Chit-chat May

I got round to updating this post: 50 things that make me happy.
Originally, when this first aired, I only managed to list of 45 things, but recently I went back to add some more, leaving just one I could not think of.

The problems with Gmail seem to be fixed. As you know, I was having problems with Gmail and I wasn’t the only one having this issue it turned out. I read of a solution that could fix it, which I either seen this suggestion in one of the posts I had read, when searching for the problem via the search bar while logged in Gmail, or in a separate Google search. I altered it accordingly in my Gmail settings, as I shared by updating this original post accordingly, There is definitely a problem with Gmail and I am not the only one with this issue. (NOW WITH A POST UPDATE!) It was then a question of seeing what happens when I written further emails with people, to see if it was fixed. A big smile when I seen that it had. But still strange how this all came out of the blue though.
For those that follow my blog by email meant you seen only half the above post, because it was after that was aired I discovered this possible solution a bit later and so I chose to update that post accordingly.

I have neglected on self-care at times, because of looking after mum. Especially in the early stages. Sleep has been distruptive, as you can imagine with worry and stress.
I’ve not always eating my fruit to the amount I would usually.
Sweet things have crept up more than normal, which I had gone out of my way to get it, regardless of not really being able to afford to.
The ‘red mist,’ had appeared out of no where at times, as you know. But also before revealing, I let out a couple of ranted posts prior.
I have been ranting to myself, or swore out the blue in my own home with frustration, when this has happened, as you know in It’s not all rainbows and fairies. But it’s what you make of it.. This starting quickly out the blue, that I will be definitely quickly stopping, because as you know, ranting and criticising at yourself, can become a viscous circle and not part of self-care at all. I’m not going there again. Why would I be my own worst enemy again? So I am looking at creating a new wellbeing journal again that will chart old things again like my mood, but in a different format to before possibly, as well as charting new things. I have a new journal for this. But until I have played about with some layouts on scrap paper and exactly know how I want it, I won’t be touching this journal. But I am hoping to have something set up soon. I could be already using it as this post airs.
In the long term, I think a journal that is a ring binder type would be best for me in the long run, as it would be more flexible and I can keep everything together. But I will be using this for a year, or less if filled earlier which I think will be more the case as my daily pages are over two pages, before changing to that type of journal.

What’s your preferred journal: Book, or binder type?

I am reading a new book called, “The self-care revolution,” by Suzy Reading, after creating the “vitality wheel” for myself, as part of my new self-care learning, that this book is based on. (I will talk about this sometime later on, over two posts.)

I allowed myself a new notebook for blogging, near the end of last month too. As you know, I was debating this when I written this post: Stopping at mum’s next week. I bought this one from The Works. It was only £2 for this hard-backed notebook, which I am using for my blog, so I did not argue this one. On the front cover of the notebook it says, “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” But with this and my other new notebook I mentioned earlier, I haven’t done bad allowing two books now, after debating over one originally. Lol. I will share my other notebook later when I talk about this new book I am reading and the vitality wheel I have created.


Month of painting

Not a whole month as you can imagine, but in preparation for when me and my mum leave our own places and live together, meant a bit of painting at mine and at my mum’s.
At mine, it was just the painting of my ceilings in the bathroom and kitchen was going to be the same. But in the end, I painted walls as well, because it was difficult to paint the ceiling around the top of my boiler without catching the wall. Luckily it’s small kitchen, which I took my time with, giving walls and ceiling two coats of paint.
At my mum’s, I also painted my mum’s bedroom walls and ceiling, as I mentioned when I talked about the need to be in Nature Heals.

It was also my birthday this month, as some of you will know, if you read last chit-chat post. My birthday being at my mum’s with a small group of family and friends, that my mum organised. But as well as mum doing this for my birthday, she also wanted to give thanks for me being there at the time my mum was unwell, as well as thanking my friend and some family members too.
I had a birthday cake made, that my mum ordered.

Pink birthday cake with lilac flowers icing, with words Happy Birthday Elizabeth

One weekend in May, I went for the day to Newark, to catch up with a friend.
The next day, I went to my local library which was holding a free event there. The event was The Great Nottinghamshire Local History Fair. It was well attended and had lots of stalls promoting their own thing related to this event. I found it very interesting.

