The End – When one story ends, another starts.

So as you know, with giving plenty of warning it was happening. This blog has now come to an end.

When one story ends, another starts elsewhere.

My new blog is called Liz’s Onward Journey and can be found at:

My bi-line for my new blog is, “There’s no looking back.” 

To find out more about my new blog, you will need to visit there. This blog I have been writing since August.

My Wellbeing and Learning Journey, will remain visible until one day I may decide to remove it. But I have no plans anytime soon to do this and the more I have thought about this, since I first announced this blog was ending, the more I know I won’t delete this blog. It’s my baby. (So hence I edited this part of the post, to announce I won’t plan on deleting it. 🙂)

I have done lots of letting off steam here, on this one, you and myself, seeing me grow in confidence and finding further strength through blogging, that I did not feel at the time posting some of these posts.

The only time I may come back to this blog, is if I was to announce something that I may decide to do, that I am contemplating on. So if I do, it will be to announce that in a very short post, with the link to my new blog where you can read more on it. But why wait till then? Sign up instead to my new blog, Liz’s Onward Journey and follow by email to get the latest news in your email inbox. Or follow me on Twitter:

And I can also be found at Bloglovin, if following in any of the above ways is not convenient for my new blog. Details can be found over at Liz’s Onward Journey where I created a new page to show ways to follow.

Posts that I write over there:

  • Chit-chat posts – These happen twice a month at the most
  • Mental health topics
  • Books
  • Learning
  • Some deaf awareness has cropped up over there
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • And more

So similar to here, but a little bit more.

Bye from me here and thank you for your comments here. I hope to see you over at my new blog and when I visit yours, when reading blogs back here, on WordPress.

Stay safe and be well. X

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