I so want a fur baby I can hold

A chit-chat post has already aired just now. But I so needed to write this.

So I am over half way in this first month. As I have mentioned a few times here and there, My Vision Board and Gratitude Wall are keeping me focused. Especially the vision board half of this board.

But I so want a fur baby to hold.

When I know how long my long term goal is, which is not guaranteed to happen in my eyes, but something needs to happenn by then, not having a cat again, is really hard.

I am trying to divert my attention back to my vision board, when my heart aches for a fur baby to hold. I am trying to focus on these trips I have planned, written on there. Two of them being new places to visit and that long term goal of buying my own home. The motivation for that is still there and has been since I started this board. But the ache for that fur baby to hold is really aching and starting to hurt.

Yes, I have a hamster and he is fun to watch. If I am lucky, which these past couple of weeks I have been, he has come out to see me and take tibbits from my hand on call. But he is not one who wants to be touched, which I respect.

I look at properties to rent, wondering if I should move. But I am holding back, because by doing so it would defeat my long term goal, because moving costs money: the deposit fees, the moving costs and I would be starting all over again saving. So it defeats the purpose.

I spoke about the wanting and longing to cuddle a fur baby with my counsellor yesterday, as well as anxiety I have had since I last heard from social worker, as well as other things. I talked about the possibility when I don’t have my hamster, that I am thinking guinea pigs, while living where I am. I would have the room I would like to give them, at that point in time. We talked a little on that, as well as these trips I have planned in the meantime.


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