Book review: “The CBT Good Habit Journal,” by Christine Wilding and Gill Hasson

This book is something I have been working on for some time, after coming across it in a bookshop in town. I am still working through this book, as this post airs.

This mindful book is ideal for anyone, because we would all get something out of it and it’s best to read at least two, or three pages a day, as you work through this book.

  • to clarify thoughts
  • to change the way you think about yourself
  • to express yourself in a creative way
  • to help reduce stress
  • to help solve problems more effectively
  • to help resolve disagreements with others
  • to help gain perspective

When using this book, I wrote directly in the pages, because this is my journal after all. This book is interactive and fun, while I learn good habits and build confidence, using the CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in my daily life.

I in particular loved the tiny frogs story on page 84 of this book, as it made me smile and I wasn’t expecting it to end the way it did. The author who written the frog story is unknown, so whoever this was, it was very good for a short story and appropriate in this book.

The contents of this book:

1. Goals
2. Being aware of your thoughts
3. Challenging negative thinking and finding alternative way of thinking.
4. Thoughts and physical feelings
5. Beliefs
6. Behaviour
7. Emotions
8. Conceptualizing


I feel like I want to shout, from the rooftop.

To say that I was feeling down, after learning about my pre-high blood pressure, I am having some unexpected, positive feelings, bubbling to the surface. ☺️ My blood pressure is another story, but to put it short, I am starting to accept that maybe I will have to go back on blood pressure medication. Maybe this acceptance over the last couple of days is why I am feeling rather bubbly and I want to shout it out, from the rooftop feeling. ☺️

My bubbly feeling has been creeping in today and more so after my overtime at work. My bubbly feeling not far from exploding after receiving a nice comment once again, regarding my work.
I bloody love work as you know and if you don’t know, it maybe because you are new following my blog within the last month. But to those who have been with me since beginning of this year, or longer, will know,  I love work. So, if you don’t know by now, you now certainly do.


And you know what else I am starting to love?

Socks. ☺️

Yes, you have read this right. Socks!

This is because since 2008, to when I left the old workplace last year before Christmas, the colour of employees socks there had to be plain navy, or black. (I am surprised they did not go further and dictate our underwear.) So as my black socks start to wear out, I am now getting some colourful socks into my life. I know this goes against my original plans of being frugal and fix my socks, but I need colourful socks.

As for shouting from the rooftop. Although I feel it, doing it is another thing. ☺️

Getting glowful again

I used to own the Sonic boom analogue clock and I absolutely loved it, because I could switch off the back-lit display and not see it clock in the dark. But now, it’s getting glowful again. My analogue clock failed to wake me up. The clock ticks, but after a couple of goes, it’s clear the clock will not go off at my chosen alarm. From giving it a go, it is clear it’s the alarm part button, or the part I turn to set my chosen time I want to get up at, as it is hit and miss when I play with it trying to get it to go off. The clock just won’t go off, so in the bin it had to go.
It’s a good job I still had my previous clock, as I need to get up early on Saturday. But it means now my nights will be glowful again, as you can tell in the photo. The clock, you can’t dim anymore than it looks already and with me having my Silent alert, (green glow in the background,) which has to be here, because while it is on the charger the vibrating pad is under my mattress, that will wake me up in event of a fire it’s now makes my dark nights, lighter. Which I hate. I doubt I will get this analogue clock one again, because I don’t want the same risk happening again. This clock has not been good long term, compared to previous couple of models that were still ok and I had passed on, when I wanted a change of clock.
When it was just my Silent alert glowing, while using my analougue clock, I got used to the dim of just that one, but the clock, it glows. But I am going to have to stick with this, because I am not buying another now for some time, or when this one is ready for the knackers yard.


I thank you to those, who read my blog.

I have said this many times, but I shall say it again and that is thank you for reading this blog. Yes, thank you, to you, who is reading this now.

yellow fake flowers

I know who reads my blog because of the comments you leave here, or the likes. Thank you to you.

