Dermatitis is a real pain and I have suffered contacted dermatitis for 3 years. (But possibly more, as I have lost count.)

It wasn’t until last year, 3 months before Christmas that I finally had it under control with my over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream, along with a moisturiser that I found really helped me, which was Aveeno hand cream. (The green top one, which contains colloidal oatmeal.) I decided to give Aveeno a go after reading positive reviews from eczema websites.
This year, I also discovered another moisturising cream that was good; Cetraben cream. I decided to try this after is was recommended to my work colleague who was also suffering with her hands.

Both these creams I recommend, but when my Aveeno has all gone, I will probably just stick completely with the Cetraben cream.

From that point last year, until now, I managed to keep it under control. But this last few months, I kept getting flare ups and so I used my 1% hydrocortisone cream time and time again, until very recently I had such a very bad flare up, I felt I had lost the war with it and it was at its worst it has ever been.

I went to the doctors recently, so I could show him at its very worst and to check it was still contact dermatitis from when another doctor had told me it was, but had not seen it at it’s worst like this.
I also took what I had been using, but said how I felt now that my 1% hydrocortisone cream was no longer working now. After answering a few questions, my doctor said that I needed a stronger cream to tackle this, so I could get it back under control. I was prescribed Betnovate cream, along with a prescription for my Cetraben cream. (A large pump bottle of it. Both of these are now on my prescription should I need more.

My doctor also reassured me on questions I had with the previous cream I once used; 1% hydrocortisone cream and now the Betnovate cream I have to use.

I have been using the Betnovate cream since Monday evening and although I am in discomfort and occasionally pain with my left hand, as this is the worst hand, I can see already the improvement, visually. So hopefully, I will nip this in the bud again.

About contact dermatitis

You cannot catch contact dermatitis from me. This term is used because contact dermatitis   appears on skin exposed to a substance that sets it off. Although it can occur anywhere, it is usually the hands and face where you will find it. In my case, it is work related because of the job I do. You can read more about contact dermatitis here, which will take you to the NHS Choices website.


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