Blog post re-share: You Are Amazing

It’s so easy to overlook yourself and this post serves as a good reminder for us. 🙂


I’m truly enjoying the November Soul Reset.

Day Three is talking about gratitude, but not just the proverbial list. It asked me to thank myself.

To say ‘thank you’ to me for being me.

Consider the last time you felt thankful for yourself. Really genuinely. Not because someone told you to. But because it just dawned on you. It just dawned on you that you are pretty amazing. ~SC Lourie

This is rather profound. When I think back of all the things I’ve been through, I tend to thank God, and that someone who stood by me during the storm. I cannot recall if I’ve ever said, “Thank you Barb.” 

I encourage you to take a quiet moment with you. Sit with a warm cuppa, and thank you for being there for you. When you think of who you love most in this world let it be you. You…

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Blog post re-share: Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud — Emerging From The Dark Night

I came across this post from, “Emerging from the dark night” and I loved the inspirational read. The name, Maya Angelou wasn’t familiar to me, so after reading this post below, I googled her name. As soon as I seen photos of this lady, her face seemed familiar. I would have seen her on the TV I think, in my childhood and I remember liking this lady.

After reading the words from the post below, I certainly would like to read more of her work.

I just came across this beautiful article on an idea from Maya Angelou. Well worth a look.

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Words I like to live by

Words I like to live by are:

“Be yourself.”

Be yourself and you are genuine not only to others, but yourself too.
If you feel you need to fake it for other people’s benefits, then you are in the wrong crowd.
By being yourself, you are being true to you and others. You are not restricting yourself. The genuine people will love you in their life, no matter what.

By being yourself, you are being authentic.


I was inspired to write this post, after seeing Therapy Bits post here. So do check out and read her post too.


Hope, is what has kept me going over the years, when trying to get out of a horrible work place, that was once nice to work for.

For years applying for endless jobs, mostly cleaning jobs and with only hearing back from a very small few, without hope, I would not have been able to continue.
The last two to three years were very hard.
Getting up most days was hard.
Being at work that crushed every part of me, was hard.
I wondered when and if I would ever get my break.

I finally got that break and before last Christmas my notice went in and I left the job that destroyed my soul.
I started the new job beginning of this year. My soul is now replenished and I am now back to my old-self, or should I say, a new better self, because of my confidence growing and being very happy in my job. A job that I feel respects me and appreciates me. Most of all, to be spoken to, as I would expect to be treated. Not to be spoken down to and treated like crap, as my old place treated me in the last few years.
Being in this lovely environment, where I feel part of a team has helped me to grow.

There may be readers here who feel trapped in their job and not hearing anything back from their job applications. I hope this post gives you hope, that things will turn round for you.

My other hope is to live in Mansfield, closer to my workplace, but this will also be a fresh start for me.
I am on the council list and I know there will be a long wait, unless I am extremely lucky with one of my bids, due to a low number of people wanting the property, but until then, I look privately also.
Even if I get a private one first, I will hope that one day I am in a council property.
If a private property comes first, I hope that it’s one that can offer long-term. As I mentioned in a recent post about viewing a flat, this is one that does offer long-term.

What ever you hope for, don’t give up.

Blog post re-share: The Perks of Being Alone – a Short Essay about Self-empowerment

A blog post re-share, about those that choose to be alone. The benefits of being alone and how we improve our self-esteem. It’s a personal journey for those that choose to live alone and coming across this post in my reader, because I follow this blog. I found this blog post a great, inspirational read. It is nice to read someone else’s positive perspectives on living alone.

JGC Blog - Culture is not one thing. It's Everything.

Hello Everyone and Welcome to JGC Blog.

Today, I want to talk about the positive aspects of being alone and how those aspects can lead to self-empowerment.

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Well I would walk…

… some miles.

3.1 miles to be exact, so Google says.

Tonight, after work, I had to walk all the way home from work. This happened after realising I had lost my disabled bus pass. I had no money on me, so walking home was the only option. Had I had money on me, I still would have walked it.

The walk may not have been planned, but once I put my mind to it, I set my usual walking pace. It took me an hour and 5 minutes to get home.

I kept the pace until the last 10 minutes of my walk, where I started to slow a little. Once I stopped at my front door, I really felt my feet. But as I write this with my feet up, they are not feeling as bad as I was expecting.

I have always wondered what this walk would be like and put my mind to it to try one day. Well, it now happened. I have never walked this distance continously before, until now.

Here in the UK,  we are having beautiful weather all week. It’s going to be very hot, apparently.

I have to say, I am proud of my walk tonight and I have enjoyed it.

And guess what?

Tomorrow night, after work, whether my bus pass turns up, or not, I plan to do this walk again.