It was time to say goodbye, to my volunteer role.

After over 4 years and nearly 5 months being a volunteer, it was time to say goodbye today. This was because as you know, I got my morning cleaning job, as announced in this post, It’s finally happened ….

My role has been varied over the years and I have enjoyed everything about it.

I have also grown as a person, because I first chose to volunteer because I knew it would have to keep me talking. I was that low, I felt myself closing down. I didn’t want to speak to anyone. Not even my mum if I could help it. So by volunteering, I obviously had to keep talking, so I would appear to be friendly to everyone that used it. This place brought me out of my shell that I was going into. So I have very fond memories.

It wasn’t planned originally I would be in today, because I let one of the workers know I wouldn’t be in last Friday, due to starting the new job possibly this week. But when I heard nothing by last night, I knew it would be safe to let them know I was doing one more.

Although it was my last day at volunteering, I did not say goodbye. I couldn’t. Instead, I said see you, because I know I will be back to say hello on my day off from work, or whenever in area and convenient to pop in. Likewise, they would like me to keep in touch too.

I received a card and a necklace off them, as my leaving present. Surprisingly, my tears did not come towards the end while there and I wondered what was wrong with me. But when I left and walked down the drive into town, they flowed then.

I will be seeing them in July, as I have been invited to a party then, as they will be celebrating 35 years providing to the local community. I bet I shall be in before then though.

If I have problems being wrongly taxed, I was encouraged to come in by the person in charge and she would phone the tax people on my behalf if required. She knows her taxes.


Chit-chat May

I got round to updating this post: 50 things that make me happy.
Originally, when this first aired, I only managed to list of 45 things, but recently I went back to add some more, leaving just one I could not think of.

The problems with Gmail seem to be fixed. As you know, I was having problems with Gmail and I wasn’t the only one having this issue it turned out. I read of a solution that could fix it, which I either seen this suggestion in one of the posts I had read, when searching for the problem via the search bar while logged in Gmail, or in a separate Google search. I altered it accordingly in my Gmail settings, as I shared by updating this original post accordingly, There is definitely a problem with Gmail and I am not the only one with this issue. (NOW WITH A POST UPDATE!) It was then a question of seeing what happens when I written further emails with people, to see if it was fixed. A big smile when I seen that it had. But still strange how this all came out of the blue though.
For those that follow my blog by email meant you seen only half the above post, because it was after that was aired I discovered this possible solution a bit later and so I chose to update that post accordingly.

I have neglected on self-care at times, because of looking after mum. Especially in the early stages. Sleep has been distruptive, as you can imagine with worry and stress.
I’ve not always eating my fruit to the amount I would usually.
Sweet things have crept up more than normal, which I had gone out of my way to get it, regardless of not really being able to afford to.
The ‘red mist,’ had appeared out of no where at times, as you know. But also before revealing, I let out a couple of ranted posts prior.
I have been ranting to myself, or swore out the blue in my own home with frustration, when this has happened, as you know in It’s not all rainbows and fairies. But it’s what you make of it.. This starting quickly out the blue, that I will be definitely quickly stopping, because as you know, ranting and criticising at yourself, can become a viscous circle and not part of self-care at all. I’m not going there again. Why would I be my own worst enemy again? So I am looking at creating a new wellbeing journal again that will chart old things again like my mood, but in a different format to before possibly, as well as charting new things. I have a new journal for this. But until I have played about with some layouts on scrap paper and exactly know how I want it, I won’t be touching this journal. But I am hoping to have something set up soon. I could be already using it as this post airs.
In the long term, I think a journal that is a ring binder type would be best for me in the long run, as it would be more flexible and I can keep everything together. But I will be using this for a year, or less if filled earlier which I think will be more the case as my daily pages are over two pages, before changing to that type of journal.

What’s your preferred journal: Book, or binder type?

I am reading a new book called, “The self-care revolution,” by Suzy Reading, after creating the “vitality wheel” for myself, as part of my new self-care learning, that this book is based on. (I will talk about this sometime later on, over two posts.)

I allowed myself a new notebook for blogging, near the end of last month too. As you know, I was debating this when I written this post: Stopping at mum’s next week. I bought this one from The Works. It was only £2 for this hard-backed notebook, which I am using for my blog, so I did not argue this one. On the front cover of the notebook it says, “When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.” But with this and my other new notebook I mentioned earlier, I haven’t done bad allowing two books now, after debating over one originally. Lol. I will share my other notebook later when I talk about this new book I am reading and the vitality wheel I have created.


Month of painting

Not a whole month as you can imagine, but in preparation for when me and my mum leave our own places and live together, meant a bit of painting at mine and at my mum’s.
At mine, it was just the painting of my ceilings in the bathroom and kitchen was going to be the same. But in the end, I painted walls as well, because it was difficult to paint the ceiling around the top of my boiler without catching the wall. Luckily it’s small kitchen, which I took my time with, giving walls and ceiling two coats of paint.
At my mum’s, I also painted my mum’s bedroom walls and ceiling, as I mentioned when I talked about the need to be in Nature Heals.

