Antidepressants – back to one a day

It was my review with the doctor today for my antidepressants and I am now back to one a day when it comes to taking them, after chatting with him. (Instead of one every other day.)
He is happy for me to be on them for some time if needed, with the strength being a low one and has not said about me coming back in so many months this time, so I imagine it will crop up in a much later appointment, or when I am just due for the check later when it becomes zero on my repeat prescription.

I let him know what I was doing and the situation still at work, along with how I feel about that. So it was after that conversation that he decided I should go back to one day. Unlike my work department, I trust my doctor and so I am happy with what he suggests.

While I was at my doctors, I also asked if my hay fever tablets could be changed to a non-drowsy one, because of me learning to drive and hopefully a car driver one day. I mentioned how the instructor brought this up regarding medication in general and checking that they don’t affect your driving. The doctor was happy to do this, but pointed out that even non-drowsy medication can make you drowsy. If I felt they were not good for me, I could go back and be given something else.

Chit chat

I forgot to mention in The way I use my internet – update how that although the internet did not work out as I expected and I had to go on a contract one, that it still worked out cheaper for me than my original landline phone and internet. So I still made it cheaper money-wise.

Yesterday, I went on an unexpected day trip with a friend, paid for by her. So I only needed spending money, which I just spent when it came to our lunch and nothing else. We went to Sherringham, which the last time I went there with the same friend, was in my late teens. So my memories of Sherringham were vague. As we went round though, some memories of recognising the place came back. I took a couple of photos, but it was just for using later when I use a new computer, to see if I see my images as they actually are.
This new computer, I am paying over several weeks, but I know I will get it paid much sooner than this. Although it was not planned, it was a bargain not to miss and because of the price I was dubious if anything was wrong with it, but I have seen it working and I am happy with what I see. It’s an iMac, 21 inch screen, so this will now be my main computer. I still have my Macbook Air laptop and it is no way being made redundant and will still get used. I am hoping when I come to taking future photos, that I will see my images for what they truly are, so that if they need editing before printing, then I can do so accordingly. Since having the compact camera I have, I have found that when it came to printing my photos, they were darker than they looked on my MacBook Air laptop. So I am hoping this new computer makes a difference. If not, it is still not a waste having it with it being a bigger screen, as I will do my Zumba up there, via my DVD.
When I used to own a Nikon DSLR camera and use the automatic setting, (although I used other settings on this one as I experimented), I never had he problems as I am having now with my compact zoom camera. Another past compact camera I used to own of the same model as this one, I never had this issue either when using the automatic setting. It looks like more practise with it, or looking at a Nikon compact camera instead with a zoom.

Today is a busy day for me, I shall be getting some compost in, ready from when my trellis planter gets assembled this week. (By the way, I have not forgotten a post from my garden, I just need to get round to it.)
I shall see a family member who has been encouraging me with my driving and give this person an update. Then I will be having lunch nearby, before making my way to a meeting nearby, regarding shaping general practice (GP) services for the next 5 years. The place where this meeting will be held, I have not been to before and on top of not knowing anyone, I know my anxiety will be on edge. How much till I am in the situation, I don’t know. I could be surprised and find there will be someone else there I know.

The Blue Sky Tag

I have been tagged by Elsie, at “Ramblings of a writer,” for the Blue Sky Tag. Thank you Elsie.

So here it goes…

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My 11 questions to answer:

  1. Favourite author?
    I don’t have one.
  2. Favourite book?
    I once owned a book called, “Scrub dog of Alaska,” by Walt Morey. It was a hardback book that I had read three times. The story is about a runt sled dog, raised by a young boy. The dog’s cruel owner demands his return.
  3. Favourite colour?
    Purple, but liking bright blues and greens in parts of my home.
  4. Favourite food?
    Pasta, fruit and veg.
  5. Favourite movie?
    “City of Angels,” because I liked how it was done and there was no swearing. Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan starred in this movie.
  6. Favourite TV show?
    I don’t watch TV now as you know, but when I used to watch TV, I liked to watch Dr Who.
  7. Favourite comedian?
    This one is easy to answer for me. It is Lee Evans.
  8. Favourite actor/actress?
    Robin Williams and Nicolas Cage.
  9. Favourite child?
    I don’t have one.
  10. Favourite vacation?
  11. Favourite dream fulfilled would be?
    Full-time work in a job I love and owning my own home.

