Continuing my learning journey

I learnt not so long back, that I have passed my Foundation Level 1 in Maths. I now await to hear when I can start my next level.

I have also just started another course, after signing up online. This course is a paper based course with the BSY group. I am doing a course in Mental Health to gain some knowledge in this area, should this be an area I decide to shadow next.
I have already shadowed healthcare assistants in a clinic and if I like to shadow further there, then I am most welcome. I liked the half a day I had there and the staff were really helpful. But I need to think about if working on a clinic every day is right for me, than I first thought. So while I continue my next learning journey, I will take the opportunity to shadow where necessary, before making my mind up.

My learning

This is what my table mostly looks like, when studying.

studying books on dining table

My dining table started looking like this when I first took my GCSE English lessons. My GCSE English exam results in the summer of 2015 were not what I was originally aiming for and so I chose to re-sit my reading and writing exam paper. But the results last November remained the same grade. Many will know I was gutted the first time round, as I was feeling confident then. But the second time, I did not get my hopes up.
Although I did not get the grade C I was after, looking at the breakdown of my individual marks for my reading and writing papers, I noticed I had improved from before. So this is the positive part I remind myself of, that at least I improved.
The other positive part is the friends I made from my English class. We keep in touch and meet up when we can, which I look forward to.

I plan to hopefully one day do GCSE English again, as getting that C is a personal goal of mine. But first, I am getting the foundation levels of Maths out of the way. I have already taken my Foundation level 1 and await the results. I also have my name down for the next level, which will be starting at some point soon.

I have books I am reading in my own time that I hope will help me with my grammar and creative writing skills, as well as other things related to writing. Most, if not all, will prepare me when I one day do that GCSE English again.
I also have a GCSE Maths book. Originally, I had no intentions to go as far as GCSE level in Maths, but I have thought about it. But I shall see later on that one.