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So my earlier post of today felt like a rant, that I needed to get off my chest. Something I did hold back from doing. The letter to my local MP felt like a rant/negativity of my life which can so easily knock your moods down. The past month I long for some kind of fur baby to cuddle. But I can’t afford it. So my mind has to be distracted else where and this post and what I talk about in this post, is my distraction. 🙂

I have been making sure I make time to colour. This is especially important for me to do, since beginning of this year, making sure I am not too distracted by other things that I forget to take this time out.

Bird picture I have been colouring in

Floral picture I have been colouring in and to finish off.

I have also played about with watercolours today, which I have not done this, since my teens.


I also set myself a challenge with my watercolours today, by seeing what I could with a photo of a tulip using watercolour. This inspirational challenge came from Ally, over at Ally’s Notebook, in her post, “My art challenge in progress.” Ally is done hers using pastels. The photo of the tulip had such lovely colours.

This was my first attempt using the watercolours I own. I am happy with my first attempt, but I shall revisit and  do this one again later, when I have a brighter pink watercolour. (The colour is probably looking brighter on your computer screen, than how I see it physically on my paper, as it seems to me also brighter on-screen.) I shall do a different background, when I make another attempt of this. I knew the background would be an issue for me, but I have still enjoyed giving it a go.


I look forward to trying new things with my watercolours.

I hope it’s not going to get more difficult this year

As you know, since January, it’s been difficult money-wise. Even the overtime I did the other month that appeared on my pay slip in March did not make things easy as I thought they would.

Yesterday, I received a letter from my local council that I was no longer entitled to council tax reduction. No explanation why. If I want to find out, just write. Why don’t they save themselves time and just say why in original letter?
No suggestions to bring in April wage slip. So a letter has been written ready for Monday, that I will take in personally to the reception, to get passed on to appropriate department begging not to close my account down yet because when you have my April pay slip, you will see I am still entitled to it from that month.
The letter is much longer than just that though, explaining how they already know I am only on a contract of 16 hours per week from every wage slip they have had so far, they will know my wages vary depending on if I do overtime or not and that mostly I have been entitled to it, since being with them.
I wrote that I assume the letter was based on March wage slip for it stopping, but as they already know this is not permanent hours, this is overtime, so not to close it and wait till they have April wage slip, because they will see I am entitled to it then, as I have had no overtime since up to writing that letter.

The letter sent says it takes up to two months to look at it if you write back to appeal, but I wrote at the end of my letter that I would like to hear within the month to know what I am doing. Like if I have to go through palaver of filling in a form to apply for council reduction again, which if that is the case then it doesn’t give me an incentive to do overtime where I can, with an employer I like to work for, until I can get more permanent hours in addition elsewhere, just so I am not short unexpectedly, with overtime being so random.

I also have a letter ready to post, to my local MP in a lot of matters that affect me:

  • My money difficulties since January
  • Why I won’t claim Universal Credit for the fear I am in a situation if having to pay any overpayments back.
  • Also, I won’t have unnecessary stress of working to what ever agreement they give just to get it, when there are no jobs out there in cleaning.
  • How I have been looking for extra work in a mornings in cleaning since last year, but having no employer taking me on, regardless of my experience and qualifications.
  • I have also mentioned about the above and how I am writing back, hoping this will soon be sorted quickly.
  • I have mentioned how and why I am taking on more of a role as a carer with my mum. How I am told I can get help for this, but when I looked into, I am not entitled. Also, how one day, me and mum will be living together, when I can start picking, as currently in a contract till then, where I am living.
  • I have also asked him who do you complain to when Working Tax Credit don’t write back to you. Told him how I owe them, so they say due to losing my DLA when I was one of those affected by having to apply for PIP, but deemed basically ok to put short. I have been waiting since 2017 with this money on one side ever since that day, waiting to pay it back. I want done with.
  • Which lead on to explains how I would no way put mum through PIP, just for me to receive carers allowance. I rather mum have little money, then no money.

So basically he, had my life story, which hopefully comes across to him just how fed up I am that I cannot get a morning job of 8 hours or more, to go along with my current job, because I just get fobbed off by employers that they found someone better, regardless of my experience and qualifications. And the difficulties I am in and frustration.


