If you are going to ask someone how they are…

If you are going to ask someone how they are, or in my case, I was asked how my mum was, then do make sure you stay and listen to their answer.

I mentioned this on another blog about where I was asked recently by one particular person at work, how my mum was. But when I started to say, I was left talking to myself. I may as well have just faced the wall and had a chat with that!

It’s not the first time this same person has done this, along with another noticable trait she likes to do.

Well no more. My walls are up with this person.

So if you ever in a situation you know someone is in difficulty and you just happen to ask how they are, or how a family member is, please, stay and listen to them. What’s the point asking, if you are just not going to listen and talk to the next person that comes in the room.

The person you leave and did not finish the conversation with, could be really struggling. Or by not listening and walking away, makes you look uncaring as well as bloody rude.

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Blog post re-share: “A 3 Step Simple Guide To Being Compassionate” by BeautifulInsideOut

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Blog post re-share: SILENT WARRIOR

I hope my friend Lorraine does not mind sharing this post. I share this because it is so true and I have felt like this too for so long, but I just could not find the words, like Lorraine has done with this post. Do read this post and while you are over at her blog, take a read of her other blog posts.

We live in a noisy world. Full of activity, with little silence. So much talking, so much shouting, so much assertion of self. In some ways all of that is necessary, but we have become so accustomed to all of this that we often fail to see the things that are going on in silence, in the darkness. Here, battles are being won. Here, huge triumphs are taking place. The quiet, unassuming person sitting next to you – would you know what battles they have fought and won? Would you know what triumphs they have embraced?

Everything does not have to be done noisily, with great shouts of acclamation. Respect the quiet person sitting next to you for they may be a silent warrior who has fought and won many battles.

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Blog post re-share: You Are Amazing

It’s so easy to overlook yourself and this post serves as a good reminder for us. 🙂


I’m truly enjoying the November Soul Reset.

Day Three is talking about gratitude, but not just the proverbial list. It asked me to thank myself.

To say ‘thank you’ to me for being me.

Consider the last time you felt thankful for yourself. Really genuinely. Not because someone told you to. But because it just dawned on you. It just dawned on you that you are pretty amazing. ~SC Lourie

This is rather profound. When I think back of all the things I’ve been through, I tend to thank God, and that someone who stood by me during the storm. I cannot recall if I’ve ever said, “Thank you Barb.” 

I encourage you to take a quiet moment with you. Sit with a warm cuppa, and thank you for being there for you. When you think of who you love most in this world let it be you. You…

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Blog post re-share: My Mind’s Junk-Drawer — Untangled

I love this post when I came across it and it helped to look at myself in a different way. It made me smile at what was my irritations, until now. It gave me some perspective and not to get too annoyed with myself. My mind has a junk-drawer and I sometimes cannot find, or lose stuff in my junk drawer.

Do you have a junk-drawer?

We have a “junk-drawer” in our kitchen. It’s the drawer where coupons, batteries, a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measures, a flashlight, matches, lighters, cat-nip, and the assorted 1/2 used birthday candle packages lay scattered about. It’s a small drawer, but it seems, it has the room of Mary Poppins magic bag. It holds everything and […]

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Post re-share: Empathy in the work place

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Post: Empathy in the work place.

Due to recent difficulties, as this post mentions, I discovered my work place has empathy.

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Invisible illnesses do not make invisible people

Something I came across Facebook and I wanted to share here. There are many illnesses that are invisible, but because they are invisible, it does not mean our invisible illness are not easy. It does not make them any less.


Just some examples of invisible illnesses are:

  • mental illness
  • dyslexia
  • hearing loss
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Fibromyalgia

As I have mentioned, this is just a short list and there are many other invisible illnesses.