Have you completely cut out refined sugar?

I can’t see me ever cutting out refined sugar completely, because I like my cake and sometimes some chocolate. But I need to reduce it, like I have done before.
With the difficulties I have had this year and especially how I felt these last few months, I have been eating a lot of the wrong thing. No surprise is it as I am sure you reading this now, will acknowledge how easy it can be to have something of the wrong thing that we find comforting.
Last month, at times I ate really high sugar content. This was surprising I managed that, without feeling sick, because when I changed the way I ate a few years ago for the better, meant my tastebuds changed and I could no longer tolerate sweet food. Yet, just last month I ate two bags of sugar-coated sweets, without grimacing. I did not eat these two bags in one go, but I did eat them the same day. Not like me at all. But thankfully, I have not gone out to buy another bag of those sweets and I have no intention.

Refined sugar we all know is not essential for our health. We also know it’s not good for our health:

  • Obesity
  • Cavities in teeth
  • Type 2 diabetes

These are just a few. But I have also been reading how it can affect out mental health. It apparently does not help us if we have depresdion and anxiety. Some things I have read for this, a lot of them I have experienced.

I admire those that can really cut out the refined sugar, because sugar appears in food you would not think of, like white bread for example. But there are other foods too, which I won’t list, because it is too many to list and if you want to read up on it further, you only have to Google it.

As I have said, I can’t see me cutting it out completely. But, I can reduce it.

Out of curiosity, have any of my readers cut out refined sugar completely from their diet?

If so, maybe you have suggestions, or tips for me and other readers, should we decide to cut it out.
But even if not cutting out, reducing is better than nothing.


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