Blog post re-share: Why Those of us That Can, Must Fight — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

I would like to share this post with my readers, from The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog.

I also agree with the first commenter in that blog post too, by Alanpenrose5654.

Do take a read of this blog post and the comments. Also, if you are not already following this blog, I totally recommend you do.

I hope that all of us in the mental illness blogging community have the same goals–to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. I believe that to keep the fight going and maybe educate those that have never walked a day in our shoes, it is imperative to share your story. We are all unique, and though we may share similar symptoms of our collective illnesses, it is how you deal and your past that might help future mental illness sufferers.

via Why Those of us That Can, Must Fight — The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Liebster Award


December time, I was nominated for the Liebster Award, by Mel, from decorcraftdesign. Thank you Mel.

I thought I had this award already, but was still happy to accept, but I could see no award on this blog when searching for it, so I must have got confused with my old blog I used to write.

So reading up on Mel’s blog to see what it was about, which you will see if you click on the above link the Liebster Award is given to bloggers, by other bloggers. For a blogger to nominate you it introduces you to the world and if you nominate new bloggers, it does the same for them, expanding the blogging community. More in the above link if you like to read more about it and do check out Mel’s lovely blog, while you are there.

All I now have to do, is to answer the questions ( 5 – 11 of them)  put to me. Then make a similar set of new creative questions for the bloggers I nominate.

So these are the questions I chose to answer. Which was all of them, except for one, which I did not have an answer for.

What would you be like or do if,

  1. You are an opposite sex of yours? I wouldn’t want to be the opposite sex.
  2. You are a superhero? Superman. I know, it dictates my first answer.
  3. You are a dog? I’d be faithful and keep my owner happy.
  4. You are an artist? I’m answering as artist as in painting on canvas, or drawing etc… I would sell some pieces if they were good enough.
  5. You can fly? I don’t want to fly.
  6. You are a scientist? No thanks. I will leave it those that’s clever enough.
  7. You are a tycoon? If I want wan much money to live on, I’d certainly donate to a few charities.
  8. You are a celebrity? Choose not to be in the limelight, while still being able to do my job. I admire those celebrities that can do that, because it must be hard to keep your life personal.
  9. You are an alien? Can’t answer this one. Don’t know.
  10. You can travel time? I would want to see my own future, to choose whether it was worth fighting for, or not.
  11. You are a Santa Claus? Make all children happy and see they are safe and the adults who are homeless on the streets, would have food and shelter.

I am not nominating anyone, so if you are reading this and would like to do it, then you are welcome to.

Here are the questions for you if you choose to accept:

  1. Is there anything you plan to do, that will be a little out of your comfort zone?
  2. If you could travel in time, would you want to visit a past, or future?
  3. Do you own a pet? Tell me about your lovely friend. (Don’t have one? I don’t, but if you could own a pet, what would it be?)
  4. Your favourite comfort food?
  5. Your favourite place?

Do enjoy joining in and don’t forget to spread the community by sharing the award. Do see the above link in how to join in, as full details there.

Please note, that this will be the last award I will accept, as I don’t plan to do anymore. Thank you to those that have nominated me in the past. 


I have changed my primary domain as planned

As I announced in IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog! and reminded in a post this year, that I would be moving my blog address back to the free WordPress address. So instead of seeing you will be seeing how it was originally when I first started; from today.

As I warned in post; IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog! this may affect readers that have come to follow my blog while I was on the paid domain.
Now although I have changed my domain back early, the paid domain does not expire until later in the year. (Details in that above post.) So if you want to carry on following me and later in the year you find you cannot see me, just remember to find me back at my free blog address:

Thank you.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays, the way you wanted.

Remember, on the 10th January, I will be changing my blog link back to my free domain address. For further details why and, what’s happening and how some of you that followed when it was my paid domain could be possibly affected, then please see this post for further details:”IMPORTANT INFORMATION for my followers of this blog!

See you later, with further blog posts, after this date.

Blog post re-share: “Tips on looking after your mental health this Christmas,” by Heads Together.

Christmas will be you are either looking forward to it, or not. Christmas can be a difficult time for some and it is important to look after yourself, how best it suits you.
For me, I have already expressed for some time, that I need quiet this year and I have said no to some things, as I shared in this post; “To say no.”

HeadsTogether, has written a very helpful post on looking after yourself this Christmas. Click on the link below, which will take you to their page, where you can read more.

Tips on looking after your mental health this Christmas.

Blog post re-share: 7 Things Well Balanced Introverts Always Do

I can so relate to this blog post, as an introvert. 🙂

Quietly Ambitious

Well balanced introverts are highly aware of their social energy. They guard it with their life and implement strategies to ensure it remains protected! Failing to remain balanced could negatively impact our work or personal life and quite frankly we don’t have time for that! If we’re out chasing our goals as BOLD INTROVERTS we need to do all we can to ensure we put our best foot forward!

Every. Single. Time!

So, I’ve put together 7 things well balanced introverts do. I actually apply these 7 things to my own life and it helps me manage being a wife, mother and content creator for this blog!

1. They turn on their ‘Do Not Disturb’ at 9pm

10:30pm is about the average time most people go to bed. In the hour or so before you go to sleep you should start relaxing your mind. Research has found that using…

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My email to WordPress, after …

After what I announced last night, after coming across my email regarding the price for personal plan this blog is currently set as, I felt I needed to email them at WordPress. I have never emailed them before, but after sleeping on what I discovered and announced last night, after making my decision that wasn’t hard to make, I felt I needed to air my thoughts to them. This was my email:

When I first signed up for a domain at £36, although this was expensive to me, I was happy to pay for my own domain for a blog that I just write for personal. Especially when I have been happy with WordPress. But after an email yesterday that it tells me it’s going up to £58 when I add the total combined, I wasn’t able to condone or afford that price for something I don’t earn money from.
If the price was reflected from the start of what it goes up to, I would never have bothered and kept it just as a free domain. I feel I have been duped and I am not happy. This should have been clearly explained from the start, like other websites do. And no, I am not paying to avoid the hike when I don’t know what lies ahead in price. I don’t want to be airing a new domain for nothing.

As you know, I cancelled my subscription the minute I received that email and my readers have been informed what will be happening to my blog.