Chit-chat June

Two cancellations; day trip to Oxford in August and check-up at dentist, in July. Both to be expected and both a relief. A relief because I don’t have to travel on bus to either of them. I had anxiety about the idea of it, regardless I now have face masks and would use.
I let my friend know, as soon as I knew regarding Oxford.
The coach company asked if I would like to cancel Oxford because they could see it probably wouldn’t be happening, while I was seeing what was happening regarding refund for Whitby that was cancelled last month and so I said yes. I quickly received refund for both and that’s now in my ISA.
As for dentist, it was cancelled to a later date in September, so priority could be given to emergencies and those needing to finish their treatment.
They also answered my other concerns I had regarding accessibility for me as a deaf person, after watching their video clip of what to expect when coming to the practise. The changes to protect both staff and customers, because of Coronavirus.
So I do hope that goes as discussed via an email with me.

This month, I have been reading this book.

Book cover of The Awakened by Julian Cheek.

The book is called, ‘The Awakened,’ by Julian Cheek. I picked just this one up from several books left on a table at work, with a note, ‘help yourself.’
The story I read on the back, grabbed me, because I could relate to the feelings of the character, having one time at a young age for a number of years, felt like that.

This book kept me engaged and I couldn’t wait to read more, to see what happened next.

Store loyalty cards

As you know not long ago, I shredded my Costa card, after receiving an email from them.

I have now decided to ditch another store card. This time Tesco Clubcard. Unlike Costa, they’ve done nothing wrong for me to decide on doing this. I have debated past year, or two on doing this and now I thought, I will. So an email went yesterday requesting that they close my account down and why; which was my decision to get rid of some store loyalty cards and this being one of them that I want to get rid.
Also with not having any plans to shop in Tesco while they do one thing that another store doesn’t do, that I can’t contend with and so avoiding the place ever since Coronavirus started, just adds to my decision of closing down my account.
I said that even if one day I start to shop again, or visit their cafe, I still don’t want to bother with a Tesco Clubcard.

I am thinking of ditching another card later. But thinking a little longer on that one before making any decision. But it’s nice to get rid of Costa and Tesco one.

Just some dvd’s I watched: (courtesy of my neighbour lending me theirs.) 

  • The Rocky Horror Show
  • Open Range
  • Ladies in Lavender
  • Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Master and Commander
  • Grease 1 and 2
  • Planes, Trains Automobiles
  • The Beatles Yellow Submarine (I don’t mind their music, but I’m not a fan of this cartoon.)
  • Mama Mia The Movie
  • Frances Mcdormand Fargo
  • Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Blogger, if WordPress does get rid of ‘classic editor’ in 2022, or later. 

I gave up Blogger, after having no joy.
I want to remind, as I mentioned before, that it wasn’t because of Blogger. It was me. The whole WordPress thing really put a damper on my mood and I wasn’t enjoying the process of moving some posts across for my story to continue.
I was in a frustrated, spit my dummy out kind of mood and feeling down about it.
The plan was to keep my name of my blog, when blogging there, hence some posts going across to Blogger.

But now, I have decided, should WordPress in 2022, or later, decide to get rid of their classic editor, leaving only block editor left, I will start afresh with a new blog, at Blogger. This will include also, a new name. So I will be brainstorming a new name, should I need one later. I have plenty of time to think about that one, should I end up leaving here. But I will have one part set up with Blogger before then, not visible until it is required.

Don’t forget, as I mentioned in past posts, I have a new blog email. It’s a neutral blog email name I have chosen, so regardless what I would call my new blog, this blog email would remain. You can find it on my about me page.
I still reckon the time will come when WordPress will do this, because the way they spoke on a forum, they are speaking in words that they will commit with this.
I hope classic editor remains to stay as a choice always, because I am not alone in this on why classic editor is best for me.

