Blog post re-share: I urge our Ministers and the leaders of this World to be heroes. — An Appeal For Change

Please do read this post and the rest on his blog.
This is Matthew Harris, the man reminding us of this petition he is sharing and that I have been sharing, after signing it too. It’s time unpaid carers are recognised, as well as other things in this latest post I totally agree on. Do take the time to read his blog and find out more about him and why he is doing this.

Thank you.

Who am I? I’m a nobody. If it wasn’t for friends and family I would just be a statistic. Starved out by the system that I also have paid into. I’m just an every man. No one exceptional. Just a nobody who looked after my mum to the best of my ability. A nobody who […]

via I urge our Ministers and the leaders of this World to be heroes. — An Appeal For Change

British Sign Language

6th to the 12th May 2019 is Deaf Awareness Week.

Yesterday, I talked about Communication Tips. Today, it’s about British Sign Language. I am no expert at this, so I share a link below that will take you to a page on Action on Hearing Loss and where you can learn more about it there.

Learn more about British Sign Language, at Action on Hearing Loss.

What I can share though is misconception that people assume I use sign language because I am deaf. I don’t. I have tried to learn it, but because there was no one to practice with, meant I could not keep it up and remember. Even some small parts I remembered well are now slipping, because it’s not used.

What I do remember though, is fingerspelling the alphabet. I learnt this before I became deaf. No one uses it around me though, including my mum. But if they did, by fingerspelling the first letter of that word I am struggling with, while repeating the word, it would help me.

A note regarding leaving comments on my blog, or emails.

Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often, but I would like to remind readers and commenters, that when you come across my blog in what ever way you discover me, please be courteous.

Being polite is the obvious one here, to me and other readers that leave comments on my blog posts. Thankfully, I have had nothing but polite.

But what I am getting, is comments on the lines of “please read my blog.”  I have found these comments in my spam and this blog I follow already. The commenter just leaves this comment and it’s happened several times, even before I chose to follow. Had it not been in spam, I would have made it spam. This is dam right rude and if you only leave this kind of comment on people’s blogs like mine, then you will find it doesn’t go down very well with bloggers. It’s spam and it’s not polite. Please be courteous and leave appropriate comments to my blog posts, or don’t leave one at all and like wise when you discover other blogs you like.

Make an effort to mingle with other other bloggers at their blogs as well as mine, making a conversion. That is the way you are likely to build your followers. But by just doing the above over and over, won’t get you anywhere, other than losing me as a follower, on what seems like a good blog and that type of comment won’t get aired.

And those that email me for requests to write a guest post on mine and some keep pestering reminding me I haven’t got back. If you observe and read my blog policy page, I don’t accept guest posts anymore and have not done for some time. It’s made very clear on my blog that I ignore these requests and same goes for requests to add links to my blog. This is made very clear too.

Rant over! Was there anything you did not get?

And yes, comment closed on this post, as not to encourage spammers.


Fuck Instagram

So a post I published about please help my Instagram account I can’t log in, you will possibly be wondering why it’s disappeared now, if you seen it one minute, but not the next on your reader. But as for those who get it by email, regardless I deleted that post, you will probably still get that post.

Will since that post aired, not long after, I decided trying my username instead of my email. It then came up that my account has been disabled because it violated terms. So for those who followed me there, just what did I violate?

Fuck Instagram. I won’t be back. So I hope they delete my account then, as I fucking can’t do it myself, can I?

Correction on my last post to do with petition

I need to correct myself on the previous post about the petition, as not to give wrong impressions, as I have certainly got muddled myself today.

The petition will get a government response because it’s gone over 10,000 and it will be interesting still to see if they care. But to reach Parliament, it has to reach 100,000 plus signatures.

As I say, this petition is still open. But it needs more to sign to get it to Parliament. Help it to get there by signing and sharing.

Thank you.

Please see previous post for link to petition.

The petition got enough votes to be raised by the government

The petition Petition: Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage has raised over the minimum votes to get a government response.
As well as sharing this petition in this post after coming across it last week, I also asked for readers to Please do share this petition… as I did in that post.
This petition was created by Matthew Harris and you can find his blog here on WordPress too, at An Appeal for Change.

Now it’s raised more than the minimum required for the governments response, it will be interesting what happens next. Will the government even care?

Keep voting. It’s still open, if you haven’t yet made your vote!

Please do share this petition…

Last week, in this post, Petition: Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage I mentioned of a petition that I also signed, regarding as that title of that post says.
I remind my readers of this petition again, which this link below will take you directly to that petition. Please sign if you are in the UK.
Also, please share this petition where ever you are in the world, highlighting in your post that this is a UK petition:

This original creator of this petition is Matthew Harris who used to care for his mum.
I also discovered he has a blog on WordPress, “An Appeal for Change – Paying Unpaid Carers.” So please do follow him there and help spread the word and you will be able to read more on his blog on why he created this petition.