Post share: “Deaf 11-year-old and his MP ask Boris Johnson for see-through face masks”

Good on this 11 year old boy.

But us deaf/Deaf and hard of hearing people should not have to do this. The Government should have had this in place already.

If masks have to be used, then public services should only be using clear masks. Otherwise clear visors.


A break through for us with hearing loss/deaf/Deaf

A break through for us that are deaf/Deaf/hearing loss, who rely on lipreading and visual facial expressions to communicate when travelling. But as they have said, the Government need to now raise this so everyone knows the difficulties we face.

See further here:,UYT7,3F5386,3SCDD,1

Spreading further deaf awareness

I am spreading further deaf awareness. The link at the end of this post will take you to You Tube, where you will see an animation of a poem. This was written by Barbara, a supporter of Action on Hearing Loss, which is where I learnt about this poem through email newsletters I get. When you are on You Tube watching this short animation, you will be able to read more below about Barbara and her poem.

A poem by Barbara Rosemary Bell.

Raising the importance of not cutting off deaf and hard of hearing people

In my post How is everyone doing? I raised my concerns regarding what is my world going to be like now, due to more people wearing face masks due to the Coronavirus.
My world is not fully accessible to me now, as in people still only give a phone option, when my communication is email, or text. Like my doctors for example, I thought when first registering there, I was really impressed because I was able to show my communication preference. But what have they done in the past? Try to phone. There has been doctors that have not used what they have on their system, as in regards to communication preference.
Plus, if I ever need the doctor, I don’t have the option to text or email still. So it’s still all one sided when it comes to contacting them. It’s not good enough. With the Coronavirus, I don’t want to walk in to query something, when a simple email would have done it.

Some businesses and NHS medical professionals need to follow the example of my NHS audiologists I go to, as they are 100% accessible to me.

Going back to the face mask scenario, as I have mentioned in the comments of the above post link, how I have seen clear masks one time to be available. I have not looked since, so don’t know if they still are. These were disposable though. But medical professionals, like dentists for example don’t use them.

In an ideal world, I would like to see clear masks being used regularly. But this has never happened and never will.

Clear masks will help the deaf and hard if hearing to not feel excluded.

Thank you to Kaya, at, she thought of me and shared this link to a story about a student creating reusable, clear face masks. I thought this deserved a post of it’s own to raise awareness.

This student set up a Go Fund Me page (which is not accepting any more donations as this post airs) to cover costs in making and sending to anyone. It’s gone down very well as you will imagine.
These masks are very inclusive for those of us that need to lipread and see facial expressions to communicate effectively.


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How is everyone doing?

With restrictions still in place for some more weeks to come, our world isn’t going to change anytime soon. But I did not expect them to be lifted just yet. It would have been crazy to lift them at this point and our efforts would have been wasted. So it’s good to know this is staying in place, as hard as it will be for us.

Last Friday became a moment where I had a melt down, while at work. A couple of bloggers know this via comments.
It just got a bit much wth regarding my mum and getting my head round the nursing homes idea, and the restrictions in place that limit where I can go.
But what really made me melt, was seeing in last couple of days how some people are just not observing these restrictions. So it got me really frustrated and upset until I broke.
I have seen people hanging out in groups of three and here’s me, like a majority of us, playing by the rules. What the hell are these people playing at? I stay in, unless it’s work, or groceries. That’s the only time I am out, as well as picking up my prescription, which I need to do that tomorrow.
I don’t stay in for the likes of others to hang out in groups of three!

I know I am not alone in these feelings, because I have read other blog posts too where they feel exactly the same on this and frustrated by it.

I am so glad I am working, because going by how I am finding it more difficult now, regardless how much I challenge myself in finding good stuff to occupy me with, I think I would have been more of a mess had I not been working.

Also, when restrictions do eventually lift, things aren’t going to be the same and I am concerned with one thing that I have been reading, that the Government is thinking of doing. But they want to get full facts together first, before making a decision. That’s face masks. This was on my mind Friday too, so this broke me in addition to the frustration of those who think it is ok to go about in groups of three. If face masks are going to be enforced, then that is a barrier to me. How do I lipread someone with a mask?
The world is not accessible to me as it should be now at times, when it comes to communication. So my fear is how harder is my life going to get communication wise, if face masks are enforced.

I would be only willing to use a face mask, if say like on a bus, because you can’t have that 2 meter distance there. But everyone else will have to wear them too.
The other time would be in a medical setting, like a hospital.

Wearing a mask protects others. It doesn’t protect you. I have chosen not to wear one, for the simple reason that I do not want to increase my risk of infection, because of me touching my face, to adjust that mask, through the day. (I have asthma for those that don’t know.)

So my future fear, until it is made certain by the UK Government, is just how more difficult my life will become as a deaf person? because at any point through out the day I come across someone wearing a face mask, who wants to talk to me, I am going to look confused back, indicating to the removal of the mask, because I can’t hear, or bloody lipread, until they do.

How are you doing? 


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Blog post re-share: SILENT WARRIOR

I hope my friend Lorraine does not mind sharing this post. I share this because it is so true and I have felt like this too for so long, but I just could not find the words, like Lorraine has done with this post. Do read this post and while you are over at her blog, take a read of her other blog posts.

We live in a noisy world. Full of activity, with little silence. So much talking, so much shouting, so much assertion of self. In some ways all of that is necessary, but we have become so accustomed to all of this that we often fail to see the things that are going on in silence, in the darkness. Here, battles are being won. Here, huge triumphs are taking place. The quiet, unassuming person sitting next to you – would you know what battles they have fought and won? Would you know what triumphs they have embraced?

Everything does not have to be done noisily, with great shouts of acclamation. Respect the quiet person sitting next to you for they may be a silent warrior who has fought and won many battles.

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Blog post re-share: Before You End Your Life – Suicide Awareness — Writing My Heart Out

This post comes with a trigger warning, as it discusses suicide.
It’s a blog post re-share from Writing My Heart Out. 

It’s a post close to my heart, because as you know, my mum attempted suicide back in February.

Also, due to the effects of that hitting me later and now the struggles with my mum since, you will know I talked about being in a very dark place and that dark place was not wanting to live anymore myself.
I still have those feelings, but I am not going to act them out. I am now in tears as I type that.
I am tired, as you know of all this with my mum. I have had it long as I can remember. But the struggles came from my teens, when I was her carer in some way, until this year I said no fucking more, after I took a week off work burnt-out. And so I am now her daughter. Not her carer and due to mum’s current situation as you know, preparations will be put into place by those in charge of her care, that mum is going to have to accept when the time comes to discharge. But until we are at that place, mum unfortunately is that bad, she is not at a place to take charge of her care.

Do read this blog post by clicking on the link below, visiting the original blog post to continue reading and comment there.

Are you at the lowest of your life right now? Does everything seems to falling in front of you? Have you lost faith in yourself? Do you feel like taking your own life & end everything ? If yes, keep reading till the end. Hello everyone! First of all, the reason why am I writing […]

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Blog post re-share: “Unlearning What To Say & Do,” by A NEW NORMAL: Living & Loving Your Life After Loss.

A post I came across, in my time of having a blogging break. I thought this post would be a good post to share in times of someone’s grief.
It’s a very well written post, as well as very useful. You may also find the other blog posts helpful to read too, which I have and now following the blog.

You can find this post here, over at “A NEW NORMAL: Living & Loving Your Life After Loss.”