Blog post re-share: When you are too quiet — Topics with Passion

I have talked about being an introvert a few times on my blog and I wanted to re-share this post, written by Topics with Passion, because I can so relate to it, as an introvert.

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. 254 more words

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Blog post re-share: Caregivers need…. — The Piney Chemist

Caregiving consists of joint relationships focusing only on the needs of care-recipients. Caregivers are the significant but forgotten halves of these alliances. Quality care environments are created by satisfying the needs of caregivers AND care-recipients. In order to provide consistent quality care, caregivers need…. 1.) ….dependable emotional support. Caregivers need to voice concerns and discuss […]

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Blog share: North Van Caregivers

I came across this blog recently; North Van Caregivers, as I searched for blogs recently related to caregivers. Although this company is not based in the UK, I have still found this blog helpful and I wanted to share it here, because of that.

North Van Caregivers blog is “conversations and inspiration for unpaid caregivers,” as it says underneath the title of their blog. Reading their about page, it introduces their Northshore Community Resources, where I see they are based in North Vancouver. They offer support and information to those providing unpaid care to a friend or family member. So if you are in North Vancouver and an unpaid carer, you may want to check them out.
But even if you are not, their blog I feel is valuable, so do take a read of their blog and comment there, in their posts, which they encourage you to do, because as they say, “We think the written word is a powerful way to share ideas and inspiration, and we invite you to join in the exchange here.”

But because they are not based in the UK, just bear in mind they cannot help in regards to UK care stuff, but I felt their content they share helps you as a carer, especially the emotional stuff and life as a caregiver.

Blog post re-share: GO FUND ME — Summer starts to SHINE

I have known Imani via her blog, Summer starts to SHINE and I have bought a motivational drawing with quote, that I picked that she personally drawn herself.

Regardless of Imani’s troubles, Imani has always tried to spread that positive ray of shine through her blog, support her local charity in raising money for them, in between sharing her difficulties.
Her business which she does when she can, due to her mental health varying each day, was started through people liking them. We loved her unique drawing that spread joy, positivity and rays of sunshine.

A friend of Imani’s, has set up a Go Fund Me page, as shared in the post below, where you can read more about it.
There is no pressure to donate, but any amount donated will help towards private counseling that specialises in counseling that Imani needs, due to the NHS letting her down by not providing the care she needs at this time, after a crisis and what Imani would normally receive.

Imani’s husband is off work and has become her full-time carer, making sure she is safe and as we know, this adds to extra pressure for him and them financially.

Readers will know I am not able to give myself as  I struggle financially this year, but also, I have become a carer myself, due to mum trying to take her own life. So I know all to well the struggles going on. I hope Imani is happy me re-blogging this post as my way of helping in some way, at this difficult time.

Long time no hear blogger friends.A kind friend has recently set up a Go Fund Me page. Why? Because of Northumberland Tyne and Wear’s NHS trust’s shock decision to suddenly discharge me from being under the care of community mental health services only days after a very near suicide attempt 😦 I haven’t been blogging […]

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Blog post re-share: Let’s talk Rubbish! — Peacock Poetry

Being responsible about our rubbish is very important and this post reflects my feelings on the topic. Do take a look.

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to do my (very minuscule) bit for the environment by trying to pick up a piece of litter that I didn’t drop on a daily basis. We are also trying to use less plastic at home and use our own composter etc and although far from being eco-warriors, […]

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Blog post re-share: Why Those of us That Can, Must Fight — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

I would like to share this post with my readers, from The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog.

I also agree with the first commenter in that blog post too, by Alanpenrose5654.

Do take a read of this blog post and the comments. Also, if you are not already following this blog, I totally recommend you do.

I hope that all of us in the mental illness blogging community have the same goals–to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe that to keep the fight going and maybe educate those that have never walked a day in our shoes, it is imperative to share your story. We are all unique, and though we may share similar symptoms of our collective illnesses, it is how you deal and your past that might help future mental illness sufferers.

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