Fibbing Friday – 7th August

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Frank’s turn. See this post on how to play and to link from that post, if joining in.

Frank is doing some more words for us to define.

  1. kinetoscope – give the telescope a shake, before looking through it to see the stars, because you have to do this to get it to work. I doubt it will take off.
  2. lugubrious – lubricating something silly
  3. maudlin – cousin to violin
  4. numismatics – exercising the brain with numbers
  5. opulence – cousin to flatulence
  6. prepubescence – pre-pub drink with a view.
  7. quixotic – a quick exotic drink
  8. recumbent – a posh word for bent cucumber
  9. stereoscope – telescope now in stereo, after kinetoscope failed to sell
  10. turgid – a posh word for turd

Thank you Frank for this fun game.

Fibbing Friday -24th July

It’s Fibbing Friday and my post comes with a warning ⚠️ of rudeness. ☺️ Oh dear.
I took just a second looking at these words and my brain was being very rude with some of them. Which surprised me, with what is going on on for me at the moment.
I will try and keep it clean the best I can, (written as clean as I can, but not exactly original that my brain was thinking.) You have been warned. ⚠️

Fibbing Friday as you should know now, has been kept going by Di, at Pensivity101 and Frank, at Thoughts and Theories.

The idea is to fib a little, or a lot and Frank has come up with some unique words that need definitions for. The words are real words, Frank says. So when I have fibbed, I will look up these words after, to see what they actually mean. Going to learn something today.

To see how to play and if you are joining in, linking back to Frank’s post here, for today’s Fibbing Friday.

  1. Aglet – An old chicklet.
  2. Befuzzle – The mood someone is in, prior to being muzzled.
  3. Crapulence – Verbal diarrhoea.
  4. Deluge – Junk mail.
  5. Erstwhile – Its short code, meaning keep Ernest waiting a while.
  6. Flatulence – Flat wind.
  7. Gabardine – Gabby gabby.
  8. Heliostat – Helicopter feeling very hot.
  9. Ignominy – An igloo cheating behind an igloo’s back.
  10. Joculator – A new form of foreplay, with a jockey.

Fibbing Friday -3rd July

It’s Fibbing Friday and I wasn’t going to do it originally with how I feel this week and what has been going on. Be here I am with it.

The idea with Fibbing Friday is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous, in your response and evade the truth. Fibbing Friday has been kept going between two bloggeres, Di and Frank.
There’s a book theme going today, that Di has done for today’s.

For more about it how to play and if you are joining along with today’s, then visit Di’s post here and link there, if playing along:

1. War and Peace – A majority of trying to keep the peace, but Trump creating a war.
2. The Green Mile – I can think of two versions. One being me rapping to Eminem tune, (in your dreams) down a painted green street. Or and this cones as a warning, ‘aeroplane,’ as they call it if you was a kid who wipped their snotty nose on their sleeve. 🤢
3. Dances with Wolves – Me dancing while howling.
4. Jaws – Watch it. I’ll bite your head off.
5. The Wind in the Willows – Me farting in the reeds, to frighten a passer by.
6. The Deserter – Oh how I want t to be one. But never do in the end.
7. One Shot – One shot for Sylvester to finally get Tweetie Pie, before he retires. Oh blimey, he should be retired, so he lost once again to that one shot.
8. It – Who is IT?
9. Independence Day – Let it be every day. Fingers stuck up to the dick heads…
10. The Count of Monte Cristo – I can’t think of an answer.

Fibbing Friday – 19th June

It’s Fibbing Friday and Di has set this weeks questions. See her post here on how to play and if you plan on joining in, then please link from her post.

1.  I’ll be back. A vampire, for more blood. 
2.  I have a mind for business and a bod for sin. John Inman, as Mr Humphries. 
3.  Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. A former contestant on, “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.”
4.  I was a better man with you as a woman than I ever was with a woman as a man. Robin Williams, dressed as Mrs Doubtfire. 
5.  I have got to get me one of these! Me after realising what fun it can be. 
6.  The cold never bothered me anyway. Any actor playing a vampire. They don’t feel the cold. 
7.  You cannot handle the truth! Anyone who has/dare say it to Donald Trump, what an asshole,… he is. 
8.  Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. John Inham, as Mr Humphries getting his wings, while saying, “I’m free.” 
9.  I never did mind the little things. Anteater, while eating the ants. 
10. Where do the noses go? The elves in Lapland, after having a bad case of frostbite. 

Fibbing Friday – 12th June

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Franks turn at Thought’s & Theories, for this one. For how to play, or join in, visit the above link.

  1. Why is Spring so named? We all should have some spring coils on our feet, so the warmer it gets, the more we should be jumping about.
  2. What are “Spring Greens”? Springs to help you to the toilet.
  3. What’s a Spring Roll? If you find a spring has broken, you will find yourself rolling.
  4. What makes June 6th so important? You should find yourself at moderate speed when it comes to jumping.
  5. What happens on June 20th of this year? Time to hop than jump.
  6. What happens on June 21st of this year? A day of rest, from hopping all day yesterday. Come on, you know you deserve it.
  7. Why is Father’s Day always on a Sunday? Sunday, used to be Sonday.
  8. What was the book, Silent Spring about? I don’t know. Springs aren’t usually silent. So it must be a mystery book.
  9. What does a balance spring do? Hopefully help balance the day.
  10. What makes spring water special? It’s a rip off. Didn’t you know?

Fibbing Friday – 5th June

It’s Fibbing Friday time. I have been a little quite with joining in, but here I am today. 😊

This week it’s Pensitivity101’s turn to host the Fibbing Friday challenge which she alternates with PCGuyIV.