I finally got round to walking around Southwell. Every time I have gone through this place on the bus, when traveling to Newark, I always kept telling myself that I would get off here one day and have a walk around.
I do wonder though, if I could have been here before in my teens, when it came to Southwell Minster, as when I got to a particular area inside, I felt I had been there before. I think I came to Southwell Minster when I was on Youth Training, as we came with members of our luncheon club as a day out and we took them to something like this building. I couldn’t remember at the time where and I thought we had gone further afield, but now, I think it was Southwell Minster we came to. We didn’t go anywhere else other than the building, because of only having a limited time and with some not being able to walk far.
After spending half a day here, I decided to catch a bus to Nottingham. The number 100 bus from Southwell to Nottingham, I have never caught before and not something I would have jumped on before, because of never being on that bus before and so anxiety would have stopped me doing so. But I did. It was a lovely scenic route in most parts and so a lovely ride. I just had an hour in Nottingham and, picked up my compost there and perlite.
Once home, I relaxed for the remainder of the day and did a bit of re-potting of some of my indoor plants. (My Parlour Palm and Spider plants.) My two Spiderettes, now more grown, I put together in one pot and my original plant where the Spiderettes cuttings were originally from, I re-potted the surviving plant out of three that were in a pot, on it’s own.

My trip to Windsor Castle

I have been to Windsor once before and I liked walking around. But I said to myself, if I ever went back, it would be to go round the castle. And so I did. But after looking round castle, I still had time  to walk a bit round Windsor and so I went where I had not been before, while still not far away from coach park.
Here are some photos.

You may remember that my trip originally was going to fall on my birthday, but due to a Royal private event, meant the trip was arranged for the week after.
I wasn’t expecting to find anything in the news for what this might be, but it turned out there was a wedding. You can read more about this, here.

DVD’s I have watched since last chit-chat post:

  • 2Guns
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Due Date
  • Training Day
  • As good as it gets
  • Sleepers
  • The Sum of All Fears
  • Man of Steel
  • Enemy at the gates

Blog post re-share: Day 2. British Airways i360 and Brighton Pavilion — Love Travelling

I love Brighton and miss being back here.
I wanted to re-share this blog post by Little Miss Traveller, at Love Travelling, as she has been round parts of Brighton I have seen. The only exception is, I have not been on the i360 yet, but it was advertised to show what they were building soon. But as much as I have a fear of heights, for those that knew me from my deaf blogging days, will know that going on this was one of my plans.

Do enjoy reading Miss Little Traveller’s blog post on sights around Brighton and I hope you admire Brighton as much as I do.

After waking early we caught the Coastliner 700 bus service into the centre of Brighton. Before leaving home our original plan had been to travel into Brighton by train but on noticing these buses passing along Worthing’s seafront at ten minute intervals we opted for the Coastliner instead. Despite the journey time by road taking […]

via Day 2. British Airways i360 and Brighton Pavilion — Love Travelling

Chit-chat August

My bean bag I was selling, after being advertised a good number of weeks with no responses, I took the advert down. I am not giving it away, so it looks like I am stuck with it. I take this is meant to be and that I must use it like I used to and relax on it with a book, or fall asleep because I got so dam comfy. 😁

My month has been a month of travel, whether short, or long. It’s been enjoyable with a month of some experiences as well.

Trip to Oxford to see a friend. These trips, whether me coming up to Oxford, or my friend coming down my way, are far and few in between, because of distance, but we always make most of the time and enjoy every minute of it. Usually the time flashes by, but I was thankful this time, that it felt it didn’t, to feel like we really did have half a day together.
With the weather being sunny, I got to see the sights of Oxford this time and I enjoyed what I seen. The only thing I did avoid, was looking in shops, like a tourist, because I did not have the money to spend, other than for a drink of pop later. But I stretched this to chocolate also. Ten minutes into the coach journey, going back home, I noticed my arms had been slightly caught by the sun. I would have been surprised if I hadn’t. But it wasn’t bad as it could have been. I felt totally relaxed too, like I had been if it was a five day holiday.

The next day, after sleep well, it was day out with another friend. I met him in a town where I hope to live one day and from there we went in his car to Tesco not far away for a drink, before getting our meals, to cook later at his. While at his, we watched a couple of films. A lovely and relaxing day.

5 day break in Newark was not my original plan as regular readers will know. But I did enjoy my time there and I was looking forward to it. I planned what I was doing, prior and the idea was to see something, or do something, where I have not been before. I have a friend who lives this way and she was off work all week and asked if I mind her joining in on a couple of things I was planning on doing. So we met up a few times during my 5 days.

