Day 20 of the #blurtselfcareathon – Letter

Writing letters have been part of my self-care, while having counselling 2 years ago. It was a new way of trying things for me, which at first, I thought this would not work. But I gave it a go and realised just how helpful it was to me.  So without explaining further in this post, I thought I would share some old posts instead.

The post, “Continuing forward in my wellbeing journey” and “Continuing forward in my wellbeing journey – the next part,” were in the early days of blogging, so these posts comes with a content warning. The posts do not show my actual letters I written to my dad, or my dog Brin, as these were very personal to me and the start of my healing journey. But it explains my process with this. Since then, I have used the letter writing technique and those I have shared on my blog. These I share below, as a reminder:


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Letter to my impatience

Dear Impatience

I have noticed recently you have been slowly creeping in and more so since I have been self-conscious and concerned about my rash. Catching me at a slightly vulnerable time.

I now write to tell you that I will no longer allow you to enter my life, because if I do, I know you will invite anger into my life again.
I have felt good since anger left and now way do I want to see anger in my life again.

When I observed how you were creeping back into my life, I decided to change things slightly as you appeared, to ignore you. It is feeling like a battle with you, which you will not win. I will be inviting kindness back into my life, who I neglected, to say kindness made me feel good. Allowing kindness back into my life, a reminder another blogger gave me, will mean you will no longer be around impatience.

I find you rude impatience for uninviting yourself and pushing kindness out. I will be making sure you are out of the door this time and not kindness. I need to make sure I do not ignore kindness who makes me feel good. I will need to make sure kindness is with me more often, making sure I am ok.

Bye bye, impatience and don’t come back.


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