As a distraction with the flat and my stuff being packed away, means it has been silence for me in the home. Unless I play a DVD of course, as still have access to those and my computer. But in between all that, it’s just been drawing, or reading. I have been doing Sketching for inktober , so look out for those some time in October, when I decide when to air them.
Away from that, I have done a couple of doodles. Well one is a doodle, the other two are drawings. I meant to add them at the end of my previous post not long aired, but I forgot. So here they are.


Day 13 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Doodle

As part of my self-care, doodling has been good therapy for me. I started this after another blogger was doing it and shared her experiences as well as her doodles. Doodling gets things out of my system if needed. I have shared some doodles on my blog, but there have been some doodles I kept just for my eyes only.

Get your colourful pens out and start doodling and see what it can do for you.

#blurtselfcareathon #theblurtfoundation #mentalhealth #selfcare 

Childhood memories – positive ones

As you will know if you are a regular reader of my blog, my childhood was tough. Reading on posts at the beginning of this blog and ones where I shared when having counselling will reveal those tough moment and how it affected me. Naturally, I had blocked out the positive stuff too, since I left school. I just did not want to look back. But I had to in the end and my counselling revealed lots about me, as well as hopefully being able to move forward and release the unnecessary guilt I had most of my life that I should not have had.

Recently, out of the blue, I had a few childhood flashbacks, but these ones were positive ones. I started writing them down and I was getting a few more, so I decided to one day to create myself a mind-map and sit down for just 15 minutes and see if anything else came to mind that was a positive thing from my childhood.

This was what I came up with.


My moodles

So as you know recently, one of my books I purchased was this one.


I am going to share a few pages of what I have done so far, from this book. What I learnt though, was not to use sharpie pens, as they leak through. So gel pens from now on.




I decided after doing this last one with my eyes closed, to colour it in after.

Doodle and Mindfulness

I have bought four books recently, from Amazon. Two of them are doodling books and the other two are mindfulness books, although doodling books fall under mindfulness too. (My opinion.)

My doodle books.


My mindfulness books.


I am going to be in doodle heaven, but although they are not meant to be, I may find a challenge at times. But all good to get me inspired and my brain in a different mental gear.

The mindfulness books in the last photo will be a challenge too, as one gets me thinking and the other a motivation to try what is in the book. The book, “Start where you are,” from flicking through, will give me some self-awareness, maybe help with self-esteem, because of this book being a self-reflection type book.

The coming months ahead, as I dip in and out of these books will be interesting.