Day 1, I arrived early afternoon to my hotel; ‘Beaumond Cross Inn‘ and checked in. Once sorted in my room, which felt homely and relaxing the minute I walked in, I texted my friend to let her know I had arrived and met her at the top of her street.
Today, my plan was to go to ‘Sconce and Devon Park‘ and visit ‘Rumbles cafe’ on there, which was a short walking distance to. There, we caught up in the cafe and talked about when to have our chippy night. We then walked around the park and after we went back to hers. Later from there, we went to an Indian restaurant called ‘Castle Cuisine,’ that I picked from ideas we could do that night. I had a chicken korma with plain rice, naan bread and a poppadom. I was stuffed and could not eat it all. The nann bread was bigger than expected. But afterwards, the sweet menu was brought to us, which I wasn’t expecting. So I made room for that. 😁


Day 2
, after breakfast, my plan was to visit the ‘National Civil War Centre.’ My friend has never been to this and she was interested in joining me in on this one. I waited for my friend at the hotel I was staying at. We had a pot of tea at the hotel first, before making our way there. The place wasn’t far away and we were mostly there all day, as there is lot’s to see and take in. We were both surprised on how much history was in there, about Newark.
There is a cafe called, ‘Nineteen20’ and toilets to hand, so everything under one roof. The place was much bigger than I imagined.
After we finished looking round here, we browsed shops for a couple of hours before calling in at, ‘The Prince Rupert.’ Here, we had drinks and a pizza and relaxed chatting, till we departed our separate ways. I then had an hour downstairs in the hotel, before calling it a night.

Day 3, was to bid on any two flats on the council list, before going down for breakfast.  I bid on just one flat, for an area I would live in and as I had time, I looked to see if there was anything new on private letting, which there was, so I sent an email. I wasn’t allowed it though, as landlord would only accept those that can provide a guarantor. There was another, which I had already seen, that they suggested, but I wasn’t going on top floor. I thanked her for the help and politely declined the other one. I said I would be in touch if I seen any others.
After a cooked vegetarian breakfast, which was very filling, I set out to visit the ‘Town Hall Museum and Art Gallery.’ As it wasn’t open until 10.30am, I had time to have a walk around. I called in a cafe called, ‘Cafe 17,’ which you will find on Castle Gate and I had a cuppa, before making my way back and taking my time to admire the art and see what was in the museum. Entry was free to this and for a small area they were in, there was quite a lot to see. Well laid out.

Next on my plans was a canal ride, so after calling at some public toilets beforehand, I made my way down to the canal. I was very early, but I wanted to sit down there and admire the view anyway, doing nothing. I was originally going to do this tomorrow, but rain was given out.
The canal ride was one hour and thirty minutes long, with these:


It’s​ not the first time I have experienced a canal ride, but its the first time in Newark and I enjoyed the ride.

Afterwards, I called in at the, ‘The Old Lock House,’ which is on the canal front. I had a latte and a cake. I did not fancy anything else, as my cooked breakfast was still keeping me full. I then walked round the castle grounds, before making my way to my friend’s house, late afternoon. This was going to be our chippy night and a friend of hers was going to join us on this too, who I have met before. We all had a good night.
I then left from there and, went back to the hotel and settled back in my room.

The photos below, are of the castle, with one photo overlooking the canal below.


Day 4, after a cooked vegetarian breakfast, the plan was to visit a couple of cafes, but in the end, I left it to just one cafe called, ‘The Old Bakery Tea Room.’ I had smoked salmon brioche,  with side salad, followed by lemon meringue. With it, I had a pot of Earl Grey tea.
Before calling there for lunch and after, my day just consisted of walking around looking through shop windows, calling at one and buying some greeting cards, the markets and taking in the scenery. I then went on the canal front and sat for some time, watching different boats pass by, before calling back at the hotel for an hour, or two.

Afterwards, I went to a nearby park I discovered yesterday; ‘Beaumond Gardens’ and sat there for an hour, before walking back round in town for half an hour.


After, I then chose to spend the rest of my time in the hotel.
At 5.30pm I had dinner at the hotel, which my friend joined in on this. It was absolutely lovely; mushroom and Stilton pie, with chips and salad. I was stuffed. My friend then departed later and I made my way to my room, to get settled for the night.

