Small living ideas

Although I want to downsize and live in a new area, when I find the right property, the idea of downsizing I am finding a little daunting at times. This is because of seeing properties smaller than they looked on photos and I plan to hopefully see another one soon, which again, from photos, I am sceptic because of possibly space, but also that the property is decent and not showing signs of damp, etc.. because of a previous bad experience when looking at a property some years ago with this particular company that this one is under.
I usually walk into a property open-minded and see it as a blank canvas for how to make it into make my home, but I am finding that seed of doubt creeping in.
I am continuing with looking for a private property while bidding for social housing, because I think I will end up in a private property before my luck comes with social housing.
Anyway, I have found new inspirations when it comes to small living and I like to share those blog links and posts with you. 🙂 So when I do come to hopefully viewing this next private flat, I will remember the ideas and inspirations I took form the links shared, to use what I have and maybe, if I have to, change things around. After all, when I do one day move to my new area, this will be like a new start for me, so why not change the place? 🙂

A blog I am now following for inspiration, that I came across last night; “My Little Empire.” The blogger is Karl, who lives in a social housing flat. His flat is small and he is also on a budget, but he is making his small space home. Karl is sharing his experiences of getting the best out of a small space on his blog and it looks very good and I feel inspired. The first post I came across of his was, “Designing for small lounge spaces.” After reading all his blog, I am now following.
Another blog post I found inspiring of his, is called, “Box rooms.” In this post he showed how he got the most out of a box room in his flat. I hate box rooms and my box room I once had, was a little bigger than this one. But my views of box rooms have changed now, after reading this post.

From another blog, I came across this post; “Five Tips to Maximize Use and Enjoyment Of A Small Space.” This also inspired me when it comes to small spaces and it has changed my mind-set. Although the blog is not from the UK, it has still given me fresh ideas of the possibilities using what I have already, but differently.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to small spaces, then check out those links.


Newsflash! It’s snowing and it’s causing a crisis.

(Content warning: This post contains sarcasm, intended for laughs only. If you can’t stand a laugh, or sarcasm, then please look away now.)

In Nottinghamshire we have heavy snow in case you don’t know already 😉 and all over Facebook there are different posts giving us weather warnings. Snow as usual giving people a panic and a crisis. Now things have slowed, or stopped altogether!

Schools have closed and sending children home, so don’t panic and get stressed. Instead, get outside, build a snowman and a snowball fight. Don’t forget to have a nice hot drink afterwards.
In my day, you don’t hear much about schools closing.

Buses have announced delays, or some services being stopped. So do set out earlier in preparation to getting to your destination, if you need to get out. Otherwise stay in the warmth of your home is recommended.
For me, it will be setting out a little earlier, to make sure I get to work on time. But in preparation that I could be having a good walk home afterwards, because there are no buses running, then I am all layered up. (Knitted hat, scarf and gloves included, along with thermal fleece-lined boots.)
In other countries who have snow worser than us, their world continues to run.

Facebook is even affected by snow! Hence my sarcasm post is now being written here on my blog, instead of my own Facebook wall. I have been unable to post on my own Facebook wall today. I can share a post and comment on other people’s walls and I am seeing updates from some others. (Lucky them.) But I cannot post on my own Facebook wall. 😀

When it snows, we just cannot cope. 😀

Chit-chat: What’s your cuppa?

As I mentioned in “Chit-chat February,” my tea has become more varied with leaving diary. Although I have introduced soya and almond milk back in for my cereals, my tea is still remains black. I am surprised I can do this, because one time years ago, I found it disgusting. But as I have mentioned before, because I try other variety of teas, this probably helped the transition.
I said I would talk about tea in a separate post. So here it is. But if you are expecting an expert chat on tea, then you won’t find it here. I either like tea, or I don’t. Simple! 😀

Tea I am drinking so far are:

  • Camomile (Asda, or Tesco’s own.)
  • Tetley Green tea
  • Tetley Decaf tea (But I have PG Tips decaf, depending on who is cheaper at the time of buying.)
  • Twinings Breakfast Tea
  • Tetley Earl Grey
  • Tetley Redbush tea
  • Pukka Night time
  • Blackcurrant tea (Different branded varieties, depending where I shop.)

Obviously, these don’t all fit in my tea caddy, unless I buy another one of these and expand it. (I may do that later. 😉 ) But these are the teas that I drink.

What teas do you drink?

Check your WordPress spam box

When using WordPress, comments waiting to be approved and spam comments usually appear in the following boxes appropriately. It has been a long time that it has since happened, but after a blogger posted about check your Spam in your WordPress comments, as her comments did not seem to appear on blogs she was reading, I’d thought I’d check mine and yes, her comment had appeared there, along with two others, which I have since approved. It’s a reminder to us that use WordPress, to check this folder from time to time of possible genuine comments that have been left for us.

Birthday wishes to my cat, Miley.

Miley’s birthday will be on 20th April and she will be 10 years old.

My cat Miley on my lap

This is her estimate birthday that Cats Protection League gave her when she originally arrived there. I adopted her back in May 2013, at 5 years old and she knew she found home after 5 minutes of being in my home.

I have mentioned Miley several times in my blog posts here and at a previous blog that I no longer write, so to some she is no stranger. Back at this blog, I talked about her in some ways many times than I thought I had, while researching old posts for this post. But where she actually appeared in some way in photos, are just these posts I share below.

Posts about Miley completely, or that have a photo of Miley somewhere in the post. 

Those that have seen cute photos of her lying back in my arms like a baby and other photos, find her adorable.
Those that have actually seen her lie back when they have come to my home, cannot believe what they are seeing and are memorised by her. Miley has given lots of love over the years and there is still endless love to give.

