Blog post re-share: Are You a Good Friend to Yourself? — Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

A good post by Dr. Eric Perry, PhD, “Are you a good friend to yourself?” Do click on the link at the end of this post to take you to it.

In the course of writing this blog, I have been keeping check on being kind to myself. Most of my adult life, I have spoken to myself horribly, putting myself down. I don’t think I have spoken to myself horrid before being an adult, but with things I have blocked/or forgotten, I don’t really know.

The last five years I have been much kinder to myself, to the years before, but the odd moments still creep in. If they do creep in, the nasty talk can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. It used to be longer than before, until putting into check.

The way I have spoken to myself, I wouldn’t speak to a friend like that.

If you are like that, then this post below will help you.

Written by Dr. Eric Perry, PhD Image Credit: Pixabay “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson What kind of friend are you? Are you attentive, kind and compassionate or, are you neglectful, uncaring and critical? Scrolling through quotes on the internet, I was reminded of the immense value we place on […]

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Blog post re-share: Covid-19, Fear crippling the planet…I — Sunshiny SA Site

This is my exact fears too. Not the virus. But the fear of how others are reacting. So do click on the link below to read this blog share.

My other annoyance is regards to some people’s lack of washing their hands. But as soon as something like this comes along in the news, everyone is all of a sudden is bothered. Hand hygiene should be followed all the time and never slacked. Not just be aware of it when something like this virus is in the news etc…
As someone who has been a cleaner for many years, especially in a hospital setting, I know the importance of hand hygiene. But also, I, incuding everyone else should know the basics of how importance of washing our hands is already, like washing your hands after visiting the toilets, which many times I have seen someone leave them, without washing their hands. And washing hands after touching pets another example. You don’t need to have worked in a health care setting to know the basics of hand hygiene.

So why does everytime a virus shows, people up their hand hygeine. But when its all over like past bugs and viruses, some people start to slack?

Hand hygeine is important all the time. For your own health, everybody else’s health and especially the vulnerable.

What I am scared about is the loss of reason and wave of fear that has induced the masses of society into a spellbinding spiral of panic, stockpiling obscene quantities of anything that could fill a bomb shelter adequately in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Blog post re-share: Power of promise by Beauty Lies Within Yourself

After hitting the reblog button and sharing this same post, I noticed it was showing the bloggers full post and not a short snippet due to post length being short. So I took it down and shared it this way in this post, so that you have to visit the bloggers post to read further. 

Having known what it feels like to be on the end of failed promises and especially the promise of coffee I heard all last year, that shattered me at my most vulnerable moment, (when I was feeling suicidal). I was really hanging onto that particular offer of coffee and I really thought it would happen, as you know when I blogged about it. That no way could I allow myself to accept any further from that relative. She had her chances all year and I was not going to shatter again.

So knowing how powerful a promise can be and as I have mentioned myself, don’t promise what you can’t keep, because you never know how it will affect the person possibly that you have just let down.

So I share this blog post I came across today, that reminds the power of a promise.

Please click on the link below, to read the bloggers post on the, “Power of promise.”

Where are you from? Tell me a bit about yourself.

Since my last post last year, I have noticed the new followers that have joined in since then, following this blog and new ones continue to follow.

Whether you have been following from the start, just a few months, or days, or anywhere in between, don’t be shy. Say hello and introduce yourself here in this post.
Tell me a bit about yourself, like what area are you from, hobbies etc…
And if you blog, then do tell me about your blog and what you write about, which if you do, you have my permission to leave your blog post link in the comment section of this blog post.

I look forward to seeing you here and interacting with each other.

I will start off in the comments, after airing this post.


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Blog post re-share: “A 3 Step Simple Guide To Being Compassionate” by BeautifulInsideOut

A blog post re-share, as the title says. Click on the link below and it will take you to the original blog content.


(Those that follow by email will find there was one before. Same topic. But when I tried to re-blog it, the layout wasn’t right on my blog. I tried to edit while airing and seen there was no link to the original content. So I took down the previous post and I have manually shared the blog post myself.)

Blog post re-share: Goal Getter: How to create & use a vision board — Living.Pretty.Happy

As you know from my blog post here, My Vision Board and Gratitude Wall, I have created my own. It’s helping me to keep focused. Even on difficult days.

Here’s a post below from Alex, at Living Pretty Happy, on Vision Boards. See her post, by clicking on the link below for more.


Vision boards, dream boards, call-them-what-you-will boards, are perhaps one of the best tools to get you ultra-focused on your goals. Once you understand your purpose & truly know what you want, I personally see vision boards as the next logical step in helping you achieve all that you aspire to. So what is a vision…

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Blog post re-share: Always look on the Bright Side — Peacock Poetry

A blog post re-share as a reminder for myself and for anyone else.

I have talked about hope in past posts. I always had hope somewhere in me, regardless what life had thrown. Last year was a tough year and I practically had nearly lost all hope. But that last bit of hope I had in me is building itself back up and I hold onto that hope again.

When my Dad was really ill, my lovely Auntie Glen, ever the optimist reassured us “where there is life, there is hope”. Hope is such an an anchor in this life and can be a source of huge strength when everything around us appears to be crumbling. Hope is a choice that we can make […]

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Blog post re-share : 2020 is a Dangerous Year — This, That, and The Other

Spreading this awareness further, after Fandango gave us bloggers awareness as to why you should really write the full year, when signing and dating anything.

Never use “20” as a substitute for, or an abbreviation of, “2020.” I learned this yesterday as I was signing a bunch of legal documents having to do with the purchase of my new home. My wife and I were sitting across the table from a notary public who had to witness each of us […]

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