Chit-chat January

In December, I decided to quit my home study course. There was still no motivation, but also no desire, or need to do it. Prior to that, I have not touched for about a year, due to circumstances as you know. One being I held off due to grieving for my two family members, that went together when they were hit by a careless driver.

I then learnt just three days later, (after the funeral) as you know, of an ex and the awful thing he had done that left me reeling and feeling sick. This still haunts me.

I tried last November to get back into it, but I couldn’t and then again in December, but still couldn’t, along with no desire, or need to do it. So I shredded and binned the course. Even doing that, I felt nothing, or no regret for doing it.

The year of 2019 for me is just to get back into my crafts, in some way. When I started doing Sharpie Sunday, this first sparked off my crafty side again, while releasing anything emotionally.
I’ve also done other prompts, that I shared on my blog, that got me back into drawing some way.

As well as sketching, colouring and doodling, I will hopefully do a bit of cross stitching and maybe later crotchet. If I do get back into crotchet, I may need to re-learn the basics.

What ever crafts I decide to do, I shall do in my own time and I’m sure I will share something on here now and again.

I hope to also go on at least a couple of day trips, with a possible third, if I can afford it.

I also plan to walk around my neighbourhood.

I loved reading “The Ice Monster,” by David Williams. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed so much with a book, as I have done with this one.

The ice monster by David Williams

I even read it for a second time. I definitely want to read more of his books and although aimed for children, I bet I am not the only adult enjoying them also. Even my mum has enjoyed reading it.
I was thinking of doing this book as a giveaway on my blog later. But only if there is interest, as a few book giveaways I have done in the past, not all seamt popular. Would you be interested entering, if I did?

My audiology appointment I had after Boxing Day, which I had my hearing test as planned shown my worser ear remains stable, when it comes to my hearing. My left ear I could see there was a change, which surprised me, because hearing wise with that ear I don’t feel there is any change. But I was reassured not to worry about it, because depending on time and day, my mood and other factors, it can seem it looks like it’s changed now, but not necessarily in the long run. I’m not worried anyway, but I was relieved to see my right ear remains stable, which is my deafer ear.
An appointment was made to see the hearing specialist, with regards to the sensitivity to sound I was having. (The right ear being the worst ear for sensitivity.) I went on the 3rd January for this. At this appointment, I talked about my sensitivity to sounds I am experiencing. My hearing aids were then checked and, adjusted and my remote was checked to make sure it was still paired up ok with my hearing aids. (My remote makes it easier to adjust volume and programmes easily, especially when wearing  covers over them.)

First impressions from leaving there and throughout the day, I noticed the adjustment was a positive improvement for me. There was a tiny amount of sensitivity with right ear still, but I did not feel the urge to turn down that hearing aid.
As the week progressed, leading up to now as this post airs, the rest is calming down and in general, that tiny bit of sensitivity in right ear is hardly much. It’s doesn’t bother my general day-to-day as before and not something I notice all the time. So I reckon in time soon, it will completely go that I never realised when it actually did.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I may have ‘Hyperacusis’ after a friend shared me some info on it, after I told her of my difficulties and with seeing the audiologist and specialist, it does confirm this.
Deaf people are known to get this, but more common apparently with late deafened. Reading more about it on the way home from the audiologist, I learnt that a life event, like bereavement can bring it on. So with my own two life events I have had, it certainly makes more sense.

To read more about Hyperacusis, you can find out more about here at The British Tinnitus Association.

What’s your plans for 2019?

(This post, I shall keep open to comments for a month.)

Chit-chat extra in December

Don’t bother with the AcuRite humidity monitor

I forgot to mention in Chit-chat December, that the AcuRite humidity monitor, I ended up throwing away, as I noticed the temperature had not changed all night, it stayed at a low temperature, even though I was warm and cosey to what it was showing, because the heating was on. So don’t buy it. It’s useless. I was going to get another elsewhere, (different brand) but not bothering.

The wildlife outside

I have been enjoying noticing the Blue Tits, as well as a Robin and other birds. I also managed to observe a squirrel up close and personal, as well as from my flat window. So all nice to see.

One of the days, I went out with a black bin liner and picked up rubbish at the front of the flat. I ended up with a full bag of rubbish and I did not even collect it all that I would have liked. This was because of where it was, amongst the thorny bushes. I wasn’t outside long doing this, but I enjoyed it and I felt satisfied I was helping nature. I would like to collect rubbish from the hard to reach spots, but I would need one of those long-armed grabber things that I see people use for picking up litter. That’s if using one of them would work for the rubbish I see, which are small glass bottles. Unfortunately, there was more rubbish before the week was out, so you would not have realised it was done.

