Protected Post’s

Protected posts come with a password. This one password will help you access all password protected post’s.

But I am just not giving it out willingly to people.

And you will need to ask for it, as I don’t send unsolicited emails.

Please see below how to get the password.

If you follow my blog via the WordPress reader:

Whether I know you or not, (because there is a lot of followers at my blog and I visit a lot of blogs too,) please tell me:

  • Who you are and where you blog, sharing your blog link.
  • If you blog and use an email for that blog, then please write from that email when you contact me.

For most readers, getting this password shouldn’t be a problem, but if after checking I find it’s not a blog I have communicated with to some degree and vice versa you with mine, your request may be declined. I will let you know either way.

For friends that follow my blog via email, this is much simpler for me because I know who you are. All you need to do is ask for the password, whether by email, text, or when you see me.

My email: liz(dot)myjourney(@)gmail(dot)com

You can also find my email to the right of my blog, (or below, if you are reading off a mobile.)