I have a post in draft that is for goodbyes, ready for if its needed in a few years. I hope I manage to put blog link on it, if post is needed.
Although this blog would eventually go if moving, I may keep WordPress account open for coming back to, so I can comment on blogs I currently follow. But I won’t be following any new ones at that point when not blogging here.

But as I say, this is if worst scenario that WordPress does this.


It was back to normal working hours this month, in my evening job.
Even though I have seen changes made (while I was cleaning there at an earlier time,) to try and make our workplace safer, it still caused me anxiety and I still had same thoughts as the other ladies who were furloughed, as in, what am I going to walk into.

Also more work put onto us, but no extra time to do it in. There are also some things asked of us that are not achievable, so it has caused me stress, upset and frustration. I spoke with my manager after just over 2 weeks doing it my concerns and how it has affected me and I was given reassurances to these concerns, so I should be ok now.
I also raised my observations after my accident, wondering why the floor had not been taped, so someone else doesn’t trip on the tile I had acciddent on, until its sorted. They didn’t know about it until they heard it from me. So they checked to see it had been filed by person I reported it to, but it was filed under a different department. Their old department. So if I was to have an accident in the future that I report, to let them know also, so they know about it, to action it.

My hamster, Daz. 

This month was Daz’s birthday. He’s now one year old.

My phone

I have done a right one, that I have never done in all the years being a mobile phone owner.
As I quickly glanced at my phone before my shift started, the door propped open with a door stopper, decided to move and, slammed into my back. My phone slipped out of my hand and took a dive into a bucket of water.
Now my phone is supposedly water resistant when I read the description for my phone before buying at the time, but reading elsewhere, I read the oppsite when it comes to any phone and not just mine, that there is no such thing as a water resistant, or waterproof phone. Well it was still working after it happened, but I didn’t charge it when it was needed and left it till the next day. As a precaution, I bought a second hand phone as a back up, should this pack up later, because I have read what the damage water can do to a phone, over time. So although fine at the moment, at the time I written this post to publish later. It’s what might happen down the line.

My budget

Those that have been following some time will know my preferred way of paying my groceries is by cash. I find it easier to set my budget for each week this way, so I don’t spend more than I need. But because of some places only wanting you to pay by card, (which I have noticed since then, they have changed their signage to cash and card) and others if paying by cash then use self-checkouts, I ended up going the pay by card route.
I have been doing this the last 2 months, so early days I feel to give myself a chance to get used to paying by card, but because how muddled my brain feels towards end of last month and how I feel this month, I am going back to what I feel is easy for me. Paying my groceries by cash.
The first month out of two I tried by card I spent more than my budget. But it was expected that month and so no mistake on my part.
Last month, I felt I was a little more used to paying this way, but I still went over my budget. But only by a few pounds.
Whether I will go back to paying mainly by card for my groceries when I feel better with my mind, I don’t know. I am not ruling it out. But for now, I am sticking with cash, when it comes to my groceries. I have ended up getting used to self-checkouts. (Those that know me well, will know I hate them and I avoid them.) But I don’t hate them anymore and I don’t avoid, unless I choose to pay by card of course.
I know self-checkouts accept bank cards, but that’s where my nerves would start again. So will leave that for now.


As you know I suffer with anxiety and I have shared at the beginning of this post the anxiety for travelling. Most of the time it’s at acceptable levels. But as you know, when it creeps up, it goes up. Like the idea of travelling on public transport. I am avoiding so far.
Like everyone else, Coronavirus affected that, but I am also noticing how jumpy I am getting. (And I haven’t seen the odd horror film for a long time.)
I am assuming this is due to me being on high alert for some time now, that’s causing this.
Are you feeling extra jumpy too?

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Do not shop online at Holland and Barrett

I love shopping at Holland and Barrett stores, but because I am not going into town, I shopped online.

