Back to my artistic roots

I have been doing lots of doodles while away from blogging. Out of the ones I will share with you, I will share with you three of them. As you will see, my doodles have come on differently and I am re-discovering my artistic roots. The last time I drawn on this level, was not quite 20 years ago.

The elephant drawing challenge was a later date, but I wanted to do it earlier and share now with the other two drawings.




My doodles using 365 doodles prompts

In a previous post today, I shared a few blogs/websites I came across for doodle inspiration, while I await for my books. I decided I was going to doodle using prompts from Johanna Fritz website: 365 doodles. You will find more about her doodle prompts here.

Today, I was not in a mood to study. (Maybe I will be later today.) So I have doodled. 🙂

Here are some of mine.