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  1. How do you keep yourself positive, against the negatives in life?
  2. Your favourite hobbies?
  3. Your favourite place?
  4. Are you a city, by-the-sea, or country person?
  5. Introvert or extrovert?
  6. What is the best advice you have received?
  7. Your favourite song?
  8. A happy memory, that makes you smile?
  9. Coffee, or tea?
  10. Summer, or winter?

The way I use my internet – update

I am back sooner than expected from my break. This was because my internet I planned to use did not work out as expected, but now I am back on again at home, hence why I had this unexpected break, which this post explains more.
Since this post, where I mentioned I gave up my landline and phone and internet for a pay as you dongle, it did not work out as I thought it would. I may use the internet even less, but I could not manage on 1GB as I thought I would.
The next thing I tried on pay as you go was the 3GB allowance, but it did not quite get me there to the end of the month, hence the unplanned blog break announcement. So very recently, I decided to go on a contract one because I get a lot more allowance for the same money I paid for the 3GB one and I know this will be more than enough, as it is a 20GB. I am tied to a long contract though, but I have been with this provider for a very long time with my pay as you go mobile phone over the years, (with contract one in between) and with me starting with a pay as you go internet dongle prior to a contract one, I know I am with the right company for me. So no worries.

Another disappointing blow

I had to post this morning, to get it off my chest what I am currently feeling this morning, after just seeing a particular email.
You will remember via this post; Recent thoughts, I applied for a full-time cleaning job in Derby. I was not successful and so a disappointing blow once more, as this one was really a big deal for me and I could see lots of positive changes to come. I don’t want to be where I currently work and I have wanted to get out for a good few years, but yet I still feel I am going to be stuck here. If I am not successful in something I am skilled at elsewhere, then what chance do I have if I choose a completely different path?
As you know, I am having same access issues as every other year, which is currently being dealt with by the same person who dealt with it last year. Another person in the trust is now getting involved, along with her. I seen her last night and so we spoke some more, along with my colleague who she also knows. She told me it will take time, but we will deal with this, along with other issues I also mentioned and come up with something. I do have faith in her, but as I have said to her, I don’t have any faith or trust in my own department, hence I no longer want to be there. Knowing there isn’t going to be an opportunity again, for some time like the one I applied for recently and nothing else of a different nature in the pipeline anytime soon, I can only wish for a miracle, but going to work tonight is going to be very hard. I do not feel me whenever I walk in my own department, as I have the dread, anxiety creeping and low-self esteem and depression.
As I have already mentioned, I have no faith or trust with my department anymore. These feeling are valid and I have proof for those reasons which I cannot disclose here for confidentiality reasons.

When I feel low and when I find I am still stuck where I am, I wonder if I am just expired and no place anywhere.

Don’t forget this post

While I take a short break, I just want to remind my readers of this post; Questions for my readers.

Those that follow by email in particular, will find that the original email received, may not take you to the post. I wanted to let you know it is still there and if you visit the above link in this post you wi find it, or just visit the previous post aired when navigating around my blog.
I do hope you will join in that post and answer some, or all the questions, as the post will only remain open until 1st July 2017. Thank you in advance. 🙂

I also hope you like the new look, as I have been playing about with my blog since last night, choosing a new theme. 🙂

Questions for my readers

Between now and till 1st July, I will remain quiet. But before I go, I wanted to write this post to ask you my readers some questions. It would be lovely if you could answer some, or all of them, or leave any other comment you see fit for this post. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  1. Why do you read my blog?
  2. Is there anything you particularly like to read, or follow?
  3. Are there any posts you’d like me to write about, that I have not written?
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I will keep this post open to comments until 1st July 2017.