It was also my birthday this month, as some of you will know, if you read last chit-chat post. My birthday being at my mum’s with a small group of family and friends, that my mum organised. But as well as mum doing this for my birthday, she also wanted to give thanks for me being there at the time my mum was unwell, as well as thanking my friend and some family members too.
I had a birthday cake made, that my mum ordered.

Pink birthday cake with lilac flowers icing, with words Happy Birthday Elizabeth

One weekend in May, I went for the day to Newark, to catch up with a friend.
The next day, I went to my local library which was holding a free event there. The event was The Great Nottinghamshire Local History Fair. It was well attended and had lots of stalls promoting their own thing related to this event. I found it very interesting.

I finally got round to walking around Southwell. Every time I have gone through this place on the bus, when traveling to Newark, I always kept telling myself that I would get off here one day and have a walk around.
I do wonder though, if I could have been here before in my teens, when it came to Southwell Minster, as when I got to a particular area inside, I felt I had been there before. I think I came to Southwell Minster when I was on Youth Training, as we came with members of our luncheon club as a day out and we took them to something like this building. I couldn’t remember at the time where and I thought we had gone further afield, but now, I think it was Southwell Minster we came to. We didn’t go anywhere else other than the building, because of only having a limited time and with some not being able to walk far.
After spending half a day here, I decided to catch a bus to Nottingham. The number 100 bus from Southwell to Nottingham, I have never caught before and not something I would have jumped on before, because of never being on that bus before and so anxiety would have stopped me doing so. But I did. It was a lovely scenic route in most parts and so a lovely ride. I just had an hour in Nottingham and, picked up my compost there and perlite.
Once home, I relaxed for the remainder of the day and did a bit of re-potting of some of my indoor plants. (My Parlour Palm and Spider plants.) My two Spiderettes, now more grown, I put together in one pot and my original plant where the Spiderettes cuttings were originally from, I re-potted the surviving plant out of three that were in a pot, on it’s own.

My trip to Windsor Castle

I have been to Windsor once before and I liked walking around. But I said to myself, if I ever went back, it would be to go round the castle. And so I did. But after looking round castle, I still had time  to walk a bit round Windsor and so I went where I had not been before, while still not far away from coach park.
Here are some photos.

You may remember that my trip originally was going to fall on my birthday, but due to a Royal private event, meant the trip was arranged for the week after.
I wasn’t expecting to find anything in the news for what this might be, but it turned out there was a wedding. You can read more about this, here.

DVD’s I have watched since last chit-chat post:

  • 2Guns
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Due Date
  • Training Day
  • As good as it gets
  • Sleepers
  • The Sum of All Fears
  • Man of Steel
  • Enemy at the gates

It’s already the weekend

So yesterday, was a trip to Windsor Castle, which a few photos will be shared in an upcoming chit-chat post.
It was a lovely hot day yesterday and I enjoyed my day, but understandably, I had to push myself to get up as part of me did not want to go leading up to the trip and I would have loved just to have stayed in bed and done nothing else. But had I have done that, I still would have felt tired and I would not have any enjoyment to the day.

I had a couple of hours looking inside Windsor Castle and when I felt the need to not walk around any longer inside there, I walked out and around the outskirts of the castle. This led on for me to see something different from before and I learnt not far from the coach park was a river, so I enjoyed discovering that.

Today, I am having a bit of a pamper day.


I am pampering my feet with the foot socks, from Superdrugs I bought recently. I am in foot pain with my left foot currently and so trying not to walk as much as I would like. I am hoping it will fully settle soon. It is showing signs of setting, but I imagine it will take another week or two before it completely does. It will be two weeks on Tuesday when it started.

Here is the foot socks I have on and which I will take off after airing this post.

Foot socks containing the oil

You leave them on for 20 minutes, but they will have been on slightly longer by the time I have aired this post. I have never used anything like this before.

After, I will use my face mask and then that’s my pampering done. The face mask is something I have had in a while and also from Superdrugs and their own brand; Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask.

I will then read some paperwork to do with my new job, one being handbook and another for their policies and procedures. So one before lunch I will read and the other after. I need to read this before I start and so it only leaves today if I do happen to start tomorrow morning. I will be surprised if I do, because it is a bank holiday tomorrow and I don’t know if those dealing with the admin side work on those days. But I will be ready,when they are.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Are you doing anything nice?

It’s finally happened …

Today, is a joyous day. It doesn’t mean recently things have been very terrible, or unexpectedly sad, or depressed. But it’s a special day today.

So what is it you are now wondering?

It’s took 19 years to get to this place. ( I thought it was 20 originally.)

For 19 years, I have been chasing for those extra permanent working hours, to achieve a minimum of 30 hours per week.
This morning, I had a job interview for a morning cleaning vacancy and I got the job.
I don’t think I would have got this job, had I not emailed the day before to see what was happening, after I sent my CV via email 5 days prior. That email was a begging email for this job, on top of reminding them of my interest and that I had retail experience, if it was retail I would be in. I also mentioned to them of my other experiences I had.

