As a distraction with the flat and my stuff being packed away, means it has been silence for me in the home. Unless I play a DVD of course, as still have access to those and my computer. But in between all that, it’s just been drawing, or reading. I have been doing Sketching for inktober , so look out for those some time in October, when I decide when to air them.
Away from that, I have done a couple of doodles. Well one is a doodle, the other two are drawings. I meant to add them at the end of my previous post not long aired, but I forgot. So here they are.


Day 13 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Doodle

As part of my self-care, doodling has been good therapy for me. I started this after another blogger was doing it and shared her experiences as well as her doodles. Doodling gets things out of my system if needed. I have shared some doodles on my blog, but there have been some doodles I kept just for my eyes only.

Get your colourful pens out and start doodling and see what it can do for you.

#blurtselfcareathon #theblurtfoundation #mentalhealth #selfcare 

Back to my artistic roots

I have been doing lots of doodles while away from blogging. Out of the ones I will share with you, I will share with you three of them. As you will see, my doodles have come on differently and I am re-discovering my artistic roots. The last time I drawn on this level, was not quite 20 years ago.

The elephant drawing challenge was a later date, but I wanted to do it earlier and share now with the other two drawings.