The first time I ordered. No problems, so I thought, why not order a slightly bigger order next time?
Never again will I shop online at Holland and Barrett. Their customer service is nil. This is what has angered me. Not that it was late, but because they have not answered my emails. (As in answer my bloody questions.) So it’s through this that I will never place an order online again and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to place an order online. Instead go to the shop.
As I am avoiding the town centre, means I will be one less customer, until I choose to go in town again. When I will go in town, due to circumstances, I shall avoid the crowd. So I am not in a rush, as I have blogged about before, where I am not in a rush to do a lot of things when things lift.

So, by tonight 4 emails have gone in total.

I ordered on the 3rd May.
My order was due 21st May.

When they deliver, they let you know when it’s coming.
Well this time they didn’t. Its a good job I was in.
At first I am thinking, bloody hell, this is quick. But I knew from size of box that not all my items were there.
Fair enough I thought, they’ll come at due date. But because I had an item in the box that I had not ordered and because I wasn’t informed of my delivery, I just sent a general query.
I did this on 7th May. It was 22nd May when someone replied from Holland and Barrett, apologising at the start of their email for delay.
Fair enough I am thinking while reading this email. I expected this due to what is happening at the moment.
But when I carried on reading my email thinking there will be an answer here to my questions somewhere. There wasn’t. This person was asking me if things had been resolved, if not, let them know and they would reply asap. I am thinking, is this a fucking joke?
I emailed back same day pointing out that nothing had been resolved because I have heard from no one until now, so please reply asap.
I sent another email to them on 26th May asking is someone going to answer my questions, or are you now going to keep me waiting even longer? Reminding them I had questions that had not been answered, that when they answered to me on 22nd May, they should have answered my questions then, because it’s obvious on their system no one has answered me. I am feeling annoyed at this point.

Today, I sent a fourth email this evening, after I got an email to review their products I bought. One of the products I have not received, so that confirmed one of my questions not answered. So this email is now an angry email. I have now said they can get replying back within the week and either give me a definite date for my remaining order not received, or otherwise I want a refund if £8.40.

If I hear nothing, I am going to Trading Standards.

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Chit-chat April

Just some dvd’s watched:

  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Bridget Jones Diary
  • Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
  • Juno
  • Happy Feet
  • After Earth
  • The Lucky One
  • The English Patient
  • Stuart Little
  • Stuart Little 2

And an old tv series I watched on dvd, lent to me, “Land of the Giants.”

I went to Ted Talk, to read transcript of Growth Mindset, by Carol Dweck, as recommended by a blogger in a comment in one of my earlier posts, on my last night of internet data allowance, with new starting the next day. I read the transcript with the video not being accessible to me. But even if it had been, I would not have had enough allowance to watch, with having to stay at home, unless it was essential, due to the lockdown because of the Coronavirus and so not using wifi at times. I found the talk interesting. I am glad there was a written transcript available.

When this post airs, I will have already finished my challenge. So how did I get on?
Out of those 40 days, 6 days of those, I did eat something on my banned list. But I am not going to knock myself for that and I didn’t at the time either, because it shown me my willpower had improved. When I did eat a sweet item, I only had a portion. I did not binge, or eat daily a sweet item, as much as I wanted to. So I am not like how I was before I started this challenge and this shows me I can treat myself to a sweet without binging. So I seem to be like how I used to be now, before I went off the tracks.

The way I shop as changed

Before the Coronavirus had started, I used to shop for groceries every couple of days, for things I needed, to top up what I used. So it was always a light shop. But when we had to stay in and only be allowed out for essentials and keeping it less as possible going for them, I changed my shop to twice a week. I plan to continue to do this from now on, when one day the world resumes and not in lockdown.

As you know already, whenever it came to buying things, I was going to do it mostly in cash this year, due to an issue I noticed last year when it came to paying by debit card.
Before the Coronavirus virus started, I tried a couple of places using my debit card, so I now have places where I can trust using and, where I don’t, which is just one place and the one that will have been the cause of last year. That one will only ever be by cash from now on. It’s nice to know who I can trust, because I will be making changes with the way I pay from this month, when it comes to groceries.
For those new and wondering what the issue was, I’m not going to explain again, as I don’t want to make this post long by doing so. It’s in an older post somewhere I written earlier this year. Plus, it’s not something I want to chat about again and lose focus with the rest of my post.