I arrived half an hour early before my time and the person who interviewed me felt very comfortable to be with.
The company I will be working for seem to be a disability friendly employer. The person who interviewed me is happy for me to email, or text him. To text him anytime to query anything, or any issues I may have.

The staff of the place I will be cleaning for were also very pleasant and I felt relaxed being there. It felt just as relaxed as my current employer.

I was very surprised how my job interview went from I would know in a couple of days of the outcome, to I had got the job.
He rang his boss, which turned out to be the one who emailed me the night before with interview details and talked to her about me, how he was going to take me on, because I arrived half an hour early, very skilled and asking lots of questions about the job.

All being well, I will start next week. This depends on paperwork being sorted and getting me on the payroll. Wednesday’s will be my day off each week and he will sort out how these odd few minutes will be worked out over my 6 working days, to make my 14 hours per week with them.
I could have worked the full 7 days if I wanted and worked 16 per week, but preferably he would like me to have a day off, for that break. I agreed, that as tempting as it was, I would have my Wednesday’s off, as so I don’t risk burnout. I was allowed to choose which day in the week, as my day off.
My day off I require in June, because I have my paid for trip to Oxford, has been honoured too, as he said they have to.

As this post airs, once I have finished my mug of tea off, I will get myself registered online with the company I am working for, providing the details they require, to get the ball rolling for next week.

Now that I have this job and if it’s next week I am starting as he hopes, means that I will now be leaving my volunteering place. The volunteering place knew one day this would come. I shall be calling in tomorrow, to give them the sad news and as one is on annual leave all this week, I plan to call in the following Wednesday, so I can see her and say goodbye, as well as thanks.

This has been one good storage box

This storage box I have had since my teens and it is still perfect, since the day I owned it. (I am 43 now.)
My mum bought me this, so I could store my art materials; pencils, felt pens and paints and whatever else then, I can’t remember.

Later, for a few years, all my nail varnishes, dotting tools, nail stickers etc… were in here, to make it easier to take to class when I did a nail art course.

Now, as in photos above, I have changed it back to my art box. I have my watercolour paints, acrylic paints, jars, paint brushes, mixing tray and dotting tools in this box.
I moved my nail varnish stuff into a clear box.

Do you have something, that you have owned for a very long time?

Nature Heals

I have been at my mum’s the past two nights, as I have been painting her bedroom walls and ceiling. I go home tonight and I shall do my own thing tomorrow, which will be a day at Southwell. So while at Southwell, I will no doubt look in Southwell Minster while there too.

This morning, while needing to do a couple of things, I also needed to be in nature, to refresh. So I went to Sutton Lawn. After calling in The Rumbles cafe and a wander around this park, I had a sit back on a bench I once sat on before and just take it all in for half an hour. This photo below, I taken from this very bench I sat at, a couple of years back, which I shared in a post.

Photo taken while still sat on bench

The photos below, I took today from the same spot and very near by, when I started making my way back in town.




Nature heals and I needed it this morning.

Frugal living – Part 7 (Hay fever medication)

This frugal living focuses on hayfever.

I have had hayfever since my teens. At my worst, I have had to not only take tablets for my hayfever, but also nasal spray and eye drops.
When I was learning to drive, I changed my hayfever tablets as suggested by my driving instructor. These tablets were the same I had been in since a teenager and I think the change to having something different did a world of good. This was because for a few years, I had no symptoms to start with, until last year a slight touch. But this year a little more, that I have had to put myself back on my nasal spray.

Now last year, because of cutbacks, it was decided hay fever medication were not to be provided by prescription on the NHS. I was lucky I could still get it when I heard others were paying.
Now moving areas, meaning new doctors and hay fever season already in season for me as I write this, I already knew last October that I would have to buy my hayfever medication this year, in preparation for when that time of year came.

Even though I am buying my own medication for my hayfever this year, doesn’t mean I have to change what I take. But I have looked around and price things up, to get it as cheap as I can for myself.

What have I learnt?

Shop around – one place may be cheaper than the other for the same thing.

Avoid brand names – brand names cost more and you can buy a shops own with the same ingredients. They work just the same.
When you buy your medication, just look at the important active ingredient in your medication. So for example, my nasal spray is Beclometasone Dipropionate nasal spray. The important thing I look for when looking around at Beclometasone Dipropionate nasal sprays, is making sure my dose says 50 micrograms on the box, for that Beclometasone Dipropionate nasal spray. I have also read in a magazine that to look at the “PL code” on the back of products, resting assured it it is the exact same product, so buy the cheapest.

I been getting my nasal spray and tablets from Boots and I have bought their own brand.
My eyes have been a little itchy, but it’s manageable at the moment. But if I feel I need to get my usual eye drops, I will be back at Boots, buying their own brand.

As tight as money is, I can’t leave off my hay fever medication.

I have tried alternatives in the past from health shops, that seamt cheaper in the past, but they don’t work for me.