I also know that I have two particular personal friends who read this blog. They may not always comment here, but I know they read it, because one friend will chat about the latest post in an email quite often and a new conversation is made. This can sometimes extend to not just about me, but what she is doing at the time to thinking about me, after reading a particular post. I like how our conversations go from just me, to us.
My other friend, when I see him, he will chat about it if it’s a topic of interest, or he will email. They both make it known and it lovely to have these chats, because with each friend it is different chat.

I had a mixture of 22 friends originally on Facebook, who were a mixture of close friends and acquaintances. (More acquaintances than close friends.) Some who became friends on my Facebook were already friends here on my blog. I added them on my close friends list and I imagine because they knew me that little bit more there, I hope for them it felt a bit more personal, because being on my close friends list, you were knowing some of my personal stuff. Things I shared there, I did not always share on here with the world, but instead with a limited few, because I trusted them. (I still do trust.) I gather from our personal chats there, that you did feel closer to me. 🙂

It’s not been a month from closing my Facebook page and I don’t miss it and I don’t seemed to be missed, by some.
As I once revealed in a comment on this blog post; “Blog post share: “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy,” I too, felt while I was on Facebook that my blog posts when shared them there, that they did not matter by some who were supposed to be enjoying my blog posts there. A like at least would have been nice from certain friends on my list, yet here I was, dedicated to not missing their posts and liking without fail. That’s until naturally I got even less being on Facebook and when I was on it, I thought I won’t be there dedicating on certain pages, because I can’t be arsed being here on Facebook in general. I was logging in for nothing and I was starting to feel resentful in being persuaded to stay, when I announced I may close my Facebook wall.
The poll I created, where only 11 out of 22 answered a single question, which to me confirmed, why the hell am I making myself be on there, to just share my blog posts? The poll proved, on top of my own feelings why I did not want to be there no more, with many reasons not to stay.

Those who said they loved my blog, did they follow by email when my Facebook account closed?
As someone said to me, those who want to follow, will, should I choose to leave Facebook.  Those who follow my blog, are the ones who were already following my blog before I shared these posts on Facebook and following me there. I thank you, that even after leaving Facebook that you continue to follow me here.

When I am sharing things on my blog, I am sharing some of my life with you. Yes, it started out as a bit of a therapy to get it out, which now helps others, which also I thank you for telling me this. But also, I share a little of the other stuff, which when I don’t see someone for a while, in what ever way we meet up, or communicate by, then I am sharing a little of what is happening of my life, until the stuff I would not share on a public blog is shared in a more private way, whether email, or meeting up, to catch up. So you miss a bit of me, that you may have liked to have known, had you read it, like how my studying is going, work, hobbies, or just life. I cannot chat about my life over what might be weeks, or a few months worth in so many hours. If I am to meet up with someone, I want to talk about what you are doing too and not just about me.

I thank you, whether you have been following one week, or since the beginning of my blog, for showing interest.
I thank you for sharing your life and experiences in these blog posts.
I thank you for supporting me and giving me the chance to support you back in some way, via my posts.
For those who have gone out of their way to leave a comment on my blog, I am really appreciative these comments and for the support at some of my difficult times.
By you commenting and sharing your experiences or views on my blog, it is not just me you are having a conversation with, but also many others who visit and comment. This makes it feel like a community and I know I am not the only WordPress blogger who has said what lovely community WordPress is. By chatting on each others blogs, we are a community.

Thank you. x

Blog post share: “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy.

During my blogging break, I came across this post, “Reclaiming my time,” by Black Burgundy. I can relate to this post, due to when I was totally on social media one time many years ago, when I was in my 20’s and this is why I share this post. This is also why I was always wary about Facebook when I came back again, some years ago, but a lot had changed since then and I wasn’t like that now, as I was then.
I came back to Facebook, because of a nail course I was doing at the time, that encouraged us to go there. If it wasn’t for that, I would not have been back and this is why again, I can relate to the blog post I am sharing.
Although Black Burgundy’s post refers to more than just Facebook, I am only talking about Facebook because that was all I used one time, besides when I blog here. I don’t feel the pressure to post on my blog, compared to the different pressures with Facebook and because I have changed so much and I don’t rely on Facebook, I can easily hate Facebook.