Day 5, after having breakfast, I checked out of the hotel some time before 10am. (Had to be checked out by 10am.) I did not make any plans for today, as originally the plan was to go home that morning, but I met up with my friend, just for a few hours. She met me at the hotel for 10am and we went to ‘Nineteen20’ cafe-bar, inside the National War Civil Centre and stayed there till after lunch, before departing our separate ways. For me, it was catching my bus from the bus station and start my journey back home.
I arrived back home about 4pm, quickly unpacked my suitcase, made myself a large mug of tea and played a couple of films on DVD. Then it was time to snuggle up, back in my own bed.

The Beaumond Hotel Inn I totally recommend

The family-run hotel I stayed at for five days was very welcoming, by all the staff that worked there. It was a clean and a relaxing place to be. I give it full marks for this place and I would totally recommend. Whenever I choose to stay in Newark again, I will use this hotel again and I have a feeling I won’t be long before I am back. 😊 It felt like home.
Breakfast was included in my stay. I am more of a cereal person, but I did have a vegetarian cooked breakfast on two occasions as you have read. I felt there was a good choice for breakfast.
The dinner I had at the hotel, as mentioned was lovely too and a good choice.

Getting to know Newark better

I have visited Newark quite a few times, but I haven’t seen everything. So my time here wasn’t as a visitor, but as a tourist. I got a feel for Newark more, by the end of my holiday, but it doesn’t mean I am likely to be able to give you directions, it just means I am less likely to get lost.

My planned holiday, exceeded my expectations.

The day after my holiday, I took some donations to a local charity shop. Later that morning, I went with a couple of bags of donations to Cats Protection. From there, I walked back to Warsop and chose to wait for a bus back to Mansfield, as there was not long to wait. I had my lunch there in town after doing something else I needed to do, before going home and watching some films, on DVD.

The day after that, was a day with another friend. We had a meal at The Alders, in Ollerton.
I like coming here and I have been here numerous times, for a meal.
Afterwards, it was a film back at his place. A relaxing day.
When I was back at home, I watched a film on DVD, before having an early night.

Discovering Nim’s crisps

At work, someone bought in a couple of packs of Nim’s crisps that she was given by a friend, as they did not like them. She wasn’t keen in them either, so she brought them in for us to try. It was either a hit or a miss with us. I for one liked them. I tried both apple and, the pear crisps and I liked them both. Here is a picture of the empty packet of apple fruit crisps.


I would certainly have them again and so I looked up to see where I could buy them from and it seems to be either directly from the company itself, or Amazon. There doesn’t seem to be a shop local to me, that stock them.
There are other flavours in the fruit and vegetables range. Some of these I would be willing to try, to see which are a hit or a miss for me. These crisps are healthy and are one of your five a day. They are air-dried and 100% natural and made in the UK. They are licensed by the Department of Health and are suitable for Vegans and Coeliac sufferers, it says in the back of the pack.

I must have walked some miles

Between Friday and today, I must have walked some miles.
Friday, I walked back to an area where a flat I thought may be too far than I liked and also that I felt I would not like to walk via that way at night, to see if I quickly misjudged. I forgot my map, but thought I memorised it and so I continued my journey.  I found I went the wrong way and so I had to back-track until on the right route. I found that my views walking that way had changed, but I still did feel it was quite a walk to get to, so I was right not to enquire about it.

Today, I visited a park that I had not been to before and absolutely loved it. Vicar Water County Park is a hidden gem, in Clipstone. Many a times I have gone through this area and always said I would one day visit,so after yesterday being a total downpour, I was determined that today I was going. I set out early, so I could get the walk in,  as rain was predicted for the afternoon.


There are three trails around here and the trail I had in mind was the longest one, which was 3 miles. After over half way round, I found signage to be poor and the walk I had I’m mind, I ended up trailing off somewhere. The last signage I seen and I hoped would point me in the right direction was damaged, so I could not see where I was. I did not panic at this point, as I would have done years ago and trusted my own gut instinct. Eventually, after some walking, I came across a guest house and at this point, a little anxiety came in and I felt lost, but I pulled out my phone and Google it. I found I was in Forest Town, so I had gone out of my way. But I wasn’t far to walk back to my starting point, which was The Rumbles cafe. As I was going to walk in what I thought was the right direction, I asked someone who was walking their dog, to check I was going in the right direction. It was a good job I asked, because I was going the opposite way to where I needed to go. Once on the right course, it was lunch at The Rumbles Cafe and I was ready for a drink most of all,  when I arrived there. The meal and service there was excellent like at any Rumbles cafe I have been to. Had I started here first, I could have picked up a guide for the walk and just maybe, not have got lost.