My mum is still not well to look after herself at home, mentally, as I mentioned in this post, (TW) I should have been dead before I was born.
Her new social worker got in touch with me via email to discuss discharge, which when time comes it will be a nursing home facility. So she wanted to make sure that even though I am not getting involved directly with my mum, to make sure if I wanted to have a say in her care, with it being such a big thing and to share any possible wishes mum may have had, should there been a time she would not be living at home.
Although I knew the nursing home option could happen, it’s not personally what I would have hoped for. I always wanted my mum to live as independently as possible, with support when required. But with mum how she is mentally, then this is what to be expected. I am upset that this is the route, its now become and although I have been told that sometimes there is a chance during the first 6 weeks that a person can be well enough to go back home, I doubt this will happen.
A Court of Protection will be in place for her fiances and an advocate for independent support.

I can become involved as little, or as much as I want, putting my own health and wellbeing first, as Social Worker put it, via our email discussion.
Normally, this kind of discussion would be face to face, but with the Coronavirus, means it has to be done by email. Hopefully, I will get to meet her at some point, when social distancing allows.

As this post airs, my mum could already be at the nursing home. The nursing home is not in the area preferred and unfortunately, it was in an area my mum avoids. So my concern was what this would, or could cause and why my mum avoids this area, which meant it also bought my past up, as the two are connected. I reassured my mum’s social worker that it didn’t triggered anything for me. But there would be an issue if a particular person by chance worked at this nursing home, as I wouldn’t be in the same room as him and I wouldn’t want him near my mum. My mum wouldn’t want him near her either. Or if she happened to be out and about with staff and passed this person in the area, it may start something with mum.
My mum thankfully though, has been compliant, when she was told about the nursing home.

Mum has had to come to an area not chosen, due to suitable homes in preferred areas could not take any patients on currently, due to being short staffed, because of the Coronavirus.

Looking at the website, I can see it will cater for my mum. It feels homely and they have a resident dog, which my mum will enjoy, as she looked forward to PAT dog coming to the ward. So I hope this place will open her up a little, or a lot, because currently, she doesn’t engage with other residents or staff well, on the ward. This is what I expected in the 5 minutes I last had with her back in November.

Although it’s not chosen area. I have said to my mum’s social worker that if it turns out in the end when they review my mum later after so many weeks, that nursing home is still the only option for my mum, that should she express that she likes it there and wants to stay, then I won’t be against her staying there. I will be happy, if she is.


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Frugal Living – part 3

A difficult month money-wise, between last post and this. My budget did not go to plan either – money I wanted to save, I ended up touching. I did end up putting some away, but not what I originally planned. I suppose I should be thankful that I did put something away, because I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

Starting to freeze my bread

I know a few of my friends do this and just take out what bread they need. I have just started doing this myself now and it makes it so much easier for me, than I realised. I wish I did this sooner. I have been careful in the past when buying bread, to reduce wastage. But doing it this way, is much easier I have discovered and I totally recommend it.

Do you freeze your bread and only take out what you need?

My monthly phone contract

I ran out of internet allowance on the final week, so I had to buy an add-on. This did not help my budget and I hope to not do this on next month’s. I do use wifi, but because of where I was and what I needed to do, I had to get one.

No more cling film

Now I have no microwave, I don’t need to buy anymore cling film, when I run out. The remainder I have, I have had since last year because I hardly used it. I don’t know how much I have left, as I have not really looked. But I would not be surprised if I still had this box next year.

What I am not allowing myself to buy

You may remember the book review I did, “The Year of Less,” by Cait Flanders. I’m using one of her tips I have not used before and that’s creating a list of items I am not allowed to buy, because I have plenty of it.

