A bit of Vitamin D

As I mentioned in Chit-chat – October, I had nothing to report about my hand, as I was having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment. But this morning, when trying again online, I seen an appointment going in the afternoon. It wasn’t with the doctor I first seen about my hand, but I have seen this doctor before in the past on another matter and I hoped by booking, he could help. I also had something else I needed to attend to, a prescription was required and I could not request it online to say I had a review prior with a nurse to get it again. So I got that prescription and my antidepressants and he was able to see about my hand, thankfully.
When it came to asking about my results of blood test and x-ray that I had just over 4 weeks ago, the doctor had my blood results, but not my x-ray.
My bloods have shown I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, but it does show I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I am in the middle range of being low and normal, which was how it was explained to me so I could understand. This can be sorted through diet alone and if I wanted, I could get some vitamins with Vitamin D in it. I will try the diet first.
As for my x-ray, I need to allow a couple of weeks more, then he advised to query first to see if my x-ray is back before making the appointment, so I don’t waste my time and yes, I could see him again if I wanted about it.

Lets hope I will hear by then.

If you would like to know more about Vitamin D, then you will find it here at NHS Choices.


Post share: Autumn has arrived — Confections of a redhead

I have printed off this recipe, so at some point in the future, I can make this delicious looking cake. Do pop on over and visit this post.

The seasons have changed. October is here (how the actual hell did that happen exactly??) The weather is getting colder. The days are getting shorter. The air is most definitely crisper, and the leaves are falling all over the place. The colours are incredible, and we are all making that “is it cold enough to […]

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Chit-chat – October


I received my certificate for Health Care (Foundation) with BSY, near the end of September, which I received ‘High Merit’ for. As for my other home study; pet sitting course, I took a break from studying to feel refreshed after the effort I put in with the two courses at BSY, now finished as you know, except for still sticking my head in books to help with my theory test and learning to drive. By the way, if you have not already seen this post; Theory test; attempt 2, I passed and my driving lessons are in November.

My hand

I have nothing to report about my hand much, as I am having a problem trying to get an appointment at the moment with the doctor, to see about results. I still have pain, but it has eased a bit, but it can still catch me out. I still use my pain-killing gel and take paracetamol. I have limited to how I use my hand, like making sure I don’t put any exertion on it, which I think has helped too in reducing pain.

My tooth

My tooth that has been a long wait for to have extracted, is on the 17th October.
When I have been taking paracetamol, it has not only helped my hand, it has also helped to reduce the pain on this too. It is very tender to touch around the right hand side of my face, near my nose. The pain or discomfort seems to transfer to my cheek bone at times too. I will be glad when it comes out. I have felt nausea at times this past fortnight and I am wondering if it’s the abscess that is making me feel like this.


PIP assessment is this week and I am hoping this time they don’t cancel, because if I arrive there to find it has like last time, I will write a written complaint. Not that I will forget the last time at this weeks assessment, as I shall raise it there at the appropriate moment.

The job front

I will be glued to my email inbox to see if I hear from either of the cleaning jobs I applied for. One of them does not have a closing date, but the other does, which was last Friday. If I am lucky to hear from them, 48 hours before interview day, then the interview will fall this Friday.

To stay where I am at the moment

As you know from my last chit-chat, I had extra worry when I heard my rent was going up, while making my way to my PIP assessment. The extra worry on top of losing PIP, made me feel sick. After chatting with the person who manages the property on behalf of the landlord, I felt happier and a little reassured. So it has taken a little pressure off. As tempting as I want to move from the area now, I did not want to do it while I have my cat Miley. So as I continue to live here for how ever long I have Miley, I don’t want to move until I am ready to downsize, because the type of property I would want, I would not be allowed a cat. But if it turns out I did not get anywhere with this job and I heard from the other one which is local, then moving out of the area would be rather a stupid idea, as I could walk to it and so if this happened, then I would downsize to a property in my local area, if possible, when the time came. Wherever my next move would be in the future, I will be picky.