Find out more about the park here:

Snowdrops in the Cotswolds

Recently, I visited the Cotswolds over the weekend. I am sharing my holiday in this one post, rather than two posts that I usually do. So do stick around as there are photos. 🙂

Saturday 25th February 2017
I visited Bourton-on-the Water. First stop, after some walking around to get  feel of the place was at The Riverside Cafe. I had a scone with jam and clotted cream, with a cup of tea.

More walking around and taking photos while trying to find a particular cafe for later, that was included in my holiday. (I found it after a circular walk.)

Discovered Birdland. Here are some of the many photos I taken while there.

I then went to Mary’s Rest Tearoom and Cafe, for my free cream tea that was included in my holiday. What I did not realise was that this also included a scone with jam and clotted cream. So this was my second one of the day, not that I did not enjoy it. Yum.

My hotel room, (5th floor,) was at Jury Inn, in Swindon. I was really tired before even arriving to the hotel from being up since 5am, so I could not wait to get to bed later that night.

The hotel was lovely and I had no complaints.

Sunday 26th February 2017
I was up at 7am, ready for breakfast at 8am and we left our hotel at 8.45am to make our way to Batsford Arboretum and Garden Centre. It was our day of leisure to explore through the drifts of snowdrops, daffodils and narcissi, as well as other plants, trees and shrubs, until 1pm, before starting our way back home.
Surprisingly I did not buy any plants, but I did buy a book on container gardening which I have already read, when travelling back on the coach and I bought a lavender infused chocolate bar. (I will share my book review of this book later.)
I bought for my mum a lovely decorated tin with biscuits inside, as a thank you for looking after my cat.

Here are some photos of many I taken while walking around the arboretum.

It’s an achievement for me

Today was when I travelled to a new area I had not been to before and as you know from a previous post, I can get anxiety when travelling somewhere new. (The link to that post at the end of this one, if you have not already read it.)
Armed with my eTrex 20 and a paper map as a back up, I caught the bus needed to get to Rosewood Centre at Church Circle, New Ollerton. For most of my journey my anxiety was not as bad as I thought it would be, but getting nearer to the end of my journey it did increase. Luckily, I soon realised I was coming to my destination and that anxiety, although still there, I was beaming, feeling proud with myself that I got there. 🙂

Now for anyone who travels, you may wonder why it is a big deal for me and why worry. But this is my anxiety. This is what happens to me because my confidence did not grow as a child, as something, or someone would knock it away. So over my adult years my confidence has grown, but slowly, because it can be a battle. That battle has got easier over the last 2 years and after today, I feel great and things I have observed on my travels today, I want to go back to and take a look.

My first impressions

My first impressions of New Ollerton was that I absolutely loved the look of the place and when I arrived at Church Circle, my first observation was how quiet it seemed, to say it’s a big village.

Rosewood Involvement Centre

Rosewood Involvement Centre is behind the health centre and the bus stop is just outside the health centre. (Although I got off a stop before, as it still was a very short walk to it.)

The place was very welcoming and I got to know the person who is the Manager there, more about Rosewood Involvement Centre, having a chat about myself, so the manager knew more about me and then I was shown around the place. The place is small, but for a newbie like myself, it still seemed a bit of a maze to me, so I was losing my bearings a little. (I know this will get better.) I then met some of the volunteers there and stayed there through till the afternoon, chatting with them, then joining in at their meeting they were having in the afternoon.

I have a volunteer application form to fill in and bring back with me when I start attending next Friday as a volunteer. I will be starting off at the centre for so long, so I receive appropriate training, learning more about the place and basically settling in, before going out of the centre to do a role that interests me.

From discussion with the manager, there are plenty of opportunities that will be good on my CV and I from what I learnt today, I know I will get even more experience then I expected, which could be put to good use.

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I just seemed to be fascinated with this tree

In recent posts, I have been sharing photos of my weekend holiday at Windsor and Kew Gardens.

This post, is several photos of the same tree which I just seemed to be fascinated and drawn to, while at Kew Gardens. So I played around with my camera, taking several shots, just to see how they would turn out.


The tree, as shown in the photograph below, is labelled with name, Eucalyptus dalrympleana. (Mountain Gum.) If you would like to know more about this tree, then click on this link which will tell you more at Royal Horticultural Society’s website.


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