Noel preparing

So a couple of days ago, under supervision of me, Noel followed instructions to help prepare for a photo to be taken at work with another elf. This photo was then left the next day by me, so that whoever is responsible for this elf, knew they had a visitor. The visitor being Noel, the elf.
On the back of the photo, Noel written, love Noel, so they knew it was him in the photo. But I wonder if they were curious who helped him do this?
I hope they got a laugh out of it, because that was the intention. 🙂

Now although I can’t show you him joining another elf at my workplace and that photo taken, I can show him prior, in preparing, by listening.


While Noel was away, Nick was taking a very relaxing break, by the looks of it.


Nick and Noel on the look out

I may have not been naughty, like a few of my friends and readers have been with this post; Noel says, “Who’s been naughty?” but they did hear about me checking out my presents under the tree. They heard about me feeling a few of my presents and guessing what they might be, so I am now on their naughty list for that.
Noel and Nick are also watching I don’t do it again, otherwise they are taking my presents back to Santa.

Noel is high up at the top of the Christmas tree and Nick is covering low ground. They are on the lookout and keeping an eye out.


Noel says, “Who’s been naughty?”

Noel is a little upset. He is wondering who may be naughty. Or more in this case, a little rude.

Noel was naughty, or as in Noel’s eyes, he was having fun when he drawn on the oranges. Do you remember this photo in an earlier post?

Elf drawing on the orange
Drawing on the orange

But he is finding that some have let their imagination get away with them.

I am relieved to say that when I took the photo of this, when he was naughty for drawing on an orange, or as in Noel’s view, he said he was having fun, that some have not been laughing because of the orange. A couple of people he has learnt were looking at the photo in a different way, before seeing the drawing on the orange.

Noel’s naughty list for seeing the photo in a different light to actually what it is, are so far:

  • The author of this blog’s, mother; Doreen.
  • One of the authors friends of this blog, Andrew.
  • Another friend of the author of this blog, Sarah.

Naughty. Naughty. Noel says.

Now be careful viewers how you comment, as children may be reading. But when you first seen the above photo in this post; I have a new visitor, the elf …  Were you naughty?
Comment below: with just the word, “naughty,” if you were laughing at something different and did not see the drawing on the orange first, or with just the word, “nice,” because you were laughing at the drawing he did on the orange.

Noel doesn’t expect anyone to admit if they were naughty, or nice, but he will find out. Noel said he was having fun drawing on the orange and did not plan on staging anything else in that photo. If you thought different, Noel says that’s your own naughty self and he cannot be held responsible for your thoughts. 😉


(Remember, this post is just for fun.)