Blog post re-share: “Gratitude,” by Sunnies My Bunnies.

I have talked about gratitude in the past and shared my own gratitudes each month, last year. But I would like to re-share this blog post that “Sunnies My Bunnies” has written on the topic of gratitude, as I think this is a great post and I was nodding to this as I was reading it.

Turning challenging moments into positives

Think about what is most challenging in your life right now and name as many positive aspects of it that you can.

This above prompt came out of my gratitude journal, that I mentioned about in this post, Gratitude. I have been struggling with this page the last three weeks. Knowing how I have been feeling because of all the things that have been going on, I looked and thought during those three weeks, how the hell can I think of something so positive out of my most challenging in my life right now?

After three weeks of just staring at this prompt, I was able to write something today. I wanted to share this with you, due the support you have all gave me during my difficult time I am going through.

My challenging time is anxiety, not helped by Spark Energy, the administrators of Spark Energy and the council from the district I left. But also, after witnessing what happened outside my door in January, which left me terrified and now my anxiety even higher, on top of feeling jumpy at every noise and at times broken, that I have to cry with it all.

The positives are, that regardless how I feel and the above that’s happened, I still somehow seem to be fighting. I’m also determined of what will change and that’s me moving to another flat, or house, depending what appeals at that time, when my contract comes up. I am hoping my savings will still be there by October, to allow me my move.

Spark Energy have not heard the last of me and after seeing someone at CAB today, the manager at Spark Energy will be getting a letter, as advised by CAB. The administrators will also be getting a very similar letter, when I have heard from them. These letters what I have to say are all from a particular email I found in my spam box. So what I have to say to both of them, reminding them on a law that they have breached, someone here needs to acknowledge who is at fault here. CAB told me to keep them on their toes and I will be doing.

Come late August to September, I will start packing stuff I don’t need, like books for example.

Come October, I will start looking where I am moving next and hopefully that part won’t take too long.


As you will have probably noticed, I have not been sharing my gratitude posts each month. In 2019 and maybe beyond, I have no plans to. But that doesn’t mean I still won’t be doing them.

For Christmas, I received, “The Gratitude Journal for Women.” Illustrations are by Katie Vernon and the text by Katherine Furman. So my gratitude practice will be inside this journal.

Cover of book The Gratitude Journal for Women

The journal is beautifully illustrated and I feel there are plenty of pages inside. The illustrations are relaxing and, calming and the journal provides thought-provoking quotes and prompts, which can be completed in 5 minutes a day. Although 5 minutes is suggested by the book that they can be completed in, you could spend a little longer if you wanted  and I feel there is room on the pages to do so.

There are lots of prompts in this book, that will certainly allow for self-explanatory and reflection.

Thank you WordPress

I have already said my thank you personally, but I write it here also.

A couple of days ago in an email to them, I suggested something. I asked if the notification I would click on in top right corner, (bell icon) which brings up list of read, or unread items associated with your blog, if by chance they were able to make it slightly darker, as I was struggling to see the difference between read and unread items. I see now they have done this and it makes it so much easier to tell what is unread and read now.

Thank you WordPress. 🙂

On the outside I might be shouting at times, but on the inside I am breaking.

I have been that stressed and fuming with the things that I have gone on. But just because I am extremely vocal at times, fighting for my rights, on things that shouldn’t be happening in the first place, doesn’t mean at these times I am feeling strong. I have had enough. I am tired. My anxiety is there and with certain providers due to experience received, I do not trust. I am not sleeping well due to some of this.

As I write this, I am out in town early. I will soon queue up in the cold outside, to be early for CAB, to avoid hopefully any queue. I hope that by the time I am out, the issue is sorted regarding this old bill sent to me by the administrators of Spark Energy. Another issue I should not be dealing with, as this bill was paid. Another day I am wasting. I am fed up. Administrators are supposed to be working with Spark Energy. If they were, I wouldn’t be receiving this. But then, given experience I have had, it shouldn’t come to no surprise.

Where would I be, if I did not have friends near and, far,  and that of includes my blogging friends here. My mum has been big help.
Although things started getting difficult last year, January has been a tough month of all.

Thank you to each and every one of you, whether it’s through my blog I know you, or personally.

Where are you from?

Hello my readers and friends. I thank you, to each and every one of you for following this blog, no matter how long you have been following.
Thank you also to comments left, especially ones where you gave support at my difficult times.

Tell me what country you are from and how you came across my blog?

If you have a blog, it doesn’t matter whether I know your blog already, or not, please feel free to leave your blog link in this post, telling me and the other readers a bit about it.