Between them, they have kept the popular Fibbing Friday challenge going. Thank you to both of them for doing this, making Friday’s something to look forward to, that we can get involved with, if we want to.
This week, Jim Adams has gave the first three questions.

For how to play along and to link to this weeks Fibbing Friday post, visit


1. What is the difference between Biweekly and a Fortnight? Is there a difference? 
2. How much oil would your lantern need to last a fortnight? That depends on if I use it. 
3. If you spent a fortnight in Paris, what would you see? Ooh la la. I really just wanted to say that. 😂
4. What’s the difference between a microchip and a micro chip? Depends whether you are inserting it, or eating it. 
5. What’s brown, shiny and sizzles? 💩
Ugh! 🤭
6. How is the best way to make lemonade?
Shake everything up. 
7. How many types of coke are there?
Now I don’t know. I don’t go there. I just drink the stuff. 
8. Why was a sundae glass so named?
It was invented on a Sunday. Sundae looked a posher way to spell it. 
9. What is hellsapoppin?
Me, when I start chasing after stuff I am waiting for. 
10.What did the Knights of the Round Table do during the day?
Play chess.

Fibbing Friday – 24th April

It’s Fibbing Friday. For more about Fibbing Friday, how to join in and to link to today’s Fibbing Friday questions, visit

1. What’s the difference between nuts and crazy? I don’t know, I am still trying to work it out. I am either nuts, or crazy. 😜

2. What’s the difference between Lock Up and Lock Down Lock up is when you leave a place secure, wherever that place may be.
Lock down, everything stops moving. Or it can’t be moved. (Yeah, I didn’t lie much with this one.)

3. Where did the phrase ‘In the pink’ originate? After someone got covered in pink paint, after they said, your not having that colour in the house.

4. How do you find your bearings? Leave me somewhere in middle of town and give me a spin before you do a runner. Once I stop feeling dizzy I should find my bearings.

5. What makes a phone smart? Throw it.

6. What is an hour glass figure? Egg timer.

7. Bruce Wayne was also known as ??? A carpenter.

8. A stitch in time saves what? Money more than lives.

9. What is Fairy Snow? Christmas fairy. Didn’t you know?

10. Can you read a knitting pattern Pfft. 🙄

Fibbing Friday – 17th April

So it’s Fibbing Friday.
To join in the fun, on how to play and to link back to the original questions, visit

  1. What event became known as “The Shot Heard ’Round the World”? I have an answer for this. But I dare not say it. 🤐 I shall be seeing if anyone else as similar answer to this one.
  2. What exactly is a duvet? Where one would like to hibernate for how ever long you feel.
  3. What was The Man in the Iron Mask about? It was before they knew it would come in handy for cannibals.
  4. DivanChesterfieldsettee, and Davenport are all examples of what? Posh, or every day places.
  5. Why was the Eiffel Tower built? A posh place for someone to be locked up in.
  6. The Harry Potter series wasn’t about a boy who finds out he’s a wizard. What was it about? Learning how to make a posh stick, out of wood and say something hocus pocus.
  7. What was Moby Dick about? Now which came first? Moby Dick, or Spotted Dick? 😁
  8. What was The King’s Speech about? Same speech that the Queen would do.
  9. If you go to a pub and ask for a “black & tan”, exactly what do you get? After you have drunk it, you will wake up the next day with no recollection of the night before. But you will find when looking in the mirror, that you will have a black eye and orange tanned.
  10. What is “shepherd’s pie”? The farmers lost sheep.

Fibbing Friday – 10th April

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Pensitivity101’s turn. Pop on over to Pensitivity101 Fibbing Friday post to join in the fun and to link to her post if you are joining in.

1. Why do onions make you cry?
They plan to make you suffer, for slicing them up.
2. Why do vampires not like garlic?
It masks there own smelly breath.
3. Why are individual cakes called Fairy Cakes?
Because when you eat one, you feel you won’t put on weight. But trouble is, they tempt you to have another and then that may lead to another. Before long, you have put on weight and you hope the fairies will wave it off with their little magic wand.
4. How does yeast work?
Lots of air and gas.
5. What’s the difference between vegetable and chicken stock cubes?
The difference if you are a vegetarian or not.
6. How many ways can you cook an egg?
If I start listing, it may become too long.
7. Can potatoes see through their eyes?
Depends if you give them wobbly eyes.
8. Why are carrots supposedly good for you?
Supposed to help you see in the dark. If that was true, we wouldn’t need infra red to see, would we.
9. What are dumplings?
I know what they are. But can I come up with a fib… Nope. Oh well. Nevermind.
10. What are pulses?
Something to keep you going.

Fibbing Friday – 27th March

It’s Fibbing Friday. How to play and where these questions came from today, then please visit

1. What was the significance of the little white dot on the TV screen at 11 pm?I tried Googling this one to see what it was. But I couldn’t find anything. So please tell me the true meaning of thus one. In meantime, my ridiculous lie: It’s supposed to be a one minute warning to let you know you coming past your bedtime. Adults need to be told it’s time for bed too. If after 11.05pm you have not turned your tv off, the tv will explode in 10 seconds.
2. Who were the Woodentops? Long distance relatives if the woodpecker family.
3. What is meant by the Gravy Train?A long squishy ride.
4. Who sang about flowers in the rain?The flower pot men.
5. What do the initials MP stand for?Mindfulness Prick.
6. What was Jiminy Cricket’s job? Minding the cricket field, while observing to his left and to his right.
7. Why are diamonds measured in carats?They were thinking about their vegetables at the time.
8. What do Kimball and Hammond have in common? Hamsters.
9. What is a swizzle stick? Nice sweety flavour candy. Long ever lasting.
10. What are chick peas? Easter chocolate.