Hearing test

After Boxing Day, I will be attending an audiology appointment. This should be for a hearing test, as I want to see if I have got some hearing back. Although I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. I’m more likely to be having ”Hyperacusis,’ which is raised sensitivity to sounds that other people don’t find loud. My friend told me of this when I last seen her in Oxford, as I was chatting about my sensitive hearing issues.
Once the audiologist knows the problem I am having with sensitivity to sound, I should then be tested for my uncomfortable level, so that hearing aids are then adjusted so they don’t go above my uncomfortable level.

Once I have had this appointment with the audiologist, I should know what’s what.

Chit-chat December


After reading ‘Sea Change,’ by Robert Goddard, I finished off reading, that I started a couple of months before, ‘The Richest Man In Babylon,’ by George S. Clason. I downloaded this for free, from somewhere, as a PDF file on my phone. This was a book that some of you may remember, that was recommended to me via one of my frugal posts.
It took a little motivation to read it and I could not believe what I was reading. It’s true, for an old book, it can be applied to modern times. I see why this book is popular.

The next book I started reading, that I have mentioned before, was ‘Forgive Me,’ by Lesley Pearse. I have been fully gripped by this book from the start and I read it within the week. I plan to read more, from this author.


Due to low-income and within a certain threshold of savings, I am entitled to help still. I delayed sorting it because I was mentally drained with moving and from sorting out the gas issue I had. Near the end of last month, I applied for my council tax, but learnt for the housing benefit part, I would have to apply for Universal Credit for that. Alarm bells ring for me when I hear the word Universal Credit, because I do not trust it at all. On top of this, you hear other negative stuff about it.
Although I wasn’t going to apply, I created my account and went through the application, just to see if my views would change and to see if something I wondered on, was true. After filling in and checking the information I gave, I hit the submit button, (or whatever it was) and the next page that came up, said to receive Universal Credit, I would be expected to seek more working hours, as agreed by my workcoach, or words similar to that. You check the box if you agree and submit. I did not. Instead I logged out.
I am all for wanting more work, but I won’t be bound under their pressures and targets to receive help with my rent. I would rather my money be tight and seek another job in my own time, than their standards. I won’t have unneccessary stress for it. It would be like signing on the dole again.
And don’t forget, because my hours change each month, depending on if overtime is more or less, or no overtime at all, I have to make sure I am totally on the ball letting them know of this, while writing down what ever work I have to hunt for in what ever way, they want me to. To me, that is not worth the aggro.

As for looking for work, if I do see any jobs going that interest me and it involves weekend work, I’m not going to say no to it anymore. As I said in Looking for that extra work, from chatting with that person about this and how I always did not apply, because I held off to keep myself free for them, I will now not hold off any longer, now I know she understands and is fine. Not wanting to see me short. So as I said in that post, which you will not have seen in your reader of your dashboard, as when I hit publish, it did not air on the actual date I wanted it to air and for some reason it aired on an earlier date, so not visible for the day it should have done. (One of them days again.) So you might like to read that post.

DVD’s for Christmas

End of last month, I bought a couple of DVD’S to watch over Christmas. I bought, ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ and ‘A Christmas Story.’

That’s all I have for this chit-chat post and an early one too. 🙂

Chit-chat November extra

Today was Christmas lights switch on, in my local town of Mansfield. The plan was to arrive about an hour before light switch on, enjoying the music and what ever else prior to then. Now I know it would bring in crowds, but as I have not been to a local event like this before, I did not really know what to expect to be honest. But I was hoping it would not feel crowdy, like a tin of sardines. But it was, so I was down there just 20 minutes, before walking back home.
Back home, I played on a game on my phone I downloaded for free a few days ago, with some reading in between of a book called “Sea Changes,” by Robert Goddard and the Christmas tree will go up tonight.

I plan to avoid Black Friday. I shall stay at home that day, again, avoiding the crowd that might happen for this event.

I have been catching up over the last few weeks on DVD, “The Walking Dead, season 8” and “Wentworth Prison season 6.” I now await next year for the new seasons to come out and carry on where I have left off, once they are out on DVD.

Have you ever been to your local Christmas light switch on?
Do you avoid the crowds on events like I’ve mentioned, or similar?
What have you been doing over the weekend?

Chit-chat November

So we are 13 days into November. Soon be Christmas. 😀

I learned a bit more about my new doctors since this post, Why do people NOT observe the rule, don’t phone? when I talked about the accessibility that this my new doctors do, that the other did not.
Since making an appointment recently, to see the nurse, I noticed my appointment reminder had a text, or email option, should I need to cancel my appointment. I think this is really great and this is something my previous doctors did not provide, which would have meant me calling into the practice itself to cancel.
My appointment with the nurse is tomorrow. I am hoping my anxiety is minimal, or nil, because I noticed that when I called into the practice yesterday, to say this was second time popping in, I had some anxiety I wasn’t expecting. Hopefully this will all die down, as I get to know the practice.

