Sewing fun

I have heard of a magazine called, “Mollie Makes,” for the last few month’s, but this magazine has been going for much longer, as the magazine I bought was issue 94.
I decided to buy this, after Bexa reviewed this issue, where you had everything to make the toucan keyring. See Bexa’s review, over here.

Here is mine that I made.


I have learnt a couple of new stitches making this; blanket stitch and whipstitch. As well as these, I brushed up in some old stitches not used for a while.

I really enjoyed making this and I imagine I will look at making something else with felt soon, as I have felt already and thread’s. I am thinking of looking at making something that involves using bean bag filling, as I have plenty of this.

This will be someone’s Christmas present this year, with money being a bit tight currently. I know this will be well received.

Day 17 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Create

One time I used to make lots of handmade cards and I did this for several years till I stopped. (I enjoy buying handmade cards now, than making.) Since then, I have done cross stitching, ( only small pieces.) I started to learn crochet, but this kinda stopped with home studying taking over. But with having Miley, she devoted my time, because she was the type of cat that liked to be around me when she could. Those small moments I did not have when she had time to herself, I was either studying, or did not want to do anything. Now Miley is no longer around, I hope to get back into my crochet where I have left off. My craft storage has stayed in my living room since where I placed it, when I cleared the dining room as much as I could for the decorator. I have now kept it there, as it looks perfect next to my settee and ideal if I fancy having a dabble at something. I will only have to reach over. 🙂 My crochet book is on the bottom shelf of my coffee table. This book goes through all the basics etc… so I am hoping that this will help me to carry on where I left off, instead of going back where I learned. But if I need to go back, I will be welcomed. My crochet stuff is in a cotton bag, as no room in the craft storage, that already contains pencil crayons, felt tips, sketch pads/books, cross stitching stuff, wool and another project, should I ever start it, as well as some other craft books of planned crafts. There is also a tub with some fabric to recycle into crafts of new things I have discovered. So new learning and have a go projects, as well as large loom.

Dabbling in crafts makes you a feel-good. It is time out for you and takes your mind away from things that may be troublesome. It is something to look back at, if you are keeping it in the home.

Have a go at trying something new and find that new confidence in where you can say, I made this.

#blurtselfcareathon #theblurtfoundation #mentalhealth #selfcare

New craft ideas

I like crafts, but for sometime I have not done any. When I am not working, or studying, or what ever else in between, I am relaxing with my cat, Miley, who likes to take my time.  I sometimes cannot even read a book, because she likes to get my full attention when on my lap. 😀
When I have free-time at some point, I would like to get back into my new hobby, crocheting, which has stopped since I shared this post; “Crochet.” I would like to also do some small cross stitching pieces one day, as well as doing some things with pom poms I make like owls for example.

I have also come across a Facebook group called, “Up-Cycled Collective” and I am following the regional group of this, “Friends of the Up-Cycled Collective UK & Ireland.” It’s a mixture of things on both these groups that involve creations from fabric. The idea is to reuse fabric that would otherwise go on a landfill and there are some inspiring creations there. I am interested in one day having a go at braid rugs, or making something from handmade scrap fabric twine, like coasters, or table mats.
Both these groups are closed groups, so you would have to request to join, if it’s a group for you. They are both very welcoming groups.


I first revealed here, in this post of learning crochet, by showing you a photo near the end of that post of a small piece I was practising on. Since then, that piece currently looks like this.


I have really taken to crochet and enjoy it, so I know this new hobby will be something of a regular one. This crochet piece, I shall turn into a small purse, as I did not want to undo my first piece of practise work. I will put a wooden button on the front, when done. I have learnt where I went wrong at the end, which was missing a stitch due to me being tight with the stitches at first and the stitches I have learnt so far the following stitches: slip knot, chain stitch, which is your base for stitches, double crochet, half treble and treble stitch. What a brain exerciser. The only problem I am going to have, is remembering the name to the stitch I know how to do.

Next week, I plan to start a new project. I want to do a striped blanket for my bed in colours that will go with what I already have in my bedroom. I already have some wool, but I may need more later, which is not a problem, as she always has this in. I shall be taking in my iPad to show the blanket I want to create in my chosen colours, as this was the kind of stripes I was looking for my blanket to go on my bed. Where I found the blanket was at Whimsy and Cosy, in this blog post.


I look forward to doing this project and when I have completed it, I will share in another blog post next year.

I will always love the guitar, but I do not have the mindset to learn how to play, or the motivation.

I revealed here sometime back, how I have been learning and enjoying playing the acoustic guitar. Since a lesson where I could not wait to get out, I have gone from regular practising, to since then, only practising a couple of times since. The last few months now where I have not practised at all and so I have put it back in its own guitar bag, to keep the dust off.


I have now decided to sell my guitar because I just don’t have the right mindset, or motivation to play it. But I will always love the guitar and hearing the guitar. It saddens me that I have not been on it, but I know this won’t be enough to get back on it. I have put it on a back seat because of studies, which will go on a year or more. As well as this, I am learning a new hobby, which is crochet and I will probably learn a couple of more hobbies. I am loving the crochet and feel my brain has been exercised as I learn how to do the stitches.


If I do decide to learn to drive, then this will be another distraction where I will always put the guitar on the back seat, so to speak. It will be nice knowing that hopefully soon, it will go to a good home, where someone will enjoy and appreciate it.