Why has WordPress reversed it back?

Remember when I asked WordPress if they could make it darker so I could see the unread comments better on my notifications? See this post on that when I originally thanked them for doing that: Thank you WordPress. In the last couple of days, I have noticed they have reversed this change. Why? Have you my readers noticed this when you have been on your WordPress account? as I know you liked this change too.

Blog post re-share: When you are too quiet — Topics with Passion

I have talked about being an introvert a few times on my blog and I wanted to re-share this post, written by Topics with Passion, because I can so relate to it, as an introvert.

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. 254 more words

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Blog post re-share: Caregivers need…. — The Piney Chemist

Caregiving consists of joint relationships focusing only on the needs of care-recipients. Caregivers are the significant but forgotten halves of these alliances. Quality care environments are created by satisfying the needs of caregivers AND care-recipients. In order to provide consistent quality care, caregivers need…. 1.) ….dependable emotional support. Caregivers need to voice concerns and discuss […]

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Blog share: North Van Caregivers

I came across this blog recently; North Van Caregivers, as I searched for blogs recently related to caregivers. Although this company is not based in the UK, I have still found this blog helpful and I wanted to share it here, because of that.

North Van Caregivers blog is “conversations and inspiration for unpaid caregivers,” as it says underneath the title of their blog. Reading their about page, it introduces their Northshore Community Resources, where I see they are based in North Vancouver. They offer support and information to those providing unpaid care to a friend or family member. So if you are in North Vancouver and an unpaid carer, you may want to check them out.
But even if you are not, their blog I feel is valuable, so do take a read of their blog and comment there, in their posts, which they encourage you to do, because as they say, “We think the written word is a powerful way to share ideas and inspiration, and we invite you to join in the exchange here.”

But because they are not based in the UK, just bear in mind they cannot help in regards to UK care stuff, but I felt their content they share helps you as a carer, especially the emotional stuff and life as a caregiver.

Thank you WordPress

I have already said my thank you personally, but I write it here also.

A couple of days ago in an email to them, I suggested something. I asked if the notification I would click on in top right corner, (bell icon) which brings up list of read, or unread items associated with your blog, if by chance they were able to make it slightly darker, as I was struggling to see the difference between read and unread items. I see now they have done this and it makes it so much easier to tell what is unread and read now.

Thank you WordPress. 🙂

Where are you from?

Hello my readers and friends. I thank you, to each and every one of you for following this blog, no matter how long you have been following.
Thank you also to comments left, especially ones where you gave support at my difficult times.

Tell me what country you are from and how you came across my blog?

If you have a blog, it doesn’t matter whether I know your blog already, or not, please feel free to leave your blog link in this post, telling me and the other readers a bit about it.