos, I am sceptic because of possibly space, but also that the property is decent and not showing signs of damp, etc.. because of a previous bad experience when looking at a property some years ago with this particular company that this one is under.
I usually walk into a property open-minded and see it as a blank canvas for how to make it into make my home, but I am finding that seed of doubt creeping in.
I am continuing with looking for a private property while bidding for social housing, because I think I will end up in a private property before my luck comes with social housing.
Anyway, I have found new inspirations when it comes to small living and I like to share those blog links and posts with you. 🙂 So when I do come to hopefully viewing this next private flat, I will remember the ideas and inspirations I took form the links shared, to use what I have and maybe, if I have to, change things around. After all, when I do one day move to my new area, this will be like a new start for me, so why not change the place? 🙂

A blog I am now following for inspiration, that I came across last night; “My Little Empire.” The blogger is Karl, who lives in a social housing flat. His flat is small and he is also on a budget, but he is making his small space home. Karl is sharing his experiences of getting the best out of a small space on his blog and it looks very good and I feel inspired. The first post I came across of his was, “Designing for small lounge spaces.” After reading all his blog, I am now following.
Another blog post I found inspiring of his, is called, “Box rooms.” In this post he showed how he got the most out of a box room in his flat. I hate box rooms and my box room I once had, was a little bigger than this one. But my views of box rooms have changed now, after reading this post.

From another blog, I came across this post; “Five Tips to Maximize Use and Enjoyment Of A Small Space.” This also inspired me when it comes to small spaces and it has changed my mind-set. Although the blog is not from the UK, it has still given me fresh ideas of the possibilities using what I have already, but differently.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to small spaces, then check out those links.

Newsflash! It’s snowing and it’s causing a crisis.

(Content warning: This post contains sarcasm, intended for laughs only. If you can’t stand a laugh, or sarcasm, then please look away now.)

In Nottinghamshire we have heavy snow in case you don’t know already 😉 and all over Facebook there are different posts giving us weather warnings. Snow as usual giving people a panic and a crisis. Now things have slowed, or stopped altogether!

Schools have closed and sending children home, so don’t panic and get stressed. Instead, get outside, build a snowman and a snowball fight. Don’t forget to have a nice hot drink afterwards.
In my day, you don’t hear much about schools closing.

Buses have announced delays, or some services being stopped. So do set out earlier in preparation to getting to your destination, if you need to get out. Otherwise stay in the warmth of your home is recommended.
For me, it will be setting out a little earlier, to make sure I get to work on time. But in preparation that I could be having a good walk home afterwards, because there are no buses running, then I am all layered up. (Knitted hat, scarf and gloves included, along with thermal fleece-lined boots.)
In other countries who have snow worser than us, their world continues to run.

Facebook is even affected by snow! Hence my sarcasm post is now being written here on my blog, instead of my own Facebook wall. I have been unable to post on my own Facebook wall today. I can share a post and comment on other people’s walls and I am seeing updates from some others. (Lucky them.) But I cannot post on my own Facebook wall. 😀

When it snows, we just cannot cope. 😀