Finding the balance

The urge to move out of my area, I don’t think helped with how I was through other stresses I had, that I have blogged about in past posts, that affected my moods and how I was feeling. Although I still have the urge to live in another area, it is not as strong as it was. I think if I am in a better job, everything would follow on ok and everything else would balance out. I have seen this, while I am lucky for it to be calm at my workplace and making sure I have my time out moments like I did on my D.I.Y. retreat.

I also learnt after my retreat, that I need to make sure I don’t drink too many lattes when out and about, (unless it is the decaf kind) because know that having more caffeinated drinks than I usually would when out, does not help my anxiety.
Looking back after my D.I.Y. retreat, I am aware before leading up to that, that I was drinking a lot of lattes more than normal which became my comforter drink. When I felt tired, down and stressed, I would make my way out for that smooth latte from my favourite place. I can remember that every sip I drank, I enjoyed, but I also remember how I felt comforted, which replaced sweet food. Either not good, when you have too much. I am surprised I did no give myself a migraine, (or bad headache) and nausea with how many I had a week. So now, when I go out, latte I still have, but depending on how many I have already that day, or that week, it may not always be my first choice.

I have taken timeout this weekend. Not a set schedule like the D.I.Y. retreat, but still doing something.
Saturday morning, after feeding Miley and having my breakfast, I read a book, then I went out to a coffee and cake morning that a local shop was having to raise money for Macmillan. I met my mum there and while there, I browsed the handmade gifts in the store. I bought something for myself and the other was towards a Christmas present, to go with something else I bought earlier on in the year. Me and my mum then walked back to mine and chatted back at mine for a couple of hours over further decaf tea and decaf coffee.
When my mum decided she was going to leave, to make her way back home, I decided to make my way to Nottingham for a bit. This was to do some Christmas shopping while I had the money, while soaking up the atmosphere. I was just down there for a couple of hours, before coming back home to have my dinner, then I relaxed with book.
Sunday, after my breakfast and feeding Miley, I continued reading my book while the washer was on. Basically just having a lazy day and nothing else planned.

Theory test; attempt 2

Yesterday was my second attempt at the theory test, so as I knew what to expect from the moment I entered the building, I hoped this time I would have no nerves, (or little as possible) and be relaxed for my test.
The only time my nerves kicked in a little, were half way through my hazard perception, then excitement. I was battling to control both of these, especially my excitement. When it came to collecting my results, I did not look at them till I was outside. This was because one, I was nervous if I failed and two, should I have passed this time, I knew I would scream.
So when it came to opening my paper to look at my results, I found I passed and I screamed with excitement. Tears started to flow a little as I made my way to the bus station from there and, my grin and excitement continued all through my shift at work, later that evening. 😀

I emailed my instructor before my shift started, to let him know I had passed and when I checked on my emails later, when back home from work, I had an email from him informing me of the week I am having my lessons and times I need to be available between.
My lessons start from 20th November and ending on 24th November, (with test being 2.30pm.) So with these being intensive lessons, you will find me quiet on the blogging front, starting from the week before my lessons are due and when I have finished. Also, any emails I may receive, I won’t answer until I am back to normal with my blogging.

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Book review: “Molly and the Cat Cafe,” by Melissa Daley.

“Molly and the Cat Cafe,” is written by Melissa Daley.

Molly and the cat cafe
It is a fictional story about one homeless cat, who embarks on a journey to find a new home. Molly ends up at Stourton-on-the-Hill and is welcomed by a caring cafe owner, Debbie.
Debbie, like Molly is an outsider and is struggling with her cafe and a local is on the warpath to keep her out newcomers.
Debbie also has a daughter, so she is desperate to turn the struggling cafe around.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which I read in two days. I just could not put this down.
I also liked how it was written from the cat; Molly’s perspective.

A beautiful story, of Molly’s journey.