Blog post re-share: “Unlearning What To Say & Do,” by A NEW NORMAL: Living & Loving Your Life After Loss.

A post I came across, in my time of having a blogging break. I thought this post would be a good post to share in times of someone’s grief.
It’s a very well written post, as well as very useful. You may also find the other blog posts helpful to read too, which I have and now following the blog.

You can find this post here, over at “A NEW NORMAL: Living & Loving Your Life After Loss.”


Blog post re-share: “Tips on looking after your mental health this Christmas,” by Heads Together.

Christmas will be you are either looking forward to it, or not. Christmas can be a difficult time for some and it is important to look after yourself, how best it suits you.
For me, I have already expressed for some time, that I need quiet this year and I have said no to some things, as I shared in this post; “To say no.”

HeadsTogether, has written a very helpful post on looking after yourself this Christmas. Click on the link below, which will take you to their page, where you can read more.

Tips on looking after your mental health this Christmas.