Why has WordPress reversed it back?

Remember when I asked WordPress if they could make it darker so I could see the unread comments better on my notifications? See this post on that when I originally thanked them for doing that: Thank you WordPress. In the last couple of days, I have noticed they have reversed this change. Why? Have you my readers noticed this when you have been on your WordPress account? as I know you liked this change too.

Miley – one year you are gone

Today is one year you’re gone and it’s hard to believe that it’s one year already, with last year going so fast.
My heart still aches at times, for the love you once gave. It’s took since November to be able to look at my special canvas print of you, without crying.

There are still signs of when you were once here; the threads pulled on cheap jeans, marks at the end of the settee where you cheekily clawed a few times, a blanket that has threads pulled from when you used to produce on it, before settling down to sleep.

I will never forget the love, you gave.

RIP Miley. XX


The photo below, was taken a couple of years ago.

My cat Miley on my lap

Blog post re-share: When you are too quiet — Topics with Passion

I have talked about being an introvert a few times on my blog and I wanted to re-share this post, written by Topics with Passion, because I can so relate to it, as an introvert.

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. 254 more words

via When you are too quiet — Topics with Passion

Chit-chat March

This post is mainly more of an update on past months, than a chit-chat for this month.

As you know, the council from district I left ended up apologising. But as I said I would, I would take it further higher up, to make sure they knew. I received a letter of this acknowledgment in how they go about when things go wrong and that they knew of this error. When things go wrong in a way that it shouldn’t, as well as the staff member that would have been spoken to, they also use it for training purposes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The letter ended with an apology for the upset it caused me. There is nothing else to pursue with this, as I have got what I wanted, which was acknowledgement of their mistake and an apology. So case closed.

The energy company I was with continued to cause me stress and anxiety as you know and last month I sent a letter signed for about those two complaints.
In the meantime, I decided to follow people’s advice and move away from them. As much as I did not want the further stress of moving suppliers, I did not want the anxiety of staying with a supplier who has given me no reason to trust.
I have moved to Octopus Energy for both my gas and electric after observing them since last year. I have to say moving to them wasn’t stressful, thanks to Octopus Energy being helpful prior and when I chose to go with them. Their service has felt personal, because of the way they reply to their emails. You know they definitely have been reading your emails and there is not pre-recorded set tone to them, like previous provider. If I continue to be happy with Octopus Energy when I come to moving, I am definitely taking them with me.

Form went back to my local council end of last month for details and reasons of my mum now needing to live with me. I had to provide evidence, which a consultant off the ward provided me.
I learnt recently that I am now at Band 2 on the housing list for taking new considerations in to need, but I had to write back to them to request that I still be allowed to pick properties in Mansfield. This was because it said in letter that as applicant needs to move on welfare grounds, then properties are restricted to their local authority area, which as in this case is Ashfield. As you know, I longed to move to Mansfield and I have no intentions of moving back, so I have written a letter as it said, to request Mansfield. I explained why too, even though this was not asked for. My friend thinks it should not be a problem. I hope so, because if not, I will fight the decision.

Mum is back on the mental health ward, since post, A distraction for mum. I am glad it turned out there was a bed for her back here.

I quit Twitter again. Lol. Twitter I used for personal use, even though when on it at one point quite a lot, I did share some of my blog posts while there. Twitter I used for keeping an eye on local news, which I started my Twitter account after a fire at some bungalows started where my mum lived, to check mum would be ok and find out how it started.
After using Twitter to air my views publicly towards Spark Energy and to see how other people were reacting towards them, to see if they were having the same issues as me, which they were, Twitter I hardly go on again, like before. And as mum will be living with me one day soon and not following local news on there regular, it came to a point I felt the need to close it.

I learnt something new and that was how to use my oil burner correctly. I never realised you had to add water to the burner, before adding your drops of oil. So since before last Christmas, I have been using it wrong, until now. I only realised this because I tried a different fragrance and this one compared to my other one, this one had instructions for its different uses. I then checked by googling and it confirmed to me just how wrong I had been using it. My oil will now last longer, as well as controlling the fragrance better.