When it comes to e-readers, should I decide to buy one, I know that the Kobo brand will be best for me. Thank you to everyone that commented in post, E-readers or books? It confirmed for me, that Kobo would be best for me with the comments left in this post and me looking a little further by googling. But as I say, I have not really decided to buy one now and whether I will in the end, I don’t know. I will see how I feel in the coming months.

I am looking forward to my week off work next week. All that week is called for in some way.
Monday will be an appointment with the dentist. Just a routine check-up, then I will meet up with mum while in the area, for lunch. The remainder of Monday once home, will be watching DVD’S, or reading and nothing else.
Tuesday to Saturday, I have kept myself open for a friend who is going through something difficult at the moment. I will see her how ever many times she’d like to meet up during that time. If there are any days I don’t meet up, then I plan to have a lazy days, or maybe a walk in a park, or two.
Sunday will be what ever comes my way, or a further lazy day. I am just going to go with the flow, because the past week has been difficult at times, where I have struggled with energy and having either sore muscles, or joints, or both together. This has made it hard work at times, at work, when my body has felt like this, so I am really looking forward to the week off next week and I am counting it down.
I may, if motivated, put the Christmas tree up, at some point in that week.

Chit-chat October

So the month as you know as been mainly to do with me moving into my flat and getting things sorted and jus settling in. Also finish of with things from the place I moved from.
October has just been a month to settle into my flat, which will continue into November, as I find my feet. The coming months I may tweak a few things around my home, or I may just find I am happy with how I have my things.
I bought some new curtains just over a week ago, but I have not been bothered to put them up yet. I have been drained with trying to get the gas sorted fiasco, which if it wasn’t for my landlord sorting it for me, I would have been another day without heating and water. It was just yesterday that this was all sorted, thanks to him.

Donations to charity

I plan to donate the tv stand, shoe cupboard, bookcase and a work top oven.
After knowing how quickly a pan of water heats up on cooker that belongs to the flat, should I ever be in a situation where I need a cooker again because of moving, I will buy one. I don’t want to use my current one, knowing there are hobs that heat up pans of water better. But it is still in good nick and it would be appreciated by the next person as it has helped me over the years I had it.
I have emailed charity about these donations and they will be collecting them in just over a weeks time.

Books I am reading

I was so happy to get my hands on the book, “The Book Thief,” by Markus Zusak. I love the film as you know and the book was next on my list, to compare. The book I bought second-hand at a coffee morning I went to just last Saturday, at Salvation Army and it’s in excellent condition. I also bought “Forgive Me,” by Lesley Pearse and “Sea Changes,” by Robert Goddard. These three books I bought for a £1. So as you can see, this is what I will be doing over the next couple of months.

Before I closed down my Amazon account, I bought the book, “The Highly Sensitive Person,” by Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D.

Are you a highly sensitive person?

I thought I had not read “The Highly Sensitive” before and reading it, I could not remember, but in my bullet journal I had ticked off that I had read this book. I can’t have been in the right frame of mind reading it the first time round.
I picked up this book to read, because I have always seen myself sensitive, but as a “Highly Sensitive Person,” (HSP) this was all new to me.
A reader commented on this post, “I really wish others knew this about me…” about how she is a HSP and wondered if I was too. She said to check out a movie/documentary with Alanis Morrissette called, “Sensitive.” I had a look at that and elsewhere and I found it very useful. I hope that I can watch the film/documentary on dvd. But from a website I visited to learn more about HSP, I discovered I am a HSP. The book I am reading is confirming that to me as well and it is unlocking some memories I had forgotten, that I see are me as a HSP.
I always felt different growing up and as an adult, but I could never put my finger on it. Knowing I am a HSP, puts it into context.

Christmas tree going up soon

In a few weeks my Christmas tree will be going up early as planned. I blogged here on, “One year today, since you are both gone,” on why it is going up early.

The road they were killed on, my friend took me that way recently, so I could see for myself how clearly signed it is now, with the new speed limit of 40mph. Let’s hope this all helps and no other family go through what we went through.

Chit-chat: Are you having another cat?

I thought this question would have stopped now, but it still seems to crop up and it did recently again.

The short answer is no.

But going deeper into the answer why it’s a no, if you are interested, is that I am in no situation to own another cat.

Most private properties, especially flats, do not accept pets, or to the point, definitely not cats, or dogs. Unless of course you are in a council property, they will allow, but there may be a limit as to how many, which varies in different areas. So until I am in a council property, I can’t even contemplate thinking of owning a cat. Even if I was allowed a cat, financially I can’t afford a cat right now.

By the time, if not before, owning a council property, I may go down the route of owning guinea pigs. But again, this is whether I can financially, even though I know they are more affordable once they have their set up. But I want to make sure they have the best. So until I know there is a place in a corner of a  room where will have plenty of room in a pen, it won’t happen till I know.

The only connection in my life when it comes to cats, is Cats Protection. I will go every time I have donations to give, from where Miley came from originally. So if you see me near there, it’s because I am donating, not adopting. 😊