What I have banned myself from buying:

  • Perfumes
  • Moisturisers
  • Shampoo
  • Nail varnish

I meant to share this in an earlier frugal living post.

If you liked this post, you can find past frugal living posts by scrolling either to the right, or further down, depending on whether you are viewing my page from laptop, or a mobile device, clicking on frugal living, under the categories.


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Frugal living – part 1

So since this post, ‘Frugal living,’ how have I been getting on? As well as what I do already I mentioned in first above post, I have also:
Bought no food bags since running out, which I was practically nil when I written the above post originally and just use my Tupperware containers for my packed lunches.

My socks that have been wearing out, have really been wearing out to the extent that it wasn’t worth me sewing them I felt.

I still use the baking soda and vinegar for cleaning my oven, but for nothing else, like the bathroom for example, which I still like to use my usual cleaner for that. I know from how well my oven looks, that cleaning the bathroom would look good to with this method, but I am happy and find I a convenience to use my usual method for those.

I continue to save glass jars that will be a replacement for my plastic Tupperware containers when they wear out.

I have reused a few empty toilet cardboard rolls for storing my electrical leads, usb leads etc.. in.
In the past, I have created toys for my pet cats I have owned and I have filled them with compost and grown plants from seeds in them, transferring them directly in the garden when ready, as they compost down.
For further ideas what you can do with the empty cardboard rolls, take a look here in, ‘Natural Living Ideas,’ which will take you directly to their post for further inspiration.

I have washed out a couple of empty Soya milk cartons and filled them to about three-quarters full of water, to fill empty spaces in my freezer. As you know, keeping our freezer filled up helps us to save energy, so me doing this, than buying food to fill the space was saving even more money for me.

As you know from a past post, I recycled an empty sesame oil bottle to stand my fake flowers in.

recycling a bottle

I reused some empty yogurt pots, a margarine tub and an empty powdered milk container as temporary pots to grow my Forget-me-nots in.

I have one liquid soap bottle left for my kitchen, but I plan to use bar soap as I do already in the bathroom, as it lasts longer and so it will save me money. When this last liquid soap container is empty, I will save the container, in case I get shower gel for Christmas. (I don’t have a shower, only a bath where I currently live.) If I do, the shower gel will be emptied into this empty hand soap container and I will use it as handwash, as I have done before in the past.

I may share more in further posts, if I do anything more different, hence I have put part 1 in the post title, in case this topic grows.

Microfibre cloths

I already use microfibre cloths when I damp dust, or other cleaning in my home, but I now have bought more, some months ago, as dish cloths. (Particular colours and designs, so I recognise it is just for this job.) So when the others have gone, that only last so long before you can throw them away, these will go in the place and then when they look grubby, they can be washed and re-used, saving money.

Changing the way I shop

Due to a tighter budget, (a little more of this will appear in Chit chat – June post,) I have to change the way I shop.
Every couple of months, or three, I used to do an online shop for the month and have it delivered to my door and in between this, just get the odd extras where needed, like milk, fruit etc… Having it delivered was especially handy when it came to cat litter and cat food. But now as I have no cat and because my monthly budget has to be less than before, it means it is not viable for me to shop online because of the minimum spend you have to make to have your shopping delivered. So I am back to walking into stores 100% and carrying my own shopping.
I am personally looking forward to my monthly budget challenge when it comes to my groceries and going out. One part of me says I won’t be able to do it, but the other is saying, I am going to enjoy the challenge. 🙂

And not forgetting…

I still continue to trim my own hair, after coming across this clip to show you how. This post will tell you more, if you have not seen it already: “How to trim your own long hair at home.”

Share your ideas

Share your ideas of what you do, as part of frugal living, in the comments of this post. It doesn’t matter how big, or small you do it, because every little bit helps your own finances, as well as the environment.


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