To say her background she was neglected by a past owner; kept in a kitchen cupboard with the door closed and with only a litter tray, so arrived at Cats Protection League (CPL) when someone who discovered her while visiting, thought she would have her, but apparently her cat was bullying her and so she brought her to CPL, Miley has never been short of giving, or wanting love. She is a BIG fuss pot and is never far away. At the beginning she was that clingy, I felt suffocated. I had to watch my step, because she was that close to me. Every time I sat down, she was there in seconds, shoving her face in mine. She still does this, but it has calmed down a lot and she can have time to herself, away from me while I am still in the house. I will never forget the first time she did this and I panicked, thinking something was wrong. But once I knew she was ok, I relaxed knowing she felt safe to be on her own and secure and actually feel confident to have time out for herself, on her own. I was happy to see this, knowing her confidence had grown.

The only thing Miley had to learn, was how to play. She did not have a clue and when I first tempted her to play with a piece of ribbon, she was shit scared and went straight to the security of her bed. But after watching from there for the next 5 minutes, her  instincts started coming out and before I knew it, she was playing with me for 10 minutes. I repeated this the next day and she knew straight away it was play time. Days later, when I introduced a new toy; a ball, she was shit scared again. When eventually her instincts took over, she was knocking it around the room and only stopped when it hit the skirting frame. Seeing her ears go back when this happened, I knew she did not like it, but with encouragement, I got her to keep playing and now it it’s like second nature. You would never think she had a problem about playing now, when you watch her.

Last year, on cooler summer nights, I noticed her age showing a bit more in her back legs, but she still behaved like a three-year old, regardless of her actual age.
This year, I see she is sleeping more, but she is bright as a button and happy at times. I was really worried at first when she did this, with her not touching her evening meal. But I threw her favourite treats around the room and when I seen her chase and eat them with the same enthusiasm, I knew I had noting to worry about. But the worry is sometimes there because of her behaviour being different to before. She seems to be up and down. I have her Feliway diffuser back on, as I think she is stressed from me being ill. Until the diffuser has been on long enough to see results, I shall also plan to use a Feliway spray, as this will give immediate results.

Her booster is due in May, so it will be mentioned when she has that and a full health check while there, if I have not ended up taking her in before.

Blog post share: “I am not offended,” by The Daily Annagram

In this post I share a blog post that I have not long started following. Her blog post is called, “I Am Not Offended” by The Daily Annagram.
While you there reading this post, which comes with a trigger warning, as it raises violence and assault, I recommend you read other blog posts from this wonderful blogger too and follow.

This post was written because of something she read, which if you visit this post, you will find out more. The particular words that have sparked this post; “mistakes,” which I can totally relate to and understand and so this post is powerfully written. As this blogger has said and I agree and I have put this short here, when someone assaults, rapes, hits someone, or threaten, you cannot say they were “mistakes.”

Chit-chat February

Another month gone by and considering I have still not been well, it has gone quick. (Not far before the month is out!) So as well as my self-care I mention below, I hardly did anything this past month and instead just resting until it was time for work. I only went out a couple of occasions for lunch, which I made sure I bloody enjoyed with that irritable cough gone at that point. The cough is just now and again and feels like a dry cough.
I am starting to sleep better now and my side is settling down slowly, so hopefully I continue upwards.

I made some Chia jam, after coming across it via another blog. It was quick and simple to make and I have now found my alternative to jam. If you did not see that post, you will find it here, Blog post share: Chia jam – the healthy alternative. I have made strawberry Chia jam since. Lovely. 🙂

For my self-care this month, I had one Sunday where I just coloured and relaxed and another Sunday I had a movie night, while eating some Doritos. I watched, “The Light Between Oceans,” and “Denial” on DVD’s.

With me having a different variety of teas for some time now, I thought I would make it easier for myself to see what teas I have, by purchasing a tea caddy. I bought this one from Amazon. (I am not being paid to share this link.) I can see what I have, without even lifting the lid, with it being a clear box and my mum now has one too. My small tins I had in mind for my other tea bags when my original plastic containers had worn out, I shall use for biscuits. The other containers I used originally for my tea, I have them stored for alternative use in the kitchen where needed.
As I still don’t have milk in my tea, my tea is becoming a little more varied, but I will talk about that in a post of its own. (Look out for a post called, “What’s your cuppa?” when I have written it up and aired it.

Colouring and Tai Chi

Now I am getting better, I imagine I will be delving in my colouring books a little more. I also want to get back into my Tai Chi. As you know, I love it and I miss it when I used to miss doing it at homes at times, but while I have been ill, I have not missed it. I haven’t been arsed to do much really while I am as I am, other than just get through work. I wonder how I have managed to get through work at times, but hopefully now, I need get some gentle walks in the fresh air and continue with gentle exercises until I know my side has fully recovered.

Looking for that new home

I continue to look for that new home. It has been quiet a few weeks for choice-wise on council properties going. I looked at a private one I was interested in, but I did not take it. My electric meter was in the shop! Can you believe it? Also, the person showing me around did not know where the main water valve was should I need it in emergencies. I bet that’s in the shop too. So no, I wasn’t having it.
Another flat I queried got back to me and the message was standard basically, saying phone them if I am interested in the property. They totally ignored my simple request to arrange via email, with me being deaf and I replied back to say I was still interested, but as in my original email, I need to arrange via email because I am deaf. As this post goes to air, I have heard nothing, so my gut instinct when I read that email is right, I’m not going to hear. They have not made a reasonable adjustment, if it turns out I still don’t hear in the next couple of days, by email. I could complain, but I won’t be wasting my energy, because who needs a landlord like that? They are a first to not arrange by my preferred preference. So I shall look elsewhere and avoid any further properties of theirs.