When I was away from Facebook even more less, (if it couldn’t get any lesser, it did,) I felt the calmness again.
I was thinking of originally going on it just once a month and then reviewing how I felt about it 3 or 4 months down the line, ignoring my gut instinct to closing it down. But in the end, I wasn’t going to ignore my gut instinct and with the annoying chain/spam messages I received again, I called it a day and closed down my Facebook account.

Chit-chat May

Since buying these plants, that I mentioned about in, “Bringing some greenery into my life,” my home is starting to feel like home again, since when Miley had to be put to sleep.

This month has been some fun and games.
Near the beginning of the month, was lunch and games, that I organised not quite a month beforehand. The games were the unknowing part with my mum and a best friend.
The games they were going to play, were what I researched beforehand, after just asking my mum purely out the blue, if she was to play a table top game at the table, what would it be? And as for my friend, unknowing to him, until now, he answered the question along with some other friends, when I asked what their favourite board games, or table games were, on my Facebook wall. 😀 So I knew what they both liked.
For my mum, it was table tennis and for my friend, it was Monopoly. So I bought them, as I hope after this one we had this month, that maybe we can do it again, where we have lunch and play board games, or something. 🙂

I also bought a board game that I could play on my own, which is harder than it looks, but addictive. It is called, Quadrillion, by Smart Games and this game will exercise the brain.
I bought this from Amazon and I plan to buy another game of theirs later, which is also a one player game called, Anti-Virus.

It’s also been a month of…

Binge watching of dvd’s and some walks in the sunshine.
I also read a book, that I would not normally read. It took me longer to read than normal, of a book of this size, which I started reading a couple of months ago and finished this month, with studying and other things going on. The book was called, “A Movable Feast,” by Ernest Hemingway. This book was The Restored Edition and I have wanted to read this book for some time out of curiosity, from seeing the book appear in my favourite film I never get bored with called, “City of Angels.” It was a different kind of book to read and I liked how the author described things.


I received feedback from my first assignment in my pet sitting course and I got a pass. The course I am doing, for those new following, is “Dog Walking & Pet Home Sitting Professional Level 4.” From further details I have learnt about how the course is marked, you have to achieve a pass, before you can progress on. If you don’t, you have to submit additional information for the assignment to meet the objective.
As my feedback is typed, I can clearly read everything on the paper, compared to a course elsewhere, when it was written very quickly, that I could not read it and was seeking help from my Facebook friends.
The printed sheet I receive back from my tutor, has tutor talk on it, which on his paper reminded me about how to save my own copy of work sent to the tutor and about learning objective and how my work has to be a pass to progress onwards. My paper tells me my grade on my piece of work marked, which shown I passed, as mentioned earlier, along with any comments my tutor leaves me, which he said “a pleasing letter produced, Elizabeth. Excellent work!” I also know the tutor’s name and also the person who is an internal moderator as well.

So on with assignment two. 🙂

Don’t expect me to act my age

So this year, I was 42 on 18th May and it doesn’t seem two years ago when I talked about hitting 40 here, in this blog post: The big 4-0. Can you remember that post?
I wasn’t going to have my birthday off work this year originally, but I changed my mind the month before and put a couple of days in. The day before, I just chilled at home, but on the day, I was out nearly all day; lunch with mum, then late afternoon to evening with some friends.

I don’t feel my age and I don’t intend to act it either. I just want to play silly, have a laugh and spread happiness. At work, I have shown my fun and bonkers side. I have certainly made them laugh, or smile, so I am doing something right and they said I am bonkers, so I am happy with the title.

Treated myself to a new cd

From reading another blog who likes to listen to Ben Howard, who I’ve not heard off, (but I am out of touch with music,) so I thought I’d take a listen. After listening to a few songs via You Tube, I decided I liked to listen to him as well and so I bought his album, “Every Kingdom.” I have enjoyed his album, so I intend to buy his next album when it is released in June, called “Noonday Dream.”

Job interview

I applied for a morning cleaning job and I have an interview, on Tuesday. 🙂

Living room freshened up

My living room was freshened up with a coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, by the same decorator I had to do my dining room. It feels brighter and cheerful, while